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Blepharitis and dry eye syndrome

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hugshelp Fri 03-May-19 20:40:13

Anyone had this and got any advice please? I've got the wipes, drops and heated eye mask and am doing the lid massage, cleaning etc but it doesn't seem to be helping so far It's very uncomfortable.

Grannyboots1 Fri 03-May-19 20:49:51

Hello Hugs, I've had Blepharitis for many years and tried all that you have. I soak a flannel in warm water each night in the bath and gently press over the eye lids. It eases the soreness for me. I hope you get better advice from other grans.

janeainsworth Fri 03-May-19 20:49:55

Hello hugshelp.

Yes, a few months ago my eyelids were sore & puffy and I woke every morning with sore, red eyes.
My optician said my eyes were very dry and recommended using Systane eye drops a few times a day.
It's really helped and my eyes are back to normal, but I've carried on with the drops, as instructed.
Hope that helps.

tinaf1 Fri 03-May-19 20:54:56

I have suffered with this hugshelp and was also prescribed Systane it was very good I was also advised to clean my eyes with cotton buds soaked in hot water make sure temperature is OK before you apply the cotton bud to your eyelids 🙂

Joelise Fri 03-May-19 21:14:59

I too have dry eye syndrome, I was prescribed Systane eye drops and I use Blephasol to alleviate eye watering. Get the Sytane eye drops on prescription , as they are very expensive .

tinaf1 Fri 03-May-19 21:21:03

Joelise is right best to try to get Systane on prescription, I have never heard of Blesphasol how does that work?

Joelise Fri 03-May-19 23:20:54

I was told by one of the staff in the opticians that Blephasol helps to alleviate watering eyes , it actually is for a problem called blephitis , which I think is something to do with swollen eye lids .

Alexa Fri 03-May-19 23:59:55

My GP prescribes 'artificial tears' eyedrops, packaged for single use, which is more hygienic than a dropper bottle.This is to alleviate the discomfort of dry eyes.

If blepharitis (sore crusted eyelid margins) doesn't get better after may be a couple of weeks of hygiene you could see your doctor as the blepharitis might be bacterial and you need antibiotic.


NanaMacGeek Sat 04-May-19 21:36:06

My optician wrote to my GP when I complained about the discomfort I was suffering because I had sore, dry eyes. My GP then referred me to an ophthalmologist for further tests and treatment. The problems with my eyes were related to other health problems.

If your eyes are not getting any better, wouldn't it be worth a visit to your GP to ask for a referral?

hugshelp Sat 04-May-19 21:53:17

Thanks all, I'll check out the systane and if that doesn't work I will go to the GPs and say the various things aren't helping.

annodomini Sat 04-May-19 22:53:39

I have a gel to use at night. I'ts called Viscotears which I have on prescription, though I think it might be available OTC. Since I've used it, I've never woken up with that gritty feeling and if I forget to use it, my eyes feel scratchy

Gymstagran Sun 05-May-19 08:36:31

After struggling with gritty eyes I booked an appointment at the local opticians under the NHS minor eye conditions service. The ophthalmologist examined my eyes using a special dye and a slit lamp and tested tear production. Then advised the warm compress, massage eyelids ect. But best of all advised which strength of eye drops to use and how many times a day and at night. In my opinion it's best to use the specialist in eye care.

SparklyGrandma Sun 05-May-19 08:45:39

hugshelp commiserations I have blepharitis too, I have prescribed eye drops. My eyes have started stinging quite badly in the last 6 months.

Because my eyes water a lot, I have had to stop wearing makeup since last year. My makeup including eye makeup would just end up being wiped off by my tears. My eye makeup would make me look like a panda.

Iam64 Sun 05-May-19 09:11:35

I have dry eyes permanently and blepharitis that comes and goes. It's all linked to auto immune problems so as someone posted earlier, is worth a visit to your GP. I'll ask about systane. I use an expensive eye drop recommended by the ophthalmic surgeon who treated various eye problems. Initially my GP wanted t continue to prescribe the cheaper versions but was persuaded otherwise.

hugshelp Sun 05-May-19 13:09:10

thanks again

Happiyogi Sun 05-May-19 16:25:43

hugshelp I'm sorry you have the wretched dry eyes and blepharitis too.

