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New Year’s Eve what are you planning

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TrendyNannie6 Sun 15-Dec-19 22:38:26

Love New Year’s Eve being at home seeing the new year in, much rather spend it at home

J52 Mon 16-Dec-19 20:33:46

Apart from the ‘big birthday’ years ( spent abroad watching fireworks as birthday near NYE ) we have spent every NYE with the same friends.
Often in different uk locations. This year we’re booked into the village pub for a meal and live music.

PamelaJ1 Mon 16-Dec-19 19:46:02

Myself, my DH and a sister with her DH will be going to visit my little sister and her DH.
We will eat well, drink a bit of alcohol and will probably be asleep by 9.30!
We are all larks rather than owls.

CoolioC Mon 16-Dec-19 19:30:53

Where will you be in Portugal Curlywhirly

CoolioC Mon 16-Dec-19 19:29:28

Out with friends in Lagos in Portugal for a meal then down to Lagos Marina to watch the fireworks shared between Lagos and Portimao councils.

MerylStreep Mon 16-Dec-19 19:10:40

Going to the Westcliff casino with friends and 'children' 😉
where there will be ( other than the gaming tables) a free buffet, entertainment, a dj and dancing.
I don't think I'll be going anywhere later on Jan 1st 😴

craftyone Mon 16-Dec-19 18:18:00

normal early bed and the last of the nibbles and treats on new years day

Urmstongran Mon 16-Dec-19 18:14:47

Nothing. Not fussed.
We fly out to Spain the next day. Got cheap flights with Mr O’Leary for £17 each. Obviously not a popular day to fly, hence the price, but we’re not bothered!

NotTooOld Mon 16-Dec-19 17:53:59

I always think it's too close to Christmas when all you want is a quiet time and to get the decorations down. Was more fun when we were young!

whywhywhy Mon 16-Dec-19 17:30:21

Watching the fireworks at whitby.

Grammaretto Mon 16-Dec-19 17:27:34

We have had some wonderful ones. Ceilidh dancing in the street after midnight when we once had 8 x eightsome reels. Ah those were the days.
Not so much First Footing now so we invite tell people to come or dinnae bother.
I always make a Black Bun and get a few drinks in. We often have people staying .
In Biggar, a neighbouring town, there is a huge bonfire. It's built in advance and is a tradition.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 16-Dec-19 17:03:32

Just waiting to see how many GC we shall have here overnight whilst their parents are out celebrating 🥳

sodapop Mon 16-Dec-19 16:15:13

Same as Davida with lots of family phone calls in between.

Calendargirl Mon 16-Dec-19 16:03:42

No different to other nights really. Our daughter in Oz will probably phone when the Sydney fireworks have been on, they see the New Year in much sooner than us. Depending what’s on tv, will probably be in bed soon after 10pm, as usual. We are very boring.

Charleygirl5 Mon 16-Dec-19 16:03:24

Like many others, an early night with a good book.

Davida1968 Mon 16-Dec-19 15:54:10

Definitely a night in with DH, enjoying some good (recorded) TV progs/film and a bottle of fizz.

DanniRae Mon 16-Dec-19 15:36:10

It's been a wonderful year for us. Our daughter gave us our first grandchild in May and our son married his lovely girlfriend in June.......But we won't be out celebrating because our little dog hates fireworks, so we stay in and watch the tv and I am off to bed as soon as I have seen in the New Year as 10pm is my usual bedtime!! grin

chelseababy Mon 16-Dec-19 15:33:44

Dinner dance with friends and overnight hotel stay.

Ngaio1 Mon 16-Dec-19 14:52:53

On my own so maybe a drink and then bed at 10.00 with a good book.!

Nortsat46 Mon 16-Dec-19 14:43:43

As there are just the two of us now, we go out for a later dinner and to celebrate the New Year.
2019/hasn’t been a good year for me, so we will be sure to raise a glass of champagne to welcome in 2020.
This year it’s a french bistro ... with a Michelin Bib Gourmande ...

Hope all GN have a lovely evening and the best 2020 possible. 💐

Teetime Mon 16-Dec-19 14:24:43

I dont care for NYE- always seems a bit morbid to me. We dot do anything but the next day we clear away the decs and I could a lovely meal to start the New Year. Ordered some venison from M & S.

Oopsminty Mon 16-Dec-19 14:22:25

Ginny42! That's reminded me of a dreadful NYE.

I was married to a Spaniard many moons ago and we did the grape thing.

One of the guests at the party started to choke and it was nightmarish. Running around, screaming. Then a hero stepped in with the good old Heimlich Manoeuvre.

All was fine eventually. Paramedics had been called but apart from bloodshot eyes, he was fine.

So take care with the grapes!

We will be doing nothing. NYE has never been my thing.

We will be in bed and getting annoyed with the fireworks.

They upset my small dog!

Smileless2012 Mon 16-Dec-19 14:19:03

We're going to our favourite Chinese with 'our girls' from next door, then back to ours for music and silly games before watching the fire work display they have on the beach, from our roof terrace.

Maggiemaybe Mon 16-Dec-19 14:14:56

We’ll be spending it with four very good friends, two of whom are hosting at their house. Excellent food, drink and company. There’ll probably be a fun quiz. It’ll be a late one. smile

gallusquine Mon 16-Dec-19 13:42:59

When I was a child Santa visited my Grandmas house on Hogmany rather than on Christmas day and Hogmany was the main celebration. My fondest memories of my Dad, who loved nothing more than having a house full of family and friends, are from that time of year.
Over the years we've celebrated as my Dad did by having an open house for anyone who wants to visit and its my favourite celebration of the year.

ninathenana Mon 16-Dec-19 13:26:57

Quick and easy evening meal followed by drinks and nibbles whist watching TV including Jools. Toast at midnight and off to bed.
New Years Day is always a roast (usually lamb) with any left over crackers being popped.