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Heart surgery

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Ilovedragonflies Mon 22-Feb-21 13:02:10

Good morning all,
I'm having a bit of a difficult day as my much loved sister is (quite literally) currently undergoing heart surgery. She's only 54. She's having her aortic valve replaced and it's an 8 hour op where she'll be on bypass machines. I'm terrified for her. Our mum passed at 53, probably from the same thing which wasn't recognised so well back in the 80s.
I don't, if I'm honest, know what to expect in reply to this. I think I may just have needed to offload.

tanith Mon 22-Feb-21 13:13:02

Your sister is no doubt in excellent hands all you can do is hold tight for her to come out the other

CraftyGranny Mon 22-Feb-21 13:14:27

I am sure your sister will be absolutely fine Ilovedragonflies.
You are bound to be worried sick, but she will be skipping around in next to no time. Heart surgeons are brilliant people

{flowers} {flowers} for you.

CraftyGranny Mon 22-Feb-21 13:15:16

flowers flowers for you Ilovedragonflies

Peasblossom Mon 22-Feb-21 13:18:38

It’s a big operation for the patient and relatives and a standard everyday one for the surgeons. She will be fine.

Most patients feel better almost straight away because the faulty valve that was keeping them short of oxygen and making their heart work too hard, is replaced by a fully functioning one.

Your biggest problem may be to stop her doing too much too soon.

My sister had hers done ten years ago 😀 Mines a bit faulty but the specialist says he thinks it will last longer than the rest of me!

Blossoming Mon 22-Feb-21 13:29:26

My big brother had this done at 11 years old, now in his 70s. It is a major and time consuming surgery so of course you’re anxious. She will have skilled surgeons and operating team looking after her. Sending good vibes your way flowers

BlueSky Mon 22-Feb-21 13:38:15

Of course you are worried Ilovedragonflies we all would, even if a loved one were having an appendix op! Try not to dwell on it in the meantime. She’s in good hands. flowers

Ilovedragonflies Mon 22-Feb-21 13:40:10

Thank you all for your responses, it's so kind of you all. I know you're right - these ops are done every day and her surgeon is, according to Mr Google, amazing. My head is telling me that she'll be fine but, oh, I'm in bits today. I've taught four lessons this morning and have no idea who was there or how any of the classes (online) went (apart from one which was terrible)! In hindsight, I should probably have taken the entire day off but thought it better to be busy for at least part of it.
I have put the flowers in water, thank you...

25Avalon Mon 22-Feb-21 13:49:21

Dh had the same operation 5 years ago. Before he had it done he could hardly breathe and it undoubtedly saved his life. It is a long operation and she will be in intensive care for 1-2 days, then high dependency for a couple of days. Then back to the ward and home in 7-10 days in total. It is wonderful what they can do.

At the time so many people came up and told me of their relatives who had this operation several years previously and did fine. Try not to worry too much - tell yourself to hold the line until it’s all over. If she’s in the Bristol Heart Centre it is one of the best in the world. Best wishes and hope all goes well.

Ilovedragonflies Mon 22-Feb-21 15:55:49

She's out of surgery and it all went well. Now on ITU. Funny how relief makes you sob, isn't it? Next step is to get her off ventilation tomorrow and then she's on the home stretch to recuperation. Thank you all for your kindness - hearing about others who have had this and survived was just what I needed to hear. She's in Harley Street - the NHS wouldn't have been able to do it for another few months (she's already waited a year) and she was told she may not survive that long. Her work paid for it for her.

JaneJudge Mon 22-Feb-21 15:59:59

I am so pleased her work paid for it for her, it must have been awful to contemplate she may lose her life it wasn't for that. I hope she feels better soon and you look after yourself xx

Blossoming Mon 22-Feb-21 16:06:09

Sending you a virtual hug, so good the surgery is over and has gone well.

grannysyb Mon 22-Feb-21 16:11:55

My stepdaughters brother in law had that operation, he is fine. Hope your sister continues to improve.

timetogo2016 Mon 22-Feb-21 16:16:14

Ah bless you Dragonflies.
I am absolutely confident she will be fine,we have the best surgeons and NHS in the world.
I have been in your shoes when my Aunt had a triple by-pass in 1999 and she is still with us at the age of 80.
I send kind regards to your sister and you.

crazyH Mon 22-Feb-21 16:17:50

Two friends of mine had this done about 10 years ago. Both fine. Your sister is in good hands. Keep us posted [posted]

crazyH Mon 22-Feb-21 16:18:15


tanith Mon 22-Feb-21 17:17:53

I’m so glad she’s through the op, I’m presuming no visitors allowed which is shame, and relax ☺️

Peasblossom Mon 22-Feb-21 17:19:34


Ilovedragonflies Wed 24-Feb-21 14:47:04

Absolutely relax! We've been exchanging messages via Whats App today. She can only talk in short bursts at present (which is agony for her as she can talk the hind leg off a donkey usually grin). She's suffered a lot from sickness from all the drugs and they're reducing them now. Her chest drains came out today and they've had her up and walking already. I'm in awe! She's coming out of ITU and into a private room later today, too. And relax, indeed! Phew! Thank you all for your support, it really helped.

Esspee Wed 24-Feb-21 14:55:06

Lovely news. 💐

felice Wed 24-Feb-21 15:03:34

I had this done 14 years ago now. It has been great, a really successful procedure.
I was in Hospital for 16 days but that may be different in the UK.
Your Sister will I hope be fine I was 52 and was able to get back to work after about 4 months. I am a chef so took me a wee bit longer than office workers.
Good luck and stay safe.

H1954 Wed 24-Feb-21 15:11:35

I have a friend who underwent the very same operation two years ago aged 76. She made an excellent recovery and to see her now you wouldn't believe all that she went through. As you said, times have changed and medical procedures advance year on year. Hope your sister makes a full recovery. Stay safe and stay strong & positive! 💐

HazelGreen Wed 24-Feb-21 15:19:07

DH had aortic replacement via open heart 20 yrs ago at age 50. A bit of a shock as we were expecting it to be done via keyhole which was becoming available at that time. Yes as someone else said, he never felt better than the 24 hr after surgery as now had a properly working heart. The defect had been diagnosed at age 20. He did not take enough time off work and returned too soon ( on bike!) but it was a mental issue rather than physical.... he seemed a 'new man'. The only annoyance in after years is constant monitoring of warfarin dose that he must take daily.

Grannybags Wed 24-Feb-21 15:28:34

My husband had open heart surgery about 10 years ago. It's amazing how quickly they get them out of bed and walking the corridors isn't it?!

He's been fine ever since

boheminan Wed 24-Feb-21 17:07:51

Reading this supportive information is a relief, as my partner has been waiting over a year to have a by-pass and replacement valve operation, after having four last minute postponements - twice he'd even got as far as being robed up and seen by the anaesthetist, before he was told the operation had again been postponed. The postponements are down to lack of ICU beds due to covid.

I'm anxious, because as time goes by he's more breathless and tired. I so look forward to a life changing situation for him (and myself) as described by so many of you here.