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Would you go for a blood test?

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Antonia Sat 16-May-20 12:47:21

I am due for a blood test in June at my surgery, and have sent a message asking what precautions they are taking there, and if the nurse giving the test will be wearing PPE. I am undecided at the moment whether to go or not. Has anyone else been for a blood test, and what was your experience?

BlueBelle Sat 16-May-20 12:51:51

Yes go, the doctors Surgery will be the most aware place you can go, I wouldn’t even question it..... but up to you of course Pharmacies are totally shielded, so why wouldn’t surgeries be.

Greeneyedgirl Sat 16-May-20 12:54:43

Probably much safer than going to supermarket.

Greenfinch Sat 16-May-20 13:06:48

I go every week for my I N R blood tests and have it done in the car park The phlebotomist has a mask and a visor. She is in the open air and I am inside mycar. I feel perfectly safe even though I am shielding. Go fo it !

GagaJo Sat 16-May-20 13:10:35

I would only go if it was essential. If it was something I could put off for a couple of months, I would.

UNLESS the conditions are those Greenfinch have described. Then I'd go. That sounds very safe.

wildswan16 Sat 16-May-20 13:11:57

If your blood test is necessary (to ensure correct medication etc) then of course you should attend. If it is something that is done, e.g. annually, then I am sure it could wait.

Your GP surgery is the best place to ask. If you do attend, then remember that they will be taking all necessary precautions - they don't want you infecting their staff or vice versa.

Cabbie21 Sat 16-May-20 13:12:06

I have been for a ( delayed) blood test. It was very well organised, met at the door, questioned as to why I had come, only let in for a specific reason, sanitiser just inside the door. I was told where to wait and there were only two others so plenty of space. The nurse was wearing a mask and used hand sanitiser before and after taking blood. I asked her if she knew if there were many cases locally and she said she had not come across any herself. All very safe and reassuring.

MerylStreep Sat 16-May-20 13:12:43

Yes, and a B12 injection. Of course the nurse was wearing PPE, why wouldn't she?

GrannyGravy13 Sat 16-May-20 13:50:39


joannapiano Sat 16-May-20 14:05:12

DH has just finished a course of chemo and has a compromised immune system. He had to go to our GPs for an injection. We waited in the car park, the nurse came out to collect him fully gowned up, and he was taken through the “red zone”. He was back again 5 mins later. Hand sanitisers and masks were provided at the entrance. All fine.

grannysyb Sat 16-May-20 14:05:57

Yes, went to my surgery recently after a telephone consultation with GP, and she examined me. I have also been to our local minor injuries unit and a large hospital recently and felt completely safe in all three. I have to go back to the large hospital in three weeks time and am not worried.

Tangerine Sat 16-May-20 16:43:27

Yes, I would go. I am not just saying this - I actually will have to have one soon.

cornergran Sat 16-May-20 16:48:42

Mr C went yesterday for an annual test. Felt very safe. Out of hours doctor phoned yesterday evening. Explained outcome. All is not well, must contact GP on Monday. We’re very pleased Mr C went for the blood test.

BlueSky Sat 16-May-20 16:50:23

Yes of course much safer than any other venue!

PamelaJ1 Sat 16-May-20 17:03:27


EllanVannin Sat 16-May-20 17:11:49

It was as safe as houses in my surgery when I had an INR last week. The nurse who did the test was unrecognisable in her " space suit " grin The full, head to toe gear with mask and visor. I could just about make out who she was.

Calendargirl Sat 16-May-20 17:16:27

Hope your DH is ok Cornergran.

EllanVannin Sat 16-May-20 17:17:40

I had to ring the front door bell first then was asked who I was and what was my visit. Was there an appointment and who do I see. No waiting, straight into the nurses room, test done and out, all in the space of about 10 minutes.
I have to repeat the process next Thursday as the test wasn't normal.

EllanVannin Sat 16-May-20 17:18:36

Yes, Cornergran, hope it's nothing serious.

Harris27 Sat 16-May-20 17:18:55

Go I’ve just had this conversation with my sister and she’s going as I would.

Parsley3 Sat 16-May-20 17:24:50

I have had to go to my surgery on two occasions since lockdown. I felt very safe. I had to be let in. I had to confirm that I had no symptoms. I was the only one in the waiting room and the nurse wore PPE. Some things still need to be done so if your blood test is necessary then go.

SalsaQueen Sat 16-May-20 17:45:34

I had to have a blood test at my GP's the other day. In the foyer, there was hand gel to use. I had to complete a form asking if I've had the virus and if anyone in my household had had it, whether I've had or got any symptoms. Once inside, the seats were all 2.5 metres apart, the reception desk was blocked off by rows of chairs.

The nurse then asked me questions again, and she was wearing a mask, gloves and apron. No problem at all.

Fernbergien Sat 16-May-20 18:01:19

Yes go. I have to go on Monday. We have two surgeries and this one is for shielded people only who have been in total lockdown for many weeks. Yes I am nervous too but it is important to go.

LadyBella Sat 16-May-20 18:03:17

Not a blood test in my case but the optician. I need to go annually as have cataracts growing. But do I wait awhile? Not sure what to do.

MiniDriver56 Sat 16-May-20 18:07:04

My blood tests were cancelled, even my stroke clinic check. Not important enough!