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ambulance called by 111

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travelsafar Sun 27-Dec-20 08:13:32

My DH just been taken into hospital with an irregular heartbeat, low oxygen and breathlessness worse than normal due to COPD. He has been unwell since xmas eve and we have tried to cope at home with calls to 111 and gp ringing us back with prescription for antibiotics and steriods as he is prone to chest infections. But this morning we had to admitt defeat. Hoping they will discharge later today as dont really want him staying in there, also that they will sort out what ever the issue is. sad

travelsafar Sun 27-Dec-20 20:37:44

Just had it confirmed poor hubby has covid. I have been told to order a testing kit, which i have done and to isolate. It is horrid not being able to see him but thank god for mobile phones so i can send him reasurring texts and get two 'xx' in reply as i dont think he has the strength to do anything else.

Sar53 Sun 27-Dec-20 20:41:23

Sorry to hear your news Travelsafar, I hope your husband gets well soon. Look after yourself. My very best wishes to you both xxx

Marydoll Sun 27-Dec-20 20:43:30

travelsafar, what a shock for you, especially as he already has COPD.
However, he is in the best place at the moment. You need to look after yourself now. Do you have family who can support you with shopping etc, as you are going to be stuck at home?

Grannynannywanny Sun 27-Dec-20 20:46:21

Oh I’m sorry to hear that travelsafar. I hope your husband is feeling more comfortable since being admitted to hospital and receiving oxygen.

I hope you will remain symptom free and also that you have family or friends nearby who can drop off anything you might need 💐

EllanVannin Sun 27-Dec-20 20:46:31

I'm so sorry to hear that news travelsafar . News that everyone would dread and though he's in the best place right now it's of no consolation to yourself as you can't see him.

Sending hope strength and good wishes that like so many he will come out of it the other side.
We're all with you here. x

Callistemon Sun 27-Dec-20 20:47:36

travelsafar sending best wishes to you and your DH and I hope he makes a good recovery - and that you don't develop it or have few symptoms if you do


janeainsworth Sun 27-Dec-20 20:50:16

Travelsafar So sorry to hear this. I do hope your DH makes a good recovery and that you haven’t contracted the virus too.
Also that you have someone near you who can help & support you. Best wishes.

Gransooz Sun 27-Dec-20 20:50:51

Just read through and I’m sorry to hear your news but your DH is in the right place and hopefully they’ll be looking after him. I hope you keep well - it must be hard not to be able to see him. Look after yourself and I hope you’re both well and together again very soon. 💐💐

Puzzler61 Sun 27-Dec-20 21:03:10

My wishes to you echo exactly as janeainsworth says.
For you 💐 Travelsafar.

Ellianne Sun 27-Dec-20 21:05:08


Juliet27 Sun 27-Dec-20 21:14:28

So sorry to hear your news travelsafar. Here’s hoping your DH makes a quick recovery and that you stay safe and well. x

MawBe Sun 27-Dec-20 21:15:37

Just adding my warmest wishes Travelsafar- good to know how well the NHS can swing into action when necessary!

Hoping you can get the help and support you need - try not to worry, your DH is in good hands, now you need to look after yourself for both your sakes. flowers

Doodle Sun 27-Dec-20 21:22:15

travelsofar I got my DH back home at 5.30 on Christmas Day after 10 days in hospital. It is so difficult not being able to go in and visit but with mobile phones at least you can communicate. I’m sure he will get all the treatment he needs. Pointless to say don’t worry but I’m sure he will be well taken care of. I do hope he makes a good recovery and gets home soon.

phoenix sorry I didn’t know you’d been in hospital too. Glad you are home and on the mend now .

Jaxjacky Sun 27-Dec-20 21:29:30

travelsofar my best wishes to you both, hopefully he will be back soon and you test negative, a worrying time, look after yourself.

brook2704 Sun 27-Dec-20 21:39:47

So sorry to hear that news travelsafar I hope you stay well yourself and your DH makes a quick recovery and is back home soon 💐

Urmstongran Sun 27-Dec-20 21:46:36

I’ve just seen this thread. I’d like to add my best wishes for your husband’s speedy recovery to all the others on here travelsafar. x

dogsmother Sun 27-Dec-20 21:57:02

Sorry about this Travel, and take a cyber hug from me. I hope you have back up for yourself as this is miserable virus is a curse.

Jane10 Sun 27-Dec-20 22:02:51

Travelsafar sorry to hear this. However, he's in the best place. Look after yourself too. He'll need you to boost his morale while he's in hospital and look after him when he's home again. I hope you get as good a night's sleep as possible.

MissAdventure Sun 27-Dec-20 22:04:55

So sorry to read this.
Wishing you both well flowers

Grammaretto Sun 27-Dec-20 22:13:28

So sorry. What a worry Travelsofar. I hope you can phone each other and I hope he gets the right treatment and is home with you soon. x,

GrandmasueUK Sun 27-Dec-20 22:36:05

So sorry to hear your news travelsafar. Hopefully your husband will be home soon. Take care of yourself. 💐🤗

welbeck Mon 28-Dec-20 00:45:24

all the best.

CanadianGran Mon 28-Dec-20 05:22:18

Oh dear, I just read this. He is in the right place now to be well looked after, and we all hope for the best. flowers

FannyCornforth Mon 28-Dec-20 05:26:54

Hello again travelsafar
As I said upthread, DH was in hospital recently. I didn't mention that he had Covid too. He also had pneumonia. He's got COPD too. He was in for just over a week. It was very scary and I was worried sick, but he had excellent treatment. I hope that everything goes smoothly.
I also hope that you are feeling okay.
Pm me if you would like to thanks x

BlueBelle Mon 28-Dec-20 05:34:06

I ve only just seen this I’m so sorry to hear this news travel and I hope he will soon be convalescing back with you