I've had it for many years, and have been prescribed eye drops to be used every hour or at least a minimum of six times a day by my hospital consultant. I've recently learned, however, that long term use of drops containing preservatives can actually make the eyes drier. This can then lead to damaged corneas and therefore vision. To say I'm disappointed by the consultant's negligence is an understatement!

There was also no advice about diet or helpful supplements. When I pushed, he said omega 3 was useful. Pushed again for amount - at least 1000mg daily. I buy this myself and take it as flax seed oil veggie capsules.

Even with the heated eye mask, cleansing regime, drops and supplements I find the condition to be very variable and unpredictable. "Uncomfortable" is about the best my eyes get. I hope that you'll be able to find a regime that helps you.

Smiley4 Mon 06-May-19 07:53:30

Hi, I’ve had this problem for years. I tried everything you have, such as the heated eye mask.

What really helped me were some tablets I found. They are called LAGAD LACRIMA and are available on amazon.
They have made a huge difference to my eyes.

I know how annoying this problem can be. So if you try them I hope they work for you too.

Iam64 Mon 06-May-19 09:01:29

My consultant recommended eye drops without preservatives. They're more expensive but I told the GP they were recommended because I'd become allergic to the cheaper versions (with preservatives) Thanks for that info Happiyogi.

The surgeon/consultant also advised eating a diet rich in green leafy vegetables remained the clear research result.

hugshelp Mon 06-May-19 09:36:45

I've got the eyedrops without preservatives. Unfortunately I seem to be allergic to them. I'm a very allergy-prone person which might be what's causing it.
I will try the supplements. Thank you again.

HannahLoisLuke Wed 08-May-19 11:44:06

Ivey itchy eyelids which I was told at the eye clinic I attend is blepheritis.
They advised washing my eyes with baby shampoo morning and evening as part if my usual ablutions.
I use Aveeno non scented baby shampoo/body wash and it certainly keeps it at bay.
Previously used the drops, ointment, special wipes and none are as effective as baby shampoo.
I do give the mascara a miss unless I'm dressing up to go out.

Alexa Wed 08-May-19 11:56:18

Hugshelp, you say you seem to be allergic to the eye drops without preservative. I just thought that maybe what you are allergic to is the oil that is one ingredient in drops for dry eyes(artificial tears).

Normal saline that's sterile salty water made up to the correct strength makes dry eyes feel better immediately but of course without the oil ingredient the effect doesn't last long. I used normal saline for years and it's better than no eye drops at all. The pharmacist might be able to recommend a normal saline preparation suitable for dropping in your eyes.

hugshelp Wed 08-May-19 13:19:30

Thank you both, will put them on my list.

JohnRNIB Tue 14-May-19 09:40:58

Hi Hugshelp - RNIB's Helpline (0303 123 9999) can put you through to the Eye Health Information Service, who can talk you through your condition, and where you can find support.

hugshelp Fri 17-May-19 10:31:24

Thank you JohnRNIB

Shipoo Fri 21-Jun-19 01:41:01

I have had recurring bouts of blepharitis for the past 15 years. I am 65 now. I have found a cureall for myself. Vicks vaporub. The salve you rub on your throat or chest when you get a cold. I rub it on my eyelids being careful not to get it in my eyes at night and the blepharitis is gone in the morning! Now when I feel that itchiness at the outer corners of my eyes I rub a bit of it on and it staves off a new attack. Be warned....your eyes will water copiously. The worse the symptoms the more your eyes will water but only for a coup!e of minutes. It is like the vapour opens up the pores and flushes out the blepharitis. If you try it on your eyelid without an episode you will see your eyes don't water but when you apply it during an attack wow! Just blot the water away so you don't wipe off the salve. The watery eye thing doesn't last long and it is not painful.