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Dentures at 50 years old!!

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Drew Wed 12-Feb-20 03:38:18

Hi I hope you don't mind a guy posting on your amazing forum site.
Im soon to have a full set of NHS dentures due to losing my teeth to infection. I'm distraught as you can imagine. I'm a young at heart fella and ride with the times but now as i became unexpectedly single, I'm scared to meet new people. God forbid me ever been able to Romantically kiss some lady. What if she can feel them if our kissing becomes more involved. What if she feels the plastic pallet?? Help me please! Xx

BlueBelle Wed 12-Feb-20 04:02:17

Is this your first post Drew ?
We had another man ask this a while back maybe someone can find the link for you

Drew Wed 12-Feb-20 04:48:45

Hi yes its my first post

Sparkling Wed 12-Feb-20 07:50:59

Drew I am sorry you have you have full dentures, they will take getting used to!know. I am older than you and can my mother and father both liking all their,teeth in their ear neverly forties you would never have known, it was common then. Dentures have advanced do much since then, no one will know you have them. Any lady you meet and you get along with will not know until you tell her, what's more if she's for you won't care.
Good luck it will be worth it.

travelsafar Wed 12-Feb-20 07:59:22

Hang on to those teeth for as long as you can is my advice!!!!

Sparkling Wed 12-Feb-20 08:04:29

Drew, sorry that prescriptive text distorted the first paragraph, I did read it through, it was fine, press send and it
changes, hope you understood though.

Hetty58 Wed 12-Feb-20 08:23:52

One of my sons is quite upset that he's rapidly losing his hair (he's 39) and he now needs glasses for driving.

Nobody else is concerned, his girlfriend doesn't mind - just thinks that his ridiculous overreaction is daft. He won't take his hat off, even in my house!

So, don't let the dentures bother you. Lots of people have them. The only potential problem is if you let them cause a loss of confidence.

FlexibleFriend Wed 12-Feb-20 12:05:11

I don't think losing your hair and needing specs is the same thing at all. Personally I'd be saving hard or taking out a loan to get implants one your mouth has settled down after the extractions. I'd be horrified at 65 let alone 50. Yes you can feel if someone is wearing dentures when kissing.

Jimjam1 Wed 12-Feb-20 17:12:42

Dental implants might not be possible. If you have suffered from gum infections this sometimes results in bone loss so there is no anchor to put the the implant into. If you smoke a lot of dentists will not carry out this procedure.

Jaxjacky Wed 12-Feb-20 20:37:22

My husband had full dentures 3 years ago, I’ve noticed no difference..even ‘snogging’! Best of luck.

evianers Wed 12-Feb-20 20:43:16

I'd be horrified at 65 let alone 50
Flexible Friend - that's not a very kind or pleasant thing to write is it? Think of those people who your words affect.

FlexibleFriend Wed 12-Feb-20 22:34:49

Sorry if the truth offends but at 65 I have all my teeth and only 4 fillings, so yeah I'd be horrified to lose one let alone all of them. Surely people want the truth or there's no point asking others the question. Would it be better to lie and say I find dentures sexy because it's a lie I find them repulsive.

GrannyLaine Wed 12-Feb-20 22:46:24

A truth that's told with bad intent
Beats all the lies you can invent...... William Blake

And also.... when you are in a hole, best to stop digging.

Tangerine Wed 12-Feb-20 22:47:13

I expect lots of people have dentures but you don't realise it because they don't have a set made which looks absolutely perfect.

Good luck with the dentures. I think, if they fit properly, everything will be all right.

As far as kissing someone is concerned, why not tell the person in advance? They'll find out eventually so you might as well admit to it.

MissAdventure Wed 12-Feb-20 22:53:57

I think most women are quite prepared to overlook the least sexy bits about a man, physically, (or maybe its just me?) as long as a partner has the values they're looking for.

Katyk2 Thu 13-Feb-20 10:30:35

Wow. I lost all of my teeth when I was 11 through parental neglect. This was in the 1950s. Implants weren't an option then and on later life I was told that I was implants wouldn't work for me as I had been without my teeth for too long. Repulsive? Yes I've felt pretty repulsive, struggling with this for all these years. It pretty much ruined my life.

FlexibleFriend Thu 13-Feb-20 11:01:42

Quote who you like but don't presume to know my intent.

Greeneyedgirl Thu 13-Feb-20 13:14:59

My teeth are not great and I've got fillings, crowns and a couple of bridges and I really fear losing my teeth, so you have my utmost sympathy.

Don't be too downhearted Drew I am sure that you are more than your teeth, and any new friends probably won't be too concerned, if they even notice.

I would advise getting good advice from a cosmetic dentist, if funds afford, because dentures are not what they were a few years ago, and some can even be permanently fixed I understand.

Sparkling Thu 13-Feb-20 18:48:36

Flexible Friend, How can you post such comments to someone who feels bad about dentures, you don't know if he can afford, wants, or have in plants.
Drew, take no notice of those spiteful comments, they will only be a problem if you let it. Years ago people like Gary Cooper had their teeth removed, had dentures and went on to be an accomplished actor and heart throb into the bargain.
Katy, I am sorry parental neglect cost you your teeth, worst that it cost you your self esteem, you are a survivor and not worthless, please don't ever think of yourself as repulsive, your teeth are a part of you, not what you are. It makes me so mad that someone made you feel that way. I leave you with one thought, would you judge anyone as harshly as you think others judge you, I suspect the answer in no. 💐

FlexibleFriend Thu 13-Feb-20 20:14:09

My comments were not spiteful they were truthful. It's not my fault people twist what is written and misinterpret it. I honestly see no point n lying but going by some o the threads on here Drew will have no problem finding a woman with dentures herself and she'll hardly be in a position to complain about his. It really makes no difference whether or not someone famous had a full set of dentures or not, many people back then did, it didn't make them desirable.
You won't change my opinion so why bother with the comments when all I did was answer the OP honestly and if I'm in the minority that's fine with me.

GrannyLaine Thu 13-Feb-20 20:28:52

FlexibleFriend I'm sure that your comments were truthful and you have made your point entirely from your own opinion and perspective. However when most people respond to the original poster, they consider what is being asked and whether their words might do more harm than good. Drew has no choice about having his teeth removed and is anxious about meeting new people and starting a new relationship. Take another look at what you have posted and see if you can find anything remotely helpful. Or even relevant.

TrendyNannie6 Thu 13-Feb-20 20:41:11

Drew. So sorry to hear you are going to be having dentures and you are concerned about meeting someone, I would tell a new partner, at the end of the day there are much worse things you could endure, don’t worry about it, I’ve always taken a person for what and who they are, And flexibleFriend it didn’t make them desirable!!! Wow. You might find dentures repulsive. Well let me tell you I find you Smug! Not a good trait

MissAdventure Thu 13-Feb-20 20:45:31

I think, to coin a nauseating phrase.

Those who matter won't mind, and those who mind don't matter.

FlexibleFriend Fri 14-Feb-20 09:45:18

How little you know and how little I care.

glammanana Fri 14-Feb-20 10:32:12

Drew Don't worry about having dentures fitted the palette can be made very thin and are unnoticeable,anyone you have a relationship with will be with you for other reasons I'm sure,so ignore the negative comments its not your fault you have gum problems and need this procedure some people are very lacking in empathy I think.