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Glenfinnan Tue 14-May-19 22:07:33

I have suffered a succession of UTIs recently and want to take precautions against this happening again. I've started to take D Mannose tablets daily as recommended by a friend. Hopefully they will work but finding them expensive at £18.00 for 2 weeks supply from Boots. Can anyone recommend an alternative?

aggie Tue 14-May-19 22:12:35

I didn't find them any good , I tried them for months , but threw them in the bin

gillybob Tue 14-May-19 22:17:55

I agree with aggie they were of no use to me at all. After a succession of UTI’s I persuaded my GP to give me a “just Incase” prescription of antibiotics that I have on hand ready to take. I am now taking a very low dose HRT which does help with UTI’s too.

I totally sympathise with you Glenfinnan having repeated urine infections is horrible. I almost always ended up in A&E when they got so bad it was just passing blood .

I have heard of people taking very low dose antibiotics on an almost permanent basis to keep UTI’s at bay. Maybe worth discussing with your GP. Good luck x

Lynker Tue 14-May-19 22:18:55

Doctor told my friend to drink 2 glasses of cranberry juice daily when she had recurrent UTI's.

gillybob Tue 14-May-19 22:27:11

I drank gallons of cranberry juice which didn’t help one iota. No better than just water (which incidentally does help by making you produce urine instead of those painful little dribbles).

NanaMacGeek Tue 14-May-19 22:39:04

I buy D-Mannose in powder form, 300g at a time and stir about 1g (1 scoop) into a glass of water and drink it twice a day. It costs me around £40 for enough for 150 days. I have some tablets for travelling but agree, they are very expensive.

I haven't had any problems since I've been taking D-Mannose (about 4 months now) but the UTIs came in batches before and I may just have been lucky. I was told about D-Mannose by a Urologist after a series of tests. He explained how it was thought to work and suggested I try it.

jusnoneed Wed 15-May-19 07:51:10

A friend who suffers with this a lot used to drink pints of cranberry juice. Didn't help much but a couple months ago she switched to Cranberry tablets and has found that the infections have stayed away. She does have AB's on standby too.
My Mil used to find Lemon Barley water helped her clear infections.

Missfoodlove Wed 15-May-19 09:22:00

I buy D Mannose from an eBay seller. 90 tablets £9.99.
After 3 years of repeated infections and more antibiotics than are healthy I have been UTI free for months😃.
I use a prescription pessary twice weekly and I swear by the D Mannose.
I had a course of acupuncture that got me on the right track then once I was infection and antibiotics free I started D Mannose.
Hope this helps.

EllanVannin Wed 15-May-19 09:37:08

My last UTI was actually caused by an antibiotic I'd been taking for a chest infection in the mid-90's ( first and last UTI ) which meant another course of antibiotics to cure the water works. I must also add that I was treated for the latter in Oz, so a possible dehydration problem after the long-haul trip. I remember being in agony, not being able to wee and just passing blood------but within a day or two I was back to normal and have never had a problem since nor any UTI's. ( touch wood )

Fennel Wed 15-May-19 09:49:12

The UTIs could be linked to dry vagina if you're post-menopause. There are several threads about this, and how using a topical hormone replacement helps.
Ask your doctor.

nanaK54 Wed 15-May-19 09:57:17

I buy D mannose through Amazon
Have you tried cutting out all caffeine?

Gelisajams Wed 15-May-19 10:02:55

I was on long term antibiotics as a prevention for recurrent uti s for 17 years after suffering regular uti s since childhood, until my new doctor, after she had come down from the ceiling suggested Hipprex. I found it has kept me clear for over 12 months. Look it up on the internet and ask your gp about prescribing it. It needs you to take high doses of vit c so it can work in the bladder. I get the effervescent ones from A***. Much better than the Ascorbic acid the doctor prescribes along with the Hipprex.
I found d mannose prohibitively expensive to take at the necessary dose.

Glenfinnan Wed 15-May-19 10:03:32

Many thanks to you all for comments and suggestions. I'll look at alternative sellers and also the powder option. xx

Dillyduck Wed 15-May-19 10:07:06

At the very first twinge - drink a pint of water, and then another one as soon as you can manage it. Keep an eye on the colour of your wee, aiming for it to always be pale lemonade colour, very dilute.

Glenfinnan Wed 15-May-19 11:43:14

Yes have cut out caffeine drink decaffinated tea doesn't seem to help!

Menopaws Wed 15-May-19 12:45:24

Went to dr with severe pain in back which I guessed was kidneys, told no infection, gave sample and a week later she rang to say it was urine infection, gave antibiotics etc, so I said do you mean it was a kidney infection and she said no as I would have back pain if it was that!
So by the time I started antibiotics I'd suffered for a week extra although water did ease but back still sore.

shysal Wed 15-May-19 14:32:25

I suffered with a succession of UTIs a couple of years ago. I was referred for cystoscopy and all they found was age-related change. I was given a course of Vagefem pessaries and have had no infection since.

Charleygirl5 Wed 15-May-19 14:41:01

I have never suffered from UTIs and I drink zilch else but caffeine!

notanan2 Wed 15-May-19 15:05:40

Sweetened cranberry juice cancels itself out because the amount of sugar in it feeds and encourages bacteria in the bladder so adding whole frozen cranberries to food works better as do cranberry tablets.

Low carb diets = less sugar in the bladder = less bacteria.

Cranberry juice has tonnes of sugar