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I’m going to have a nose job that I don’t really want.

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PamelaJ1 Wed 30-Oct-19 15:21:12

So I’m getting prepared,

Early this year I noticed a white patch on the tip of my nose.
I have already had a BCC so I was off to the Dr like a shot.
- Just sun damage- nothing to worry about.

Well I was worried so I booked and paid for a consultation at Spire. Got the top woman, lucky me. She spent all of 30 seconds having a look then wrote Solar Elastosis on a piece of paper and almost told me to go away and stop wasting time.

Last night I went for a 3rd opinion. Had to pay again. Lucky I’m still working.
Lovely consultant this time. He seems totally convinced that it is a BCC and will have to be removed.
Now I’m waiting for a date for the biopsy.

My message to you all is keep going back till they agree with you😂

Namsnanny Wed 30-Oct-19 15:26:21

I’m glad for you Pamalaj1. That you had the confidence to go back.
Good luck.
I on the other hand hate dr’s so much, if I had the all clear (with the added embarrassment of being told I was wasting their time!), I would have left with my tail between my legs!!sad

Amagran Wed 30-Oct-19 15:32:53

Too true, PamelaJ1. I almost lost my sight thanks to one rude and offensive GP who told me (amongst other offensive things) that all I had was a "Nurofen headache". Turns out it was Giant Cell Arteritis, which untreated, can lead to blindness. I found the incident very distressing.

Well done for persisting,*PJ1*, and good luck with the biopsy and surgery.

crazyH Wed 30-Oct-19 15:40:06

I've got patchy skin - I put it down to sun damage. Hate going to doctor's ....oh well ...
All the best PamelaJ !

PamelaJ1 Wed 30-Oct-19 15:43:19

Thanks, glad I’m a stroppy cow.
We all really want to be told that all is well but sometimes we know it isn’t.
Hopefully all is well no amagran.

GabriellaG54 Wed 30-Oct-19 18:50:41 kept going until you got the answer you wanted.
Why would you ask medical specialists including the 'top woman' at Spire, then disagree with her and your GPs diagnosis, unless of course, you are medically qualified and specialised in skin cancers?

PamelaJ1 Wed 30-Oct-19 19:09:44

Because Gabriella I have already had a BCC so recognised the symptoms.
Because I doubted that I knew better than an expert I googled it and nowhere did it say that bleeding and scabbing were symptoms of Solar Elastosis, however they are the main symptoms of BCC.
Because although I am not a skin Cancer Specialist I have spent my working life dealing with skin and recommending my clients to get things checked out.

I didn’t get the answer I wanted.
Why would I want to have a great big hole cut out of my nose FGS?
I wanted a Consultant without an attitude who would give my nose more than a passing glance. That’s what I got last night.
I know my skin and I know that as a child I often had sunburn.
I have fair skin and grew up in a hot country. Ideal candidate for BCC.
Why are you so cross that I followed my instincts and will have surgery soon before the cancer eats more of my nose.

Gonegirl Wed 30-Oct-19 19:19:32

Was the second consultant also from Spire? Only asking because they would be my go-to hospital if I ever need private care.

Thinking again now.

Gonegirl Wed 30-Oct-19 19:20:44

Good luck with the biopsy and treatment.

Kamiso Wed 30-Oct-19 19:28:24

Ignore GG she obviously has "issues". not sure how reliable this paper is but a lot of people seem to set a lot of store by it.

I've spent this year dealing with similar evasions with a GP I had previously trusted. Very draining and scary but potentially, like you, my life could have been at risk if I hadn't followed through.

Kamiso Wed 30-Oct-19 19:34:27

It is worrying that people with blind faith in the medical profession are being turned away with symptons that need immediate investigation.

Amagran Wed 30-Oct-19 19:47:41

I usually respect your outspoken posts GabriellaG54, but I think you're out of line on this one. The OP was 'listening' to her own body and instincts. GPs, like the rest of us mortals make mistakes (see my earlier post) and the best medics respect that people know their own bodies better than anyone and will investigate any changes which people are worried about.

