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Exercise video of the day - Thursday 9th April

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NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 09-Apr-20 09:49:42

Morning grin

It's nearly that time again when we don our lycra and get moving! Today's workout is...Move It Or Lose It's keeping active at home workout.

It'll be live here at 10am, so everyone can join in at the same time. flowers

Good luck everyone and let us know how you get on today. smile

Mypennyfarthing41 Thu 09-Apr-20 10:21:54

Excuse me...but where do l find the video?

shysal Thu 09-Apr-20 10:31:26

Mypennyfarthing, click on the blue word 'here' on the original post of this thread.

Just did the video, quite low key but surprisingly beneficial. I have RA in wrists and ankles so loosened them nicely. I have a DVD of a Move it or Lose it full workout, which I can recommend for mixed abilities.

By the way love the pet aerobics! Thanks GN

trisher Thu 09-Apr-20 10:38:23

Sorry got a few minutes into it and decided it isn't for me. Her voice irritates me and I may be 70+ but I am fairly fit and I don't start my exercises sitting down. I might do when I get to 90.

Elrel Tue 14-Apr-20 23:00:30

I’m happy for now with Joe Wicks workout for seniors, only 10 minutes but gets me going in the mornings.