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CBD Oil does it work for depression?

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F0wey Sun 19-Jul-20 08:05:53

I have been prescribed Citalopram for anxiety/depression. I have never been a pill fan and am not comfortable taking the anti demos, I guess I am a bit scared. The thought of taking them makes me feel even more anxious. Has anyone taken CBD oil for depression/ anxiety? Or any positive views on Citalopram?

B9exchange Sun 19-Jul-20 09:17:59

Yes, it was a life changer for my son when he crashed out of uni with severe depression. Got him back on his feet and able to have the confidence to look for a job. Much better than some of the earlier ones. Every drug has side effects, but part of your current state is the inability to see that anything provides hope.

You have nothing to lose by taking them. If they don't work you can stop them and try something else, but don't rule them out without trying. Takes at least a fortnight to kick in.

Good luck, you can get through this. flowers

Elegran Sun 19-Jul-20 10:01:52

B9exchange I don't think you answered the question that was being asked. FOwey wanted to know about taking CBD oil, but your reply seems to be about the citalopram. Combining the two does not sound sensible to me, as the effects of each would be increased, perhaps dangerously. Take either one or the other, and be guided by your GP.

F0wey Sun 19-Jul-20 10:17:27

Thank you

annsixty Sun 19-Jul-20 10:31:07

With utmost respect Elegran and your views are amongst the most respected on GN, including mine, the OP did ask for opinions on Citalopram.
I have been taking it for a few years now since my H travelled down the road that is Alzheimer’s.
I only take a low dose, 20 mgs daily but it has been good for me.

If I were the OP I would give it a fair trial, 2/3 months before judging
Personally I would rather take something tried and tested and approved by experts than something else.

If it doesn’t work then go onto CDB oil.

I myself am trying Turmeric for my osteoarthritis after convention remedies are no longer working.

henetha Sun 19-Jul-20 10:37:54

I can't comment on CBD oil as I have never tried it, (I am curious though to know if it would help my back pain).
I took Citalopram for about eighteen months and it did help my depression to decline gradually. I had no side effects and do definitely feel that it helped me. Good luck FOwey.

Elegran Sun 19-Jul-20 11:25:10

Annsixty Those who have tried Citalopram have seen the bits about that more readily that those about CBD Oil, and most have answered about that. I have not had either Citalopram or CBD Oil, so I saw the thread title question first, then the two questions in the post. Two out of the three were on CBD Oil.

If the OP wanted views on Citalopram, why label the thread "CBD Oil does it work for depression?" and ask "Has anyone taken CBD for depression/anxiety?" with the "Or any positive views on Citalopram?" as an afterthought at the end? I suspect that she is considering going for the oil in preference to the mainstream drug, or even both. If I were her I would consider the fact that cannabis is just as much a "pill" as the citalopram, and that medical advice is not to add it to other drugs.

Being "natural" doesn't mean it has no drawbacks or side effects, particularly when combined with other medication. Arsenic and strychnine are both "natural" too.

cookiemonster66 Tue 21-Jul-20 12:03:09

I have started taking CBD oil for anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and pain relief. At the start of lock down I was having terrible night terrors, panic attacks including heart palpitations, hyperventilating, I knew I had to get on top of it otherwise I would need to see the Dr to give me something to calm me down. I had always been cynical, but thought I would give it a go. I also have fibromyalgia and arthritis and live with chronic daily pain with mobility issues - registered disabled. I attend a monthly chronic pain support group and we had a guy come in talk to us about it, he runs a UK based company. I contacted him and ordered the 10% oil, 2 drops three times per day and within a few days it had got into my system, no more panic attacks, I was much calmer, and best sleep I have ever had in my whole life, now 10+ hours per night of refreshing sleep which helps me cope with pain management during the day. Wish I had started it sooner! I have now started on the 20% oil to help with the pain better. I cannot recommend it enough. To get 5% discount use code : maria16 and the website link is

F0wey Tue 21-Jul-20 13:43:09

Thank you that sounds very encouraging.

bikergran Wed 22-Jul-20 09:14:44

My dad 84 has Parkinsons.

He takes medication for it obviously.

About 5 week ago my dd got him some low dose CBD oil you drop it on your tongue.

A week or so later I noticed that my dads hands had stopped a lot of their shaking, but another thing is he seem to be chattering constantly.(this did wear off )

He has cronic back pain, buta s yet the cbd doesnt seem to have helped.

My dd has bought him some more that is slightly stonger.

Not seen the results of this yet as he is using up the lower does one first.

I will check his hands again today (discreetly)