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Uterine Polyps

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OnwardandUpward Fri 19-Mar-21 17:23:35

Just wanted to ask - what would you do if you were me?

I've been bleeding a lot for months. Went for a smear test and it was v painful. A few days later I passed a lump that was plectrum sized and shaped, pink.

I spoke to the GP who is referring me for a scan but it's a 2 month wait, at least because of covid.

Would you wait patiently or book a private ultrasound? (I've never gone private before but found a place that would do it for £135 and could have it done tomorrow if I wanted)

OnwardandUpward Sat 20-Mar-21 15:53:24

Im having Transvaginal scan and going private because my GP said the people being seen now booked in January and because of covid they are at least 2 months behind.

It might be speeded up when they get the smear test result? Im surprised I havent been asked for a blood test! Also, after the smear I lost a lump of tissue. I only got to speak to the GP on the phone- but they said if only I kept the lump they could have biopsied it .

Id have thought they should be doing more tbh, but because of covid there are a lot of services not running.

OnwardandUpward Sun 21-Mar-21 17:29:26

All clear!

V3ra Sun 21-Mar-21 18:30:33

That's great news! Bet you'll sleep well tonight 😊

NellG Sun 21-Mar-21 19:12:19

Good news!

OnwardandUpward Mon 22-Mar-21 09:35:35

Thanks yes. smile

I am passing white lumps in my urine, but maybe that's normal.

Shropshirelass Mon 22-Mar-21 09:39:38

I would go to your GP and ask if he can arrange a private scan. You will them be referred for the correct procedure. I would certainly go privately rather than wait 2 months. Good luck.

OnwardandUpward Thu 25-Mar-21 01:44:51

The GP can not do anything for 2 months because of covid delays,

I paid for a private scan and its clear. Bleeding has stopped too. Strange, but true!

Mollybest1 Thu 01-Apr-21 19:46:55

I have been bleeding since October last year. I have had a smear, ultra scan/ transvaginal scan and am now wait 7 weeks to see a gynaecologist. So fed up.

Oldbat1 Thu 01-Apr-21 19:59:29

Good luck.

Thistlelass Thu 01-Apr-21 20:23:41

Hi. Obviously I am posting about a small bowel polyp which may be cancerous. I need to wait and see. Just wanted to say I only had to wait a couple of weeks to be seen and have the endoscopy. My sister a number of years ago was told she had a small polyp or fibroid in her womb. She had a hysterectomy and they then told her the growth was the size of an orange. Your GP should arrange for you to be seen within the cancer guidelines. Good luck.

OnwardandUpward Sat 03-Apr-21 00:37:44

So sorry to hear that @Mollybest1 flowers

I had a clear ultrasound and clear results from my cervical smear, so I don't think my GP will prioritise me. I am having a 2 week break from bleeding since the scan. (no idea why!) I am not going to tell my GP I went private for a scan as I have no idea when my NHS one will be and don't want the GP to think I can afford to go private all the time (I can't!)

OnwardandUpward Sat 03-Apr-21 00:39:00

@Thistlelass all the best. Everything is held up because of covid, tbh. flowers

Puzzled Wed 07-Apr-21 14:28:57

Good News that you are clear. But white lumps in urine MIGHT be stones? My mother passed one. Having seen it, it must have been painful, it was so large, like pea (NO pun).

OnwardandUpward Fri 09-Apr-21 08:36:05

Thanks Puzzled, but they were pink not white. I still have no idea and no date for a checkup on the NHS so I'm really glad I had the private scan. I think the worry and stress would have harmed my health even more for months otherwise.

Mollybest1 Fri 09-Apr-21 21:25:54

Got my scan on 27th. Feels like forever away. ☹️