PamelaJ1 Wed 30-Oct-19 19:50:13

I made an ititial appointment with the GP. She did the first step. Took a photo of my nose and sent it down line to a team who pronounce on it.
I am influenced by the media and mindful of the calls on GP’s time so made an appointment at Spire independently.
I then spent another worrying 5 months and then went back to the surgery. My own GP looked at it and then suggested that I saw a different consultant at Spire.
I paid for the consultation again because he said that it would take 6-9 months before I would be seen at the hospital. My patch had already grown bigger so I was anxious to get it done sooner rather than later.
I think that these days more and more of us are paying to be treated privately if we are able to afford it.

Amagran Wed 30-Oct-19 19:50:33

Thank you, PamelaJ1. All well now. The medication, as the second doctor advised, worked within 3 days.

GabriellaG54 Wed 30-Oct-19 20:29:59

I hope the OP is proved correct in her diagnosis and can let her GP know he was wrong to dismiss her concerns.
I believe that doctors usually know their patient's medical history, so it's a worry that he and the Spire specialist both came to the same conclusions.

Kamiso Wed 30-Oct-19 20:38:11

My GP tried to tell me that the recurrence of my skin cancer was inflammation. I know sometimes doctors come under pressure because they have referred x no of patients. One, not particularly good GP, was always being hauled over the coals but his catchment was largely a 1950s sink estate where whole families had complex medical problems and obviously by the 90s, were also getting age related health problems. His main protagonist's catchment area included two high end housing estates where a lot of the patients had BUPA cover. So totally unfair comparisons.

PamelaJ1 Wed 30-Oct-19 21:28:25

Have you read my posts?
I am so glad that you seem so concerned with my diagnosis.
If you object so much that I had doubts about the initial diagnosis why are you still here? It must irritate you to death.
Would you have preferred it if I had ignored my fears? Maybe you would have been happy if I’d waited till my nose was eaten away?
The diagnosis that I had last night is, I believe, the correct one.
Shall I send you photos of the skin graft the consultant was talking about, after he starts the procedure? If he has to that is, I hope he won’t
After he has ascertained the extent of the problem he will decide which course to take.
I’m so happy for you that you have total faith in the medics that come your way. They are only human and if you expect a GP to diagnose a skin cancer then you will be disappointed.

GabriellaG54 Wed 30-Oct-19 21:44:08

I believe I have the right to look or comment on any thread I wish.
If you know differently, please let me know.
It's pleasing to know that you're glad that I'm glad. That makes us both happy. 😂

GabriellaG54 Wed 30-Oct-19 21:46:05

Message deleted by Gransnet. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MawB Wed 30-Oct-19 21:49:55

That is an incredibly crass and insensitive comment GabbyG to someone who is talking about a skin cancer diagnosis.

lemongrove Wed 30-Oct-19 21:58:19

Hope it goes well Pamela 😃
My DD had similar ( saw two consultants with two differing diagnoses.)
The problem is, that experts often have different opinions, and this happens in every field, not just medical!

PamelaJ1 Wed 30-Oct-19 22:01:06

Thanks Maw,
My BCC isn’t life threatening but is quite upsetting and, if ignored can be very disfiguring.
I can’t see why I seem to have had this effect on Gabriella G54 but I have and , as she says, she can be on any thread she likes.
Let’s leave this one to her.

BradfordLass72 Thu 31-Oct-19 07:07:47

Oh gosh, and here was me thinking there just might be a gracious apology from Gabriella for being so blindlingly, foolishly and very publicly wrong. What a cockeyed optimist I am. grin

PamelaJ1 I hope you take your diagnosis notes back to Spire and demand your money back. Dangerously inefficient when they put lives at risk.

Will you be able to have plastic surgery later?

PamelaJ1 Thu 31-Oct-19 08:07:01

Bradford- I’m not sure what my options are yet but I think that they can do some wonderful work.
Not sure about demanding money back. Too much stress?

Jane10 Thu 31-Oct-19 08:53:42

Good luck with it all Pamela. What a worry for you.