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Scared I have lung cancer

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Antonia Thu 11-Mar-21 17:41:59

I have shortness of breath, and a cough, and this morning I opened Pandora's box by making a gp appointment. He wants me to go for a chest x ray at the hospital.
I have been putting off making an appointment because I didn't want to go to a hospital, but now I've had my first vaccination, I'm not too worried about going. I'm just so scared that I have lung cancer.

Liz46 Thu 11-Mar-21 17:49:06

It could well be asthma so don't panic.

TwiceAsNice Thu 11-Mar-21 17:49:09

It’s much more likely you have something less serious than cancer but I appreciate you are scared. Well done for seeing your GP and I hope the X-ray will put your mind at rest . Please make your appt ASAP and be reassured. Let us know how you get on

Antonia Thu 11-Mar-21 17:51:29

Thank you for your replies. The doctor has made a request to the hospital for the chest x ray, so I suppose I'll get a letter when it's arranged.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 11-Mar-21 18:02:10

Pneumonia could be a candidate.

suziewoozie Thu 11-Mar-21 18:06:58

What Twice said. Hope you hear soon and it goes well.

Jane43 Thu 11-Mar-21 18:14:41

There is a checklist of symptoms for which, if you are over 40, you should be referred for an urgent chest x ray. You have two of them. The GP is just following the recommended procedure, please don’t worry.

crazyH Thu 11-Mar-21 18:16:00

Please don’t worry ... a few years ago,I had a cough tinged with blood and shortness of breath . I was sure I had lung cancer. X-ray showed I had Asthma and Bronchiectasis.
I’m on medication (inhalers)

Jane43 Thu 11-Mar-21 18:16:28

Sorry I should have said ‘for which, if you have two of them and are over 40.’

Antonia Thu 11-Mar-21 18:16:46

Thank you for your comments, you are a very kind bunch of people on here!

M0nica Thu 11-Mar-21 18:20:03

Were you a heavy smoker for a long time? if not then it is very unlikely.

suziewoozie Thu 11-Mar-21 18:23:29


Thank you for your comments, you are a very kind bunch of people on here!

Some of us have been there ourselves or know people who have. It’s scary and it’s human to be scared. In some ways this is the worst time - waiting and not knowing

kittylester Thu 11-Mar-21 18:26:35

Please dont worry chances are that it's nothing.

That is untrue Monica. Our next door neighbour never smoked and died of lung cancer. There are lots of instances like that now.

tickingbird Thu 11-Mar-21 18:34:36

I once had to have a camera pushed up my nose and down into my lungs to check for signs of cancer. Not pleasant but certainly not painful. I had coughed up a tiny streak of blood when I had a really bad cough about 17 yrs ago. Easy for me to say but don’t worry. I’ve had loads of chest xrays.

Antonia Thu 11-Mar-21 18:37:40

Yes, M0nica, I was a smoker until 7 years ago. So according to you, that makes cancer more likely? Your comment is the only one that hasn't been reassuring, and it actually sounds a little like victim blaming. I do know that I may have brought it on myself, but it doesn't help when people reinforce my own guilt.

Antonia Thu 11-Mar-21 18:38:58

The rest of you, many thanks for your reassuring comments.

Marydoll Thu 11-Mar-21 18:41:07

I have brittle asthma and bronchiectasis. I often have chest xrays and CT scans to see what's going on. At least your doctor is being proactive.
It's normal procedure to refer someone for a chest xray with your symptoms.
It all depends on what other symptoms you have and for long you have had the symptoms.
It's difficult not to castastrophise, but once you have your xray, your doctor will have a better picture.

Antonia Thu 11-Mar-21 18:44:17

Just an addition, M0nica. I have followed your posts for along time and have always found them considered, intelligent and measured, so I may have sounded more abrupt than I actually meant.

suziewoozie Thu 11-Mar-21 18:54:44

Now that issue has been raised, here’s a good link if you want to read it Antonia. It’s an impeccable source and has some positive news about the development of healthy lung cells in ex-smokers.

annodomini Thu 11-Mar-21 19:03:42

I was concerned about my DS2 who has had a cough for at least two months. Eventually, he did go to the GP and has had a chest X-ray which has shown nothing amiss. The GP has given him an inhaler - it could be asthma caused by an allergy. I hope, for the cats' sake, they won't be the cause!

Antonia Thu 11-Mar-21 19:13:37

Thank you very much suziewoozie for that link. I've read it, and it's made me calmer.
annodomini I'm glad there was nothing wrong with your son's chest. Hope his inhaler works well for him.

Sar53 Thu 11-Mar-21 19:18:55

Please try not to worry too much Antonia. I had similar symptoms plus recurring chest infections and after a chest x-ray and CAT scan I was also diagnosed with Bronchiestasis. Best wishes x

EllanVannin Thu 11-Mar-21 19:20:42

It could be pollen if there are any trees beginning to sprout.

crazyH Thu 11-Mar-21 19:21:08

Annodomini, I don’t mean to upset you. My asthma is triggered by cats. I just cannot go anywhere,where there’s a cat. But that could just be me. Your son will probably be fine.

Whiff Thu 11-Mar-21 19:21:47

Antonia it's natural to think the worst. Having the X ray will put your mind at rest and if you need treatment for anything at least it's caught earlier.

I have had recurring UTIs and 2 kidney infections. My GP is referring me to an urologist and having a blood test. I have already read up what examinations they could preform. Not pleasant but I will have done whatever they need to do. I need answers.