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DoraMarr Thu 07-Feb-19 12:22:46

Well, that was my last radiotherapy appointment for a breast tumour. I felt quite emotional saying goodbye to the wonderful staff this morning. The kindness, patience and care I have received from everyone at Queen Elizabeth hospital has been excellent.
For any of you out there who are about to have similar testament, my best wishes. Some things I have learnt:
At the start of the treatment, mine was 20 sessions, five days a week, the treatment seems daunting, but I found that getting into a routine, and having the appointments at the same time each day, really helped me feel in control.
Employing someone to change my bed and clean my apartment each week was the best thing I did. It meant my surroundings were always clean and fresh, and I was able to keep on top of everyday housework without getting too tired.
Have fresh flowers in your home.
Buy little treats: chocolates, nice wine and food.
Take a pashmina to wear over the hospital gown while you wait.
Try to get out once a day for a short walk and/ or coffee with a friend.
Accept all offers of help.
Be grateful for your treatment, and appreciate the people who are giving it to you.

Nico97 Thu 07-Feb-19 12:29:09

A lovely uplifting and very positive message DoraMarr. My best wishes are accompanied by a bunch of flowers Take care

megan123 Thu 07-Feb-19 12:58:31

Lovely message DoraMar which will help people starting to go through treatment. Glad you are at the end of yours. Take care flowers

ninathenana Thu 07-Feb-19 13:03:50

I'm happy for you Dora and it's lovely that you want to help others going through the same. It seems PMA does help flowers

MawBroon Thu 07-Feb-19 13:09:48

You have been quietly courageous about your Radiotherapy DoraMarr , never making a fuss, never complaining and I have more than once wanted to comment.
This is both reassuring and inspiring to those who may be facing such treatment or are afraid of it. We need more people like you!
I hope that you will be ringing (or have rung?) that bell and are now well on your way to a complete recovery!
(Still need to arrange that coffee at the MAC or the new Lewis’s in Moseley!) 💐💐

Luckygirl Thu 07-Feb-19 13:13:45

How kind to make lots of positive suggestions from your experience to help others who might fund themselves in the same position. The pashmina idea is great!

Hope all your appointments now bring good news. flowers

DoraMarr Thu 07-Feb-19 13:23:00

Thank you, Mawbroon. I’m lucky to have had lots of support from family and friends. I also realise that I am fortunate in that I am retired and have no responsibilities, so I have been able to rest when I have felt tired- my heart went out to those I saw at the clinic who were fitting their treatments in with work or looking after young children.
Yes, coffee would be nice!

Jane43 Thu 07-Feb-19 13:35:04

It’s great that your course is over now Dora, you have taken it in your stride and I hope I can do the same. Mine starts on Monday 18th for 15 sessions. You have some good tips, they advised me to bring a dressing gown to put on while waiting but a pashmina sounds more elegant. It would be good for me to have a daily routine but unfortunately at my hospital they can’t give you the same time every day. They only have three machines and one is prone to breaking down so sometimes they have to juggle the appointments, they said it is sometimes necessary to attend as late as 5:30 pm. I will just take it as it comes. I will be training my DH to do the daily housework tasks next week. He is pretty good at washing up, cooking, bed making and tidying up but kitchen, bathroom and cloakroom cleaning training to my standard will be needed. I will tell him you say treats are necessary for morale!

Parsley3 Thu 07-Feb-19 13:35:30

Congratulations, DoraMarr, on completing your treatment and thank you for sharing what you have learned.
It takes a little bit of the fear of facing situations like this when someone who knows what it is like can share practical and effective examples of how to cope.
Take good care of yourself and enjoy your treats.

EllanVannin Thu 07-Feb-19 13:38:33

What a brilliant and positive post ! Words have already been said by others but what a brave girl you are.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 07-Feb-19 13:48:39

A relief to you that your treatment is complete, such a positive post and helpful for others in the same situation.

grannysue05 Thu 07-Feb-19 13:49:50

Dora so glad you are finished with the treatment.
Noticed on the Good Morning thread that on week days you had your hospital appointments and I wondered what was wrong.
Thanks for all the good advice and especially the pashmina idea. So much more elegant than a dressing gown!

Liz46 Thu 07-Feb-19 14:19:46

Lovely post Dora and I'm sure your positive attitude helped your recovery. More treats now to celebrate the end of your treatment perhaps?

BlueBelle Thu 07-Feb-19 15:13:59

Every Good Wish and good Luck for the future Dora

Nannylovesshopping Thu 07-Feb-19 15:26:20

You have done so well, wishing you everything good
for the future💐

Urmstongran Thu 07-Feb-19 15:36:12

What a lovely, sharing post DoraMarr

Please add my very good wishes to everyone else’s for your future good health. 💐

Mapleleaf Thu 07-Feb-19 17:16:30

Congratulations on reaching the end of your treatment DoraMarr.
What a lovely, thoughtful post you have shared.
I wish you all the very best for the future. flowers

farview Thu 07-Feb-19 17:33:01

What a wonderful uplifting post..if I were going for radiotherapy that would help put me at ease...lots of good advice!
Well done and best wishes to you💐

Luckygirl Thu 07-Feb-19 17:35:42

Good luck Jane - hope the treatment goes smoothly. And the DH comes up to scratch. smile

Tartlet Thu 07-Feb-19 17:48:23

I’d like to send my good wishes to anyone who is or has had to cope with breast cancer treatment. My daughter in law, only in her early forties, rang that bell a couple of weeks ago and her prognosis is good. Fingers crossed that her breast reconstruction will go smoothly.

travelsafar Thu 07-Feb-19 18:11:14

How positive you sound, well done. flowers

MacCavity2 Thu 07-Feb-19 18:21:52

Thank youDora wonderful post so helpful for anyone going this treatment. Exactly why this forum is invaluable.

morethan2 Thu 07-Feb-19 18:33:06

That’s wonderful news. sunshine

Jane10 Thu 07-Feb-19 19:51:51

Congratulations Dora on getting through it all and thanks for your positive and useful info for those like Jane43 who are facing it. Good luck Jane from an earlier version - Jane10!

kittylester Thu 07-Feb-19 20:12:59

What a lovely post, dora.

Good luck jane when your treatment starts.