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Been asked to bring pyjamas for conoloscopy

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Beswitched Sat 01-Feb-20 10:37:30

Really stupid question but been told to bring pyjamas and dressing gown for colonoscopy. As I only wear t shirts in bed I bought anew pair of pyjamas yesterday. Just tried them on and you can see my nipples through the slightly clingy material. Will I be keeping my dressing gown on all the time, and then be given a gown for the procedure.

I know this is a trivial question but I'm a bit self conscious about this kind of thing blush

silverlining48 Sat 01-Feb-20 10:47:57

I am currently in a hospital gown with dressing gown awaiting my colonoscopy. Would not think you need pjs . Suggest you get a refund.
Wish me luck it’s my turn to go

Beswitched Sat 01-Feb-20 11:02:54

Good luck smile

mande Sat 01-Feb-20 11:04:10

Good luck!

BlueSky Sat 01-Feb-20 11:13:55

Speak later Silver!

GrandmaJan Sat 01-Feb-20 11:18:40

When I had a colonoscopy a few years ago I was told just to take a dressing gown and slippers. Prior to the procedure I was put in a hospital gown and then I walked to the room where they perform the colonoscopy in my dressing gown with a nurse. I wonder why you need to take pyjamas.

annsixty Sat 01-Feb-20 11:35:21

At our local hospital you are given a pair of shorts with a hole strategically placed.
It does save your dignity a little.

BlueSky Sat 01-Feb-20 12:22:22

Annsixty thank goodness for small mercies! Seriously yes every little helps to save our dignity!

Alexa Sat 01-Feb-20 12:42:49

Why don't they offer intravenous valium to patients who are anxious?Or do they offer some sort of tranquilliser?

Alexa Sat 01-Feb-20 12:45:32

As for dignity, these people see anuses and buttocks all day and they will not notice yours unless spectacularly unusual.

lemongrove Sat 01-Feb-20 12:48:26

Having had this procedure done last year ( the procedure itself is’s what has to happen the night before!) I was told to bring dressing gown and slippers only, they supplied the gown.Don’t worry Beswiched you can keep your dressing gown on.
Keep the pj’s in case you ever have a hospital stay in the future.

lemongrove Sat 01-Feb-20 12:50:09

Good luck Silver ( it’s over now) hope it’s good news for

Daddima Sat 01-Feb-20 12:54:03

alexa, I was offered ( and took!) Valium before mine last year. I can’t say I noticed any effect, but then, I don’t know what I’d have been like without it!

ContraryMary7 Sat 01-Feb-20 13:07:47

Sedation is usually an option. I thimk the PJ advice is in error. Point it out to them, they need to remove it from the standard advice letter.

BlueSky Sat 01-Feb-20 13:10:55

Alexa grin

silverlining48 Sat 01-Feb-20 13:55:57

Home again, thanks all for the good wishes. I had sedation though i didn't feel it, but am a brave bunny and it didnt take long.
All looked ok but they took a few polyps to check.
Looking firward now to food, glorious food. Fasted 24 hours and lost 2 lbs in a day, or was that the noxious potion we are required to drink the day before the procedure. Still its necessary could get messy. ...say no more!

Dottydots Sat 01-Feb-20 14:32:46

Like Annsixty, I too had to wear a pair of shorts with a hole in the backside. Prior to the hospital visit I rubbed in a lot of face cream all over my bottom so that the doctor would be impressed by the look of it. However, I had wasted my time as he never saw my backside as he just worked through the hole in the shorts.

Alexa Sat 01-Feb-20 14:40:19

Daddima, I don't know abut others' experiences with valium but I trust it since I requested it and received intravenous valium for an eye op that I was scared of. I actually enjoyed the pop music they had on in the operating theatre!

Greeneyedgirl Sat 01-Feb-20 14:59:11

I also wore the glamorous paper shorts with hole at the back,
my own top and dressing gown to walk down the corridor to procedure room.
Perhaps they're saving money on shorts now?
I also used cream Dottydots but not on my buttocks but to ease the soreness caused by the vicious preparation poison.😱

TrendyNannie6 Sat 01-Feb-20 15:03:53

I’ve had 3 colonoscopies in all, and never once had to bring pjs, just wear a delightful green gown with back open no dressing gown either or slippers

rafichagran Sat 01-Feb-20 16:08:07

I was not told to bring anything. The hospital provided the gown and I just got changed into it.

Beswitched Sat 01-Feb-20 18:47:14

My mum had a colonoscopy in the same hospital a few years ago and said yes she had to wear pyjamas and dressing gown. She said not to worry you have no idea how little anyone looks at you or notices what you're Wearing so feel reassured.
@silverlining glad all went OK

Oopsadaisy3 Sat 01-Feb-20 21:45:14

I forgot my slippers and had to wear my black boots with my short dressing gown and their fetching blue paper shorts. Not an attractive sight.

gillybob Sat 01-Feb-20 21:50:59

I’ve had 2 colonoscopies. Never been asked to bring my own pyjamas though.

I was given a hospital gown and a pair of paper knickers . Never had sedation as always had to drive myself there and back . Glad it’s all over for you now silver and hope all is okay 🤞 x

curvygran950 Sat 01-Feb-20 23:08:03

Alexa, so good to read your post about intravenous sedation for eye op . I’m having a cataract removed under sedation on Monday and am very anxious . Can’t think why as I’ve had colonoscopies and not worried about it . Incidentally, for colonoscopies they give you trousers with a well placed gap at my hospital , and a gown over the top .