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How long is danagerous - I failed to put a raw chicken in the fridge?

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Jess20 Wed 25-Mar-20 16:13:07

I may have to change my name after this - I got a food delivery 3 days ago and thought I'd taken out the perishables and washed them etc but managed to miss a chicken and thought it had been left off the delivery. Finally clearing the box I found it. Room temp, 3 days, a tad whiffy but no not crawling, I washed it to be sure (bleached sink afterwards, rubber disposable gloves etc).

I am cooking it right now, and will do so very thoroughly. My family were farmers, my grandparents were farming way before anyone had a fridge and they would have cooked and eaten it.

I'm less worried about who would still eat it than how safe it is to eat.

We may all be making choices like this over the next few months, hopfully won't get food poisoning. Any microbiologists, food experts out there?

Joesoap Sat 28-Mar-20 15:10:37

Just GET RID of it

bikergran Sat 28-Mar-20 15:51:55

Im sure by now the "said chicken" has got up and walked itself to the bin. confused

Joplin Tue 31-Mar-20 19:22:51

Not old, by ny means, but I've just found a tin of Heinz cream of Tomato & Basil soup, dated 10-2019. Normally I would try it, but in the present circumstances I'm not sure. Any thoughts?