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How much exercise do you have?

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Grammaretto Tue 10-Mar-20 10:44:02

Just asking because I was at Biobank recently filling in an online survey. I was asked how often I do exercise which made me sweat. I answered "Never" so the robot asked if I had made a mistake! No mistake. I like to walk and play gentle badminton and I do yoga but to build up a sweat? No thanks. How about you?

Dee1012 Tue 10-Mar-20 10:57:05

I've tried various classes over the years but never found a form of exercise I really enjoyed, I have, however, always walked a lot....and owning 3 dogs helps.
On the advice of my G.P once / twice a week, I'll "speed up" not to build up a sweat but to get slightly out of breath.
Over the past year, I've noticed the distance is longer, I've dropped a dress size and my blood pressure is a lot better and it doesn't feel like exercise!

Luckygirl Tue 10-Mar-20 10:59:06

I exercise very little - not by choice. I would love a long walk or a hike up a mountain. But within about 10 minutes my hip replacement is giving me hell and my knee (which has had a hairline fracture) plays up for the rest of the day. But I do try and walk for 20 mins each day and I walk round the room during TV adverts.

Occasionally I do seated exercises from the internet on my laptop.

I get exasperated at all the advice to exercise - I wish!!!

Jane10 Tue 10-Mar-20 11:01:20

Twice a week to Aquafit classes and once a week to yoga. Also walking uphill from the bus. I sweat at yoga but can't understand why and get out of puff walking up the hill. If I've not done much exercise in a day I'll use the stairs in our block and walk up either 4 flights or sometimes 7 just for the exercise.

Luckygirl Tue 10-Mar-20 11:01:23

I am also very wary of any sort of exercise class - I am very much of the opinion that repetitive abnormal actions are not good for you.

I am normal weight by the way.

TrendyNannie6 Tue 10-Mar-20 11:08:03

I just walk everywhere, try and try and do 6,000 steps a day, I know they say 10,000 that’s ok if you are fit enough to do that amount, as I’m not I do what I can comfortably do, my blood pressure is normal. I wouldn’t say I exercise to the point of sweating though

dizzyblonde Tue 10-Mar-20 11:08:49

I follow the Feel better in 5 plan by Dr Chatterjee, a few leg raises/squats/arm exercises with a couple of tins of beans while I’m waiting for the kettle to boil. It’s made a rapid difference to my balance and to my joints.

ninathenana Tue 10-Mar-20 11:11:46

Luckygirl I empathise.
I don't have a diagnosis but I can't walk more than 10mins or so without back and or hip pain. I always loved swimming but am now too ashamed of my size for that. I know I should say "Oh, to hell with it" but I can't. It's a vicious circle of trying to loose weight and not being able to exercise.
So I do virtually no exercise, let alone break into a sweat.

MiniMoon Tue 10-Mar-20 11:41:40

Not as much as I should. I have become rather too sedentary. More exercise would definitely help with my attempted weight loss, which seems to have stalled recently.

Calendargirl Tue 10-Mar-20 11:49:55

I try and attend aquacise classes two to three times a week, plus swimming, and I aim for a mile a week, though not in one block. I only do a leisurely breast stroke, no fast crawl, but a new lady at my aquacise class who couldn’t swim told me how elegant my swimming looked, so felt chuffed.
Also walk whenever possible for shopping, about 15 minutes each way.
Never attended a gym, or done jogging and running, imagine it’s not good for the knees as you age.

Grammaretto Tue 10-Mar-20 13:26:34

Sorry to hear that Luckygirl and Ninathenana It must be hard to have pain whatever you do. I really would try to forget the embarrassment and get in the water. Easier said than done.
I managed to join an NHS group of aquatherapy at a pool at the rehab hospital. It was lovely and the water was hot. I was suffering from lumbago. The worst part was getting to the pool.

Lucca Tue 10-Mar-20 13:32:48

Luckygirl would you be able to do some kind of pool based exercise ? (Water not billiards!!)

tanith Tue 10-Mar-20 13:41:20

I walk a lot, gym 2/3 times a week where I cycle, row and do 6 different resistance machines, I try to swim in the Summer. It seems to be keeping my weight and BP at a stable level so I feel I’m doing enough.

anniezzz09 Tue 10-Mar-20 13:51:41

My parents died young so yes, I go to the gym 2 to 3 times a week, I do an hour's serious cardiovascular on the cross trainer and recumbent bike (what's wrong with sweating), I also do a few circuits in the weights machine area and some stretching. I go to yoga and tai chi classes too.

I cycle to and from town which is about 4 miles each way, I often cycle 25-30 miles on a weekend day if the weather is good. Most days I will go for a walk of about an hour, it's quite hilly where I live. I got gold stars at my recent 5 year NHS check, everything they measure was excellent in my case. I do think regular exercise is important as we age and cardiovascular tones up the whole system, not just the heart.

I realise I am in a minority (though there are plenty of older women in the gym I attend) and I think it's a shame, exercise keeps us trim and we live longer (if we're lucky), you just have to find something you like.

Willow500 Tue 10-Mar-20 13:57:46

Next to none! I try to walk into town daily but at this moment even that's curtailed as my husband is off work after an operation and is unable to walk anywhere. I used to be pretty fit and could run on my treadmill at topspeed for a good 30 mins but that's years ago sad I'm just hoping once everything gets back to normal I can start to walk a bit more!

LadyGracie Tue 10-Mar-20 14:04:28

I do walk regularly and I thoroughly enjoy it, apart from walking I’m lazy.

FlexibleFriend Tue 10-Mar-20 15:46:21

I sweat buckets without moving so not sure what sweating proves tbh. I exercise very little being disabled, in fact barely move.

Alishka Tue 10-Mar-20 15:49:57

None at all nowsad I've a progressive neurological condition and can't walk now. Was always v. active. Sometimes I dream I'm walking or running somewhere..

Nightsky2 Tue 10-Mar-20 15:50:39

45 minutes walk with DH and little dog every day.

grannyactivist Tue 10-Mar-20 15:56:26

Since the end of August when I became ill I have done virtually NO exercise at all. I used to walk a great deal, but on the few occasions I have been out recently (to the surgery or pharmacy mostly) I have either taken the bus or got a lift. sad

Anniebach Tue 10-Mar-20 16:02:15

Can’t walk down my garden path, arthritis and agoraphobia,
I have fond memories of climbing Snowdon, walking holidays
in Scotland and Bronte country, Pembrokeshire coastal path, if only I could walk a mile now.

Taichinan Tue 10-Mar-20 16:09:26

I instruct four tai chi classes each week which I know to be excellent exercise, but apart from that, nothing! It's strange but I never feel my hips sore at all when doing and teaching tai chi, but after a while walking does cause pain. I've never been able to work out why that should be! I'm almost 79 so consider myself reasonably fit, but I think genes contribute to that.

mumofmadboys Tue 10-Mar-20 16:09:59

I play table tennis twice a week for 90 minutes. I also walk regularly and cycle a bit. I like kayaking in the summer.

MerylStreep Tue 10-Mar-20 16:10:02

Oh, Annie the Pembrokeshire coastal path: heaven ( on a sunny day, of course 😀)

BlueSky Tue 10-Mar-20 16:10:59

Just walk I've always done it and enjoy it . Not rambling either, in the summer probably get up to 10,000 steps winter only about 500 indoors round the shops. Keeps me fit and sane!