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Insomnia (NOT the Faithless song!)

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GagaJo Sat 21-Dec-19 01:38:38

Yet again, awake when I should be asleep. On THIS occasion I was fast asleep was woken by the OH when he came up to bed after me. Grrrr

Not the end of the world, given that we broke up for xmas hols today, but annoying, nevertheless.

GagaJo Sat 21-Dec-19 01:39:24

AND was awoken. Grrr. Typos. Should preview.

MissAdventure Sat 21-Dec-19 02:19:37

I'm awake too. sad
I haven't had a decent sleep in about 3 years, I reckon.

BBbevan Sat 21-Dec-19 03:07:50

I'm awake too. I went to bed early and was asleep by 9, so have had 6 hours. It was either go to bed or fall asleep watching television. So I expect to be awake for a few hours now. This has been the norm for 3-4 years now. No idea why. Doesn't seem to affect me much.

Nanny27 Sat 21-Dec-19 03:29:10

I'm awake too. Wish I could sleep as I've got a busy day tomorrow.

Mollymalone6 Sat 21-Dec-19 04:19:13

Me three! Despite the Lemsip night time medication hmm

Sealover Sat 21-Dec-19 04:58:17

Also awake, Fed up of this insomnia. But, bought a Koala weighted blanket last week, the first night I slept for 8 hours! It's been a bit mixed since then. I do think my quality of sleep has been better under the blanket and its very soothing and swaddling to be under.

MissAdventure Sat 21-Dec-19 06:02:45

Well, that was a short night, and I could really have done with a good sleep; really need one.

NanKate Sat 21-Dec-19 06:29:23

My DS has bought one of those ‘heavy blankets’ and has definitely slept better.

kittylester Sat 21-Dec-19 08:07:47

A friend has found a few drops of CBD oil (from Holland &Barret) has helped him.

Greenfinch Sat 21-Dec-19 08:18:56

I am trying to get used to a CPAP for sleep apnoea which is making staying asleep very difficult.Awake at 3am today.

Newquay Sat 21-Dec-19 08:21:58

Try the Sleepful app-very helpful. I’ve been an insomniac for years-not so bad now I’m retired cos if I’m tired finally about 6am I can have an hour’s sleep then. So sorry for all of you having to get up and out to work. Do try the free app it has definitely helped me

Hetty58 Sat 21-Dec-19 08:44:41

Melatonin gummies!

GagaJo Sat 21-Dec-19 10:18:16

Overall I had about 5 hours last night, but it was very wakeful. Particularly due to the OH but not only.

craftyone Sat 21-Dec-19 20:26:00

I wake up around 3 every single night. I resorted to keeping a pack of small oatcakes on my bedside table.I go to the loo, have a small drink of water, rearrange my pillows so I have a gentle slop, buckwheat pillow at the bottom. Having the slope ensures that gerd does not happen. Back to bed,and eat the oatcake, have talking radio very low so I have to focus and next think I wake up between 6 and 7. I am wondering if I have a throwback to the times when people had two sleeps. I think I have 7-8 hours,wish it was in one knockout sleep

Urmstongran Sat 21-Dec-19 21:15:20

I read somewhere that warm feet aid sleep and bedsocks are a good idea. Worth a try for all you insomniacs out there?

Sara65 Sat 21-Dec-19 21:28:02

If It’s a weekend I don’t start to panic if I can’t sleep, just lie nice and cosy, but if it’s a work day, after about a sleepless hour, I start to panic which of course makes it worse, and if I’m surviving on four hours sleep, I don’t function well at all.

I’ve heard of the weighted quilt idea, we’re sheets and blankets people anyway, and I pile them in in the winter, and I do like the sensation of being a bit squashed. Also cannot sleep without my hot water bottle.

MissAdventure Sat 21-Dec-19 21:31:34

I get too hot in bed, so I can't imagine wearing socks and having a weighted blanket.

I have to hang my bum out the bed as it is!

MamaCaz Sat 21-Dec-19 21:36:53

I can really sympathise, GagaJo. sad

Insomnia is bad enough when there is no obvious cause, but I have told my OH no end of times that if he disturbs me once am dropping off, I might not get to sleep for hours, if at all.
Does it stop him? No!
It's happened several times this week. Last night, I was dropping off when he suddenly asked if there was a noise coming from next door. There wasn't, all was quiet. What makes it worse is that his hearing is so poor once he is lying down that unless I shout, he thinks I haven't answered, so by the time we had established that there really was no noise (it must have been his tinnitus), I was wide awake again.

Grannyben Sat 21-Dec-19 21:38:25

I've now been 8 years without a decent sleep. I have an excellent bedtime routine; dogs out for a piddle at 10, loo, read for 30-45 minutes, another trip to the loo then lights out. Then I lie there, wide awake. If I sleep by 2 it's a good night, 3 is ok, 4 I start to think I'm not going to sleep at all and my worst nights are when I see 5am come round. It's awful to be in bed for over 6 hours without shutting your eyes. Maybe once or twice a year a get a good night's sleep, it's like a miracle. My eyes look haggard

MamaCaz Sat 21-Dec-19 21:47:10

You know, you might have just said something that might help me. It never crossed my mind to put the radio on in the night (for fear of disturbing OH), but while reading your post it suddenly occurred to me that it's highly unlikely that he would be able to hear it these days as long as it wasn't loud.
I am going to try that. Even if it doesn't send me to sleep, it might distract my thoughts from restless legs - sometimes when I am lying there awake, I only have to think those words to trigger it!

3dognight Sat 21-Dec-19 21:54:09

Ear plugs, and a black eye mask. Blocks out everything!
Cuddly teddy with soft velvety paws is nice as my husband is not a cuddler.
Never ever look what the time is. If wakeful longer than normal I get up have as small decaff tea drunk outside looking at the stars , get cold, go and get back into bed , mask and earplugs and straight back to sleep usually.

craftyone Sun 22-Dec-19 06:46:26

8 hours again last night but as usual that 3am wake, I sometimes think I will never get back to sleep but I do and I did again. I have LBC on because that is talking without music. My brain tries hard to hear what they say and that is what I want because I have a very busy brain, always thinking and radio stops it whizzing

Any luck mamacaz? Try the oatcake, avena sativa, good for sleep

Hetty58 Sun 22-Dec-19 07:01:23

I remember my youngest, at about eight years old, saying she couldn't fall asleep easily. Her explanation:

'The thing is, I'm a thinking girl. When I try to sleep, I try to stop thinking, but I'm still thinking - about stopping thinking!'

She assumed that the rest of us just 'switched off'!

Anniebach Sun 22-Dec-19 08:49:58

I hate the night, wake several times, nothing can distract my thoughts which I can surpress in the day time.