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Shinamae Tue 08-Dec-20 21:29:43

As the vaccine has been developed by Germany and United States of America I cannot understand why their own people have not been given it first. Why us?

SueDonim Tue 08-Dec-20 21:50:45

As far as I am aware, the UK was quickest off the mark to give it authorisation via the MHRA, hence it can start being given here. Trump turned down the offer of more vaccines, for financial reasons, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear.

Some of my friends have AC who have been working on the vaccine, having been ‘repurposed’ from their normal scientific work and another friend has been on the trials a d had two jabs with no ill effect. I also have a very well-qualified pharmaceutical chemist friend, who has worked across many continents, who feels that this has been well-developed.

Kate54 Tue 08-Dec-20 22:42:00

The UK took a huge gamble and ordered vast quantities when it was still in development.Moreorless first in the queue. Market forces. Thank God the gamble paid off.

NotTooOld Tue 08-Dec-20 22:47:02

Kate54 - hear, hear!

Franbern Wed 09-Dec-20 09:10:43

USA is getting ready to roll this out on mass.

Jane43 Wed 09-Dec-20 12:20:19

You are correct SueDonim the USA were offered extra supplies of the Pfizer Vaccine while it was still in development but the Trump administration declined probably for financial reasons but more likely because Trump wanted to promote hydroxychloroquinine which I believe he has an interest in. I read yesterday that this decision may lead to a shortage of the vaccine in the USA and some citizens may not be able to have it until June next year. The pharmaceutical companies involved in finding a vaccine had a general agreement that no country had preferential treatment and that it be made available to all countries who wanted it. Undoubtedly if this shortage of the vaccine does happen the GOP will blame it on the incoming administration.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 09-Dec-20 12:48:54

Joe Biden has pledged to vaccinate 100 million Americans in the first 100 days of his Presidency, for free apparently.

SueDonim Wed 09-Dec-20 12:54:44

That’s interesting about Trump and the hydroxy, Jane43. Food for thought.

Jane43 Thu 10-Dec-20 04:21:49

SueDonim here is a link that supports what I said about Trump’s motives for promoting Hydroxychloroquinine. I originally read about it in the Washington Post. Everything the man does is for self interest.

GrannyGravy13 that’s wonderful news. I think Biden will be a great President.

NotSpaghetti Thu 10-Dec-20 06:57:02

The reason, Shinamae, is apparently because the FDA hasn't approved it yet. They are apparently meeting today (Thursday), to consider it.

NotSpaghetti Thu 10-Dec-20 07:02:10

Here's an article about the different approaches

SueDonim Thu 10-Dec-20 13:40:32

I can’t read that as it has a paywall, but thank you anyway, Jane43. smile

Shinamae Thu 10-Dec-20 13:42:16

Thank for that NS....👌🏻 But there is still no way I will be rushing to have this or any vaccine at least for a few weeks. I have had Covid and had no symptoms so was asymptotic,Not sure if I have antibodies but will take my chances, I am doing everything right wearing the mask washing my hands frequently and social distancing...

Alegrias2 Thu 10-Dec-20 13:54:12

Asymptotic : The definition of asymptotic is a line that approaches a curve but never touches. A curve and a line that get closer but do not intersect are examples of a curve and a line that are asymptotic to each other.


Shinamae Thu 10-Dec-20 14:13:13

Thanks for pointing that out and embarrassing me,I’m sure you took great pleasure in that Alegrias. I don’t mind being corrected but it could’ve been done in a much kinder way..

M0nica Thu 10-Dec-20 14:28:05

No matter what the production rate of any vaccine none can be used until the relevant national regulatory body has seen all the figures examined them and signed them off, thereby giving permission for the product to be used.

Our regulatory body was just quicker off the mark than others.

Jane43 Thu 10-Dec-20 15:25:09

Sorry you couldn’t access the article SueDonim. It says that the drug is manufactured by Sanofi - a major shareholder of the company is Dodge and Cox, the Trump family’s mutual fund. The Trump administration purchased 29 million doses of the drug and of course Trump promoted it at every opportunity.

jenni123 Sat 12-Dec-20 09:32:05

they are using us as guinea pigs, once they see how we react to the virus they will then decide whether to use it or not as the case may be

ania123 Sat 12-Dec-20 09:50:58

Jenni123 I’m very happy to be used as a guinea pig. I want normality to return to everyone’s world as well as mine! My life is less valuable than youngsters so am happy to test it out.
I have had the bulk of my life but want my grandchildren to have theirs.

Lucretzia Sat 12-Dec-20 09:53:45

There has already been thousands of Guinea pigs This vaccine has been tested on real people!!

Aepgirl Sat 12-Dec-20 09:55:42

Yes, the UK passed it as safe before all other countries. Good bit of oneupmanship.

Kate54 Sat 12-Dec-20 10:02:22

Hear hear Lucretzia. Where has this feast come from? Very few people deny vaccines against formerly deadly diseases for their children or for themselves when they wish to travel to places where yellow fever, cholera etc are still an issue so why is this different? I remember my GP saying to me when there was a controversy about certain vaccines for children many years ago that if the anti-vac mothers had ever heard a child close to dying from whooping cough (as he had) then they wouldn’t think twice. I have never forgotten that.

Kate54 Sat 12-Dec-20 10:02:40

Fear not feast!

Nicksmrs46 Sat 12-Dec-20 10:03:31

I have been taking Hydroxychloroquine for years , prescribed by my consultant rheumatologist for Rheumatoid Arthritis... took a while to work properly but it has decreased the pain in my joints so that life is much easier to cope with and daily pain is bearable.
I too have been shielding since March as per letters from NHS/ government as I’m also asthmatic and considered extremely vulnerable, Has the hydroxy helped with Covid.... I don’t know but as Trump has said it will I’ll just carry on taking it anyway!!!
Coming up to my 75th birthday so won’t be able to have the vaccine anytime soon but will definitely have it done when it’s offered.

Nannina Sat 12-Dec-20 10:06:33

Russia and China have been vaccinating their people for a few weeks without regulatory safety approval. That’s using people as guinea pigs Jennil23!