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Atqui Mon 17-Feb-20 14:19:15

My H uses handkerchiefs, even when he has a cold. I think they are disgusting and a sure way of carrying germs on the hands. If I have a cold I blow my nose on a tissue and bin it Anyone agree?

Nannarose Mon 17-Feb-20 14:29:36

No, I use handkerchiefs all the time. Normally I use one a day (if I don't use it I keep it for the next day).
I usually keep 2 - 1 in each pocket, so that I normally have a clean one to dry my hands when using a public loo, or anything else where it might be handy.
If barely used, it goes in the ordinary wash.
When either of us has a cold, I put a bucket with a splash of disinfectant near the washing machine, and in go the hankies.
I wouldn't say that I never use tissues - if I absolutely have to go out when I've got a cold, I might take some, but then have to take a bag to put the used ones in!

EllanVannin Mon 17-Feb-20 14:38:30

Toilet rolls for colds ( then in the toilet )--a handkerchief in coat/jacket pockets ( dabbing nose or drying hands )which go in a 60 degree wash with my drawers.

DanniRae Mon 17-Feb-20 15:50:01

My husband insists on using them - I wash them at 60 degrees when I do the towels (not kitchen towels!)

Sparklefizz Mon 17-Feb-20 16:02:40

Ugh! Revolting things! Tissues every time, followed by washing hands.

cornergran Mon 17-Feb-20 16:12:32

I’m allergic to tissues so handkerchiefs for me.

Atqui Mon 17-Feb-20 16:20:29

Yes I wash them at 60 too!

Atqui Mon 17-Feb-20 16:21:23

I think it’s a generation thing with men.

T0mlin Mon 17-Feb-20 16:27:02

Kept for funerals!

Greenfinch Mon 17-Feb-20 16:39:51

I believe it is more environmentally friendly to use handkerchiefs. I use both depending on where I am at the time and whether there is anywhere to dispose of tissues

TrendyNannie6 Mon 17-Feb-20 16:45:32

My husband uses both, I use tissues

Atqui Mon 17-Feb-20 16:52:15

Isn’t the environmental argument a bit like terry nappies v disposables? Yes nappies and tissues fill up land fill ( though tissues must degrade easily) but what about the electricity and water used to wash at 60 or 90 degrees.

Atqui Mon 17-Feb-20 16:54:35

Ra.ther ironic that the handkerchief post and the spitting one are adjacent on the forum !!!

Manmar2 Mon 17-Feb-20 16:56:24

I loath hankies- they are disgusting. Tissues for us.

Ellianne Mon 17-Feb-20 17:01:50

I hate them but my husband insists on using them. I put them in a separate laundry bag in the linen basket and when I have 12 or so I give them two wash cycles at 60 degrees on their own. The wash after them is always something like dog towels, never tea towels.

Sparklefizz Mon 17-Feb-20 17:03:52

Greenfinch I believe it is more environmentally friendly to use handkerchiefs.

Not when you take into account the water and a hot wash and detergent.

Oopsadaisy3 Mon 17-Feb-20 17:17:00

I try to be eco friendly , but it’s loo roll for me I’m afraid, I think that the amount of energy I would need to wash them thoroughly would out weigh any good I was doing for the environment.
My mum used to boil them up in a big galvanised bucket on our range, condensation all down the windows and walls, she soaked them first in a cold bucket of Daz then refilled with more Daz , cold water and then boiled them to death.

Teetime Mon 17-Feb-20 17:17:59

DH is the same - I hate them. At least he uses tissues when he has a cold.

Barmeyoldbat Mon 17-Feb-20 17:23:34

Timely this thread. Just done a load of dark washing and thought I had checked all the pockets but think I must have missed one. A tissue was lurking somewhere and the whole load came out with white bits on them. Mr B said we never had this problem using hankies and that got me thinking, might go back to them.

Curlywhirly Mon 17-Feb-20 17:31:16

Oh no, can't bear the thought of washing them, ugh! It's tissues for us.

SalsaQueen Mon 17-Feb-20 18:00:08

Handkerchiefs are revolting and harbour bacteria. We only use tissue or toilet roll.

Auntieflo Mon 17-Feb-20 18:39:37

DH uses them all the time, always has, always will.
I use tissues mostly, but do use hankies at times.

Tangerine Mon 17-Feb-20 20:00:46

I use tissues.

Grannybags Mon 17-Feb-20 20:52:39

Yuck no! Tissues for me

Harris27 Mon 17-Feb-20 22:03:06

Mil used to use them all the time and I did her washing! Yuk yuk !