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Scentia Sat 25-Jan-20 16:06:05

I have been referred to the hospital by my optician today and have an urgent appointment on Monday morning.

Do you think it is a good idea to write all my symptoms down even if they may be nothing to do with the issue. I am very worried since I saw the optician.
She thinks I may have a tumour and wants it investigated urgently.

I don’t want to look like I am inventing stuff when I get there but I have had lots of things go wrong over the last 3 months and can’t help but think they are all related.

Jane10 Sat 25-Jan-20 16:10:30

Nothing wrong with having a list. It's better than wishing you'd remembered to mention something after the appointment.
Sorry you've had this worry. I was referred last year as the optician thought I had all sorts of problems. I was very worried. Result? Absolutely nothing amiss. Opticians gave to be over cautious since that poor optician missed a potential brain tumour and ended up in court.
Fingers crossed you're OK.

PamelaJ1 Sat 25-Jan-20 16:12:39

Absolutely a good idea.

rafichagran Sat 25-Jan-20 16:14:34

As Jane said take your list. Everyone is scared of missing something when it comes to health. People I know have panicked when referred under the 2 week urgent referral, only to be told their is nothing wrong.

Hetty58 Sat 25-Jan-20 16:15:31

Yes, it's easier to write a list in advance than try to remember much when you're maybe nervous and being questioned.

Jane10 Sat 25-Jan-20 16:17:21

And while I come to think of it don't start googling symptoms!

M0nica Sat 25-Jan-20 17:16:49

A very sensible idea.

BlueSky Sat 25-Jan-20 17:22:35

Good to know that even if referred urgently it doesn't mean something life threatening will be found.

Billybob4491 Sat 25-Jan-20 17:23:49

Scentia - last year I was also referred on by my Optician, Came the day of appointment I went along with my list of questions etc., and duly wrote everything down as I tend to get rather nervous (white coat syndrome), I wish you well. Unfortunately I did google symptoms, so do take Jane10 advice. steer clear.

Sussexborn Sat 25-Jan-20 17:34:01

OH has been referred twice by the optician and nothing untoward was found either time. I was referred once and found to have been born with whatever it was (name escapes me) but it isn’t harmful in any way.

I take a list and make a copy since one doctor said that the list would be useful on the file and kept it. Try and put the most likely connections near the top of the list for clarities sake.

There’s always the slight concern that at some point you’ll be told you should have mentioned x though perhaps it should be there job to ask for any likely connections.

Iwastoldtheredbecake Sat 25-Jan-20 17:36:47

Might be an idea to take a list of any medication you are on as well.

Good luck !

Sussexborn Sat 25-Jan-20 17:48:19

I usually take the list that’s attached to my prescriptions. Much easier for them to take information from written notes especially if you get tongue tied with nerves.

Most doctors now are more conscious that patients might be out of their comfort zone.

Hope all goes well.

NonnaJazz Mon 27-Jan-20 15:05:52

Good luck today Scentia..

Let us know how it goes....

lavenderzen Mon 27-Jan-20 16:25:44

It is very wise to list everything that is worrying you Scentia to take with you. You will have covered everything and the optician can then advise you. Good luck tomorrow x

lavenderzen Mon 27-Jan-20 16:26:28

Sorry just realised it is today. Hope all is well x

endlessstrife Mon 27-Jan-20 16:27:46

Yes, the more information you can give, the better. Hope it all goes well for you 🤗

crazyH Mon 27-Jan-20 16:38:01

I am a googler. - worst thing you can do.
Hope everything goes well. Rather insensitive and presumptuous of your Optician to say she thinks it's a "tumour".
It could be anything, couldn't it? A cyst? Oh well, I'm not an Optician, so I don't know the protocol or how I would have put it.
Once again, all the best .

Scentia Mon 27-Jan-20 18:02:01

I went this morning and they have referred me on to a Neurologist and an MRI
The man today said I had swollen optical discs and a retinal bleed, he didn’t say what he thought had caused it but I suppose that is what the Neurologist will find out.

He said a referral will take up to two weeks as it is urgent so that’s good. It also has calmed me down as if it was life threatening I think he would have sent me straight to see the other department.

Jane10 Mon 27-Jan-20 19:17:33

It's progress towards some answers Scentia. Please let us know how things go.

Marydoll Mon 27-Jan-20 19:52:16

I came on looking to see how you got on Scentia.

I hope you are seen quickly. As you have said, they would have admitted you immediately if they were concerned. flowers.

It probably doesn't seem like it just now, but is fortunate that the opthamologist picked up on a problem at your eye check. You could have gone on with your life , not knowing there was a problem.

A similar thing happened to me, an allergic reaction to newmedication landed me in A&E, where an undiagnosed heart condition was diagnosed. I was admitted straight away to coronary care, which saved my life.

Please keep us up to date, we will be thinking of you. flowers

Scentia Mon 27-Jan-20 19:56:47

Thankyou for remembering me both of you. I will definitely keep the post updated.

MadeInYorkshire Mon 27-Jan-20 20:04:43

Glad you got on ok - absolutely make a list before any GP/Consultant appointment - I am what you might call an "expert patient" as I have so much bloody wrong with me it is unreal! I think I am at nearly 30 different conditions now and without my list I would be useless as I forget things - I no longer know what is a symptom and what might be a side effect sadly .... once you start with one thing they seem to accumulate! I have recently got an iphone and the notes function on that is great! I add things to talk about at my next appointment, of which there are many. I also have a document I carry around with me for if I should end up in hospital and that is very useful too (as long as they listen and aren't arrogant! That has saved everyone a great deal of time when giving a medical history)

As it is neurology, to be honest anything which may seem unrelated, may well be useful - good luck and keep us posted!

dragonfly46 Mon 27-Jan-20 22:11:55

I too popped on to see how you got on Scentia. Pleased you were seen quickly and as you so rightly said they would have whipped you in if it was life threatening.

H1954 Mon 27-Jan-20 22:18:07

Definitely, a very good idea! Even if some of the points are not relevant at least you will have peace of mind that you've covered all bases, as it were.

Wishing you well for next Monday 👍💐

Tangerine Mon 27-Jan-20 22:48:18

Yes, take your list and a list of your medication as well.

I hope things go well for you.