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Should I report Covid-19 violations in care home?

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Buffy Wed 04-Nov-20 12:09:21

An acquaintance has told me of a close friend working in a Devon care home where staff are tested weekly for Covid-19. The friend has tested positive and been sent home but is out and about shopping. I telephoned the home in question and the Manager was only concerned that the tests should remain confidential, not that this individual was risking other people’s health. I wonder if she has reported this case to the NHS.
What can I or should I do? We are all at risk.

FannyCornforth Wed 04-Nov-20 12:22:32

It's outrageous behaviour, but I really don't think that there is anything that you can do.
I'm concerned that you may have got your acquaintance into a lot of trouble at her work place.
Re 'we are all at risk'. Indeed we are. Especially with the very high number of asymptomatic cases.

FannyCornforth Wed 04-Nov-20 12:25:10

Also - there is nothing that the Care home can do, is there?
I'll be very interested to read the responses to this.

FarNorth Wed 04-Nov-20 12:25:55

Too bad if the worker has got into trouble at the care home.

FannyCornforth Wed 04-Nov-20 12:29:10

Far north I was expressing concern for the Op's acquaintance who told Op above the positive case and their shopping habits, not the positive case themself.

Marydoll Wed 04-Nov-20 12:30:55

If that person has tested positive, they should be self isolating.

From the NHS website:
It's a legal requirement to self-isolate if you test positive or are told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace. You could be fined if you do not self-isolate.

FannyCornforth Wed 04-Nov-20 12:34:24

Mary and others - is expected that you report people for violating the self isolation law?
I have no problem with this; I just don't understand what the set up is.

Hetty58 Wed 04-Nov-20 12:41:52

FannyCornforth, the set up is very casual - too casual. Nobody is checked to make sure that they're isolating.

You can and should report concerns to the police (online or non-emergency number). We shouldn't tolerate those playing Russian Roulette with our family's lives.

Marydoll Wed 04-Nov-20 14:00:05

I don't understand why someone testing positive would deliberately go shopping, knowing they should be self isolating.
What if they infect someone?

Hetty58 Wed 04-Nov-20 14:09:20

Marydoll, obviously, they don't care!

FannyCornforth Wed 04-Nov-20 14:46:43

Do employers have a legal duty to report employees who are refusing to self-isolate?

FannyCornforth Wed 04-Nov-20 14:51:40

I think that the legal ramifications surrounding many elements of Covid are huge.
There was a lawyer on LBC yesterday talking about schools' duty of care (or lack of) for those in their employment ie teachers.
This was in relation to teachers not being allowed to wear PPE; health and safety etc.

Jane10 Wed 04-Nov-20 15:17:03

This is a friend of a friend. It's hearsay. Best stay out of it.

Baggs Wed 04-Nov-20 15:30:46

Buffy, your information is third hand. That is, useless.

Baggs Wed 04-Nov-20 15:31:15

Ah! x posts, jane10

ElaineI Wed 04-Nov-20 16:30:46

It would be your acquaintance who would have to report it and perhaps destroy a friendship in the process. Lots of people are not following guidelines and while it is frustrating when you are. you have no idea of their personal circumstances. It seems that we have reverted to a state where people report their neighbours/acquaintances/perhaps family at the drop of a hat! I would stay out of it, it is none of your business and is confidential as the manager has stated. Just keep away from anyone who is not following guidelines.

aquagran Wed 04-Nov-20 19:01:13

Mind your own business!

Buffy Thu 05-Nov-20 11:28:24

Yes, it is none of my business but the person who tested positive works with elderly people. Surely the care home have to report the results of these tests. They have done what they could by testing staff and sending those infected home. It would have stayed confidential had the person involved not bragged about it and flouted the guide lines. It affects us all. My acquaintance doesn’t work at the home. She wanted to report him herself but was too scared.

Trisha57 Thu 05-Nov-20 11:37:06

As you say yourself, the care home have done what they could by testing staff and sending anyone testing positive home. They will also have reported the results of the testing to their Head Office. What the carer does after being sent home is out of their control.

MissAdventure Thu 05-Nov-20 11:52:18

I wonder what the legal stance is on this, or if there is one, even?

Buffy Thu 05-Nov-20 12:14:40

Yes you are all correct, I am being a bit of a busy body, BUT the home still state on the Internet that they are Covid free. They can’t control the individual once he’s sent home but don’t families of the residents need to be warned about a positive case in their midst? I know that if my mother were still in a care home and this happened I would want to be informed. Why are staff told to keep results confidential? Maybe to stop panic. My daughter was at a dinner with someone who later tested positive in a random test but was asymptomatic and DD and family had to isolate for two weeks. Maybe I just don‘t understand the guidelines and am taking it all too seriously.

MissAdventure Thu 05-Nov-20 12:29:13

The school has kept me informed at every stage throughout, including the fact that there had been a positive case a few weeks back, which they would not be closing the school for.

I have presumed it is an obligation on their part, so would assume a home has a similar policy in place?

Grannynannywanny Thu 05-Nov-20 12:39:48

Buffy I don’t think you are overreacting. If this person is flouting the guidelines and being so careless in how she is going about things then perhaps that’s how she picked up the virus. I have a loved one in residential care who is clinically extremely vulnerable and quite frankly I would be horrified if I thought someone with such low standards was caring for him.

Lavazza1st Thu 05-Nov-20 13:22:48

I feel sorry for all the innocent shop workers and shoppers who will be unwittingly working with that selfish person.

There is no reason to be out shopping as there are charities to help people who are isolating. Also, I know it's limited but you can shop online for food (Iceland is free delivery and although the food is limited, it's better than infecting all and sundry!!)

Baggs Thu 05-Nov-20 16:05:37

Why are staff told to keep results confidential?

Because they have to, under data protection law.

What the person herself tells, or doesn't tell, other people is up to her.