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Christmas and mental health

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Xxjanexx Fri 27-Dec-19 15:24:19

Being a mental health sufferer,I struggle most of the time but Christmas time I’m off the scale!
My head is all over the place,my thoughts are worse.
This year was the first year my hubby and myself had Christmas without the children as there all spread out over the country....but did see them before.
I just think bad things are going to happen to them.
Do you have any strategies that you find help,you like to share?

Gemini1789 Fri 27-Dec-19 17:03:33

Sometimes I just need to spend the whole day by myself doing whatever I like to do like pottering about on GN or reading without answering texts or speaking to anyone.
Thinking about my kids drives me nuts. Audiobooks are good for redirecting my thoughts.
May not work for you but it’s what I do.

Xxjanexx Sat 28-Dec-19 05:57:39

I don’t leave the house except for appointments,I’m just struggling more atm.
But I do try and read then my mind wanders...but yes a audio book sounds good,I’ll give it a try...thank you

ladymuck Sat 28-Dec-19 07:13:56

'Mental health' has become a blanket term for all sorts of problems. Does your condition have a name, Jane? Is it just anxiety or something more serious?

When I'm feeling depressed, I find using my own imagination helps. I picture myself in a very pleasant, positive situation. If I can make myself laugh, so much the better.

It takes practise but it works for me.

BlueSky Sat 28-Dec-19 10:18:14

Similar here a mixture of anxiety and depression. We tend to worry more and when we are older we often have perhaps an elderly parent, adult children, young grandchildren, not forgetting partner and ourselves to fret over. No wonder our minds go on overdrive! I find walking helps if you can, but it's so hard to disconnect.

Anniebach Sat 28-Dec-19 10:25:57

Just anxiety? People with ‘just anxiety’ are treated by mental
health teams.

Xxjanexx Sat 28-Dec-19 10:32:06

@ladymuck yes I have mixed personalities disorder,mine is mainly bi-polar and psychosis.
I do try to do do that but my stupid mind wanders again!
I’m on quite a lot off medication which sometimes I wonder if that’s a good thing or not.
Plus I can take up to 4 diazepam a day which is a really last resort for me,I hate taking them.
Plus some other ones to take as and when,these are on top of my regular medication.
I just think I’m a bit of a lost cause at the moment..and hate being a burden ...if I can get through until the new year ,get back into a routine that will help.
I no I’m lucky compared to some though.
Thank you for your reply.

silverlining48 Sat 28-Dec-19 13:05:57

Jane, Its normal to be concerned about our children, it’s what we parents do.
I wonder if it’s worth having your medication reviewed as you seem to take quite a lot. Take care with diazepam, it does work I know, but 4 a day seems excessive.
Get meds checked, you might find that you feel better with less. I hope so. Good luck and no, you are not a lost cause.
All the best. Here’s to a happy new year. flowers

vinasol Sat 28-Dec-19 13:11:24

Jane I would get a copy of Dr. Claire Weekes "Self Help for your Nerves." She deals with anxiety and depression and it really worked for me. I used it like a bible at one time.

I hope you feel better soon. It's rotten to feel like that xx

Xxjanexx Sat 28-Dec-19 13:22:04

Thank you I had them reviewed in November,I have a consultant at the mental health unit.
I only take the diazepam if I really have as do not want to get addicted, but my consultant has assured me I won’t as he knows I only take them when I have to and very very occasional.
Thank you for your kind words and happy new year too you also.

Xxjanexx Sat 28-Dec-19 13:23:16

@vinasol....thank you I will look for it now.

Xxjanexx Sat 28-Dec-19 15:17:04

I’ve just got the book thank you

ladymuck Sat 28-Dec-19 16:14:57

Jane, that just shows how different doctors give different advice. I suffer with agoraphobia and used to take Diazepam. My doctor insisted I stop taking them as he said they were very toxic. I wasn't given an alternative and was a nervous wreck. I now take beta-blockers (prescribed by a different doctor). I can at least get out and attend to my own affairs now, but there is still a great deal I can't manage.

Xxjanexx Sat 28-Dec-19 17:23:13

I agree my other consultant just gave me anti depressant and diazepam.
My consultant who I’ve had about 2 yrs now was the one who diagnosed me with mixed personalities disorder and put me on the extra meds.
I do agree with him on the diagnosis though.

That’s fantastic what you have achieved well done !!