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Uterine Polyps

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OnwardandUpward Fri 19-Mar-21 17:23:35

Just wanted to ask - what would you do if you were me?

I've been bleeding a lot for months. Went for a smear test and it was v painful. A few days later I passed a lump that was plectrum sized and shaped, pink.

I spoke to the GP who is referring me for a scan but it's a 2 month wait, at least because of covid.

Would you wait patiently or book a private ultrasound? (I've never gone private before but found a place that would do it for £135 and could have it done tomorrow if I wanted)

Allegretto Fri 19-Mar-21 17:29:34

Go privately if you can afford it. It would be so good to have the scan over and done with, and hopefully to allay your fears. If there is any issue that needs further hospital intervention, you can transfer to the nhs list at that point if you want to.

Hetty58 Fri 19-Mar-21 17:32:57

I think I'd pay for it as peace of mind is so important.

Aveline Fri 19-Mar-21 20:13:52

Yes. Get this done ASAP if you can possibly afford it.

NellG Fri 19-Mar-21 20:34:09

I would, and have. Paying for the US means you can go back to the GP and insist on an urgent referral with evidence in your hand if the US shows anything of concern.

OnwardandUpward Fri 19-Mar-21 21:03:54

Thankyou all. I am going to check out private clinics.

It feels a bit alien to pay,but these are not normal times.

Katek Fri 19-Mar-21 21:32:08

Don’t wait - go privately

EllanVannin Fri 19-Mar-21 21:43:54

Get it done privately.

crazyH Fri 19-Mar-21 21:58:06

Yes - go privately for the Scan. Just to put your mind at ease, a few years ago I had the same, polyps which caused bleeding. The Consultant decided to leave them alone, saying it would shrink with the menopause and so they did. No trouble now.......just FYI

OnwardandUpward Fri 19-Mar-21 22:14:32

I will do, thanks!
Thats great to know @CrazyH
I'm looking into clinics and reading reviews. It looks like I'll ideally need a trans vaginal US, so I really want to check reviews out.

OnwardandUpward Sat 20-Mar-21 00:02:50

I've booked a private " well woman"" scan for Sunday afternoon. Not bad, it's cost me £135 but hopefully it will save me 2-3 months of uncertainty and could even save my life perhaps.

Aveline Sat 20-Mar-21 11:20:32

I was going to suggest that you make an appointment with a gynaecologist who could then tell you the exact scan you really need. If you explain that you're on a budget they won't suggest anything unnecessary.

OnwardandUpward Sat 20-Mar-21 11:24:08

Aveline, I dont have a budget for private healthcare but this scan is thorough and lasts half an hour and they will give me a detailed report to give to my GP. While I have the cash for this, I dont have cash for actual private healthcare.

I am very much hoping for the NHS to pay for the gynaecologist, whose time I imagine to be a lot more costly than the Sonographer.

OnwardandUpward Sat 20-Mar-21 11:29:47

I just checked and a gynaecologist's full appointment would be £780. This would do a smear (I've just had one) check blood test CA125 and do a pelvic ultrasound.

So I am very much hoping that if the pelvic ultrasound Ive booked ("well woman"- involves the whole pelvic area including ovaries, uterus and cervix) will show if there is anything untoward and may propel me forwards in the queue to see a gynaecologist on the NHS.

rowyn Sat 20-Mar-21 11:47:44

Go back to your GP and demand an URGENT referral.
In my 70s, in 2017, just one weekend of losing blood put me on the urgent pathway to a gynaecologist. Was seen within 2 weeks, had a biopsy a week later, and a hysterectomy 2 weeks after that for cancer of the womb, all on the NHS.
Even with Covid, I thought there were certain things which would merit urgent diagnosis. However, more knowledgeable people may correct me.
Good luck.

Aveline Sat 20-Mar-21 11:54:22

I suspect a general well woman scan would end up saying you should go to your doctor.
A private gynae consult should be just that. You don't need to book a package. Whatever, good luck.

Kerenhappuch Sat 20-Mar-21 11:59:50

Further to rowyn's post, above - I had very light post-menopausal bleeding 3 times, and this was treated as an emergency by the GP, with an immediate referral to gynaecology for a hysteroscopy within 2 weeks each time. The gynaecologist found 2 polyps on the third visit, and I'm back for a 6-month check up in June.

I'm surprised your GP hasn't referred you, maybe hospital services are affected by Covid in your area? Every GP I've spoken to during one of my bleeds has been insistent on using the fast-track referral to hospital.

Sonatina7 Sat 20-Mar-21 12:04:31

I didn't know if this will help but I remember when this happened to my mum and they discovered she had fibroids. After a small operations she was absolutely fine. Good luck. I'm going for one on my kidneys. I was lucky, got my appointment straight away. Take lots of care.

JaneJudge Sat 20-Mar-21 12:12:47

Your GP should be able to send you for an vaginal ultrasound within the 2 week period. You usually have to have a smear (which you have had) and 20 minute examination with the GP, a blood test and a full STI check before hand. There is no reason why the GP cannot do this, ring them back. The ultrasound clinic is very quick/easy ime.

JaneJudge Sat 20-Mar-21 12:14:01

Btw uterine polyps are usually NOT at all harmful but they still need investigation.

Katek Sat 20-Mar-21 12:47:43

A standard abdominal ultrasound will not show polyps, the pressure in the uterus flattens them, you need a trans vaginal scan. You could end up wasting money on an inappropriate procedure. Go back to GP and insist on an urgent gynae referral.

Kerenhappuch Sat 20-Mar-21 13:25:01


A standard abdominal ultrasound will not show polyps, the pressure in the uterus flattens them, you need a trans vaginal scan. You could end up wasting money on an inappropriate procedure. Go back to GP and insist on an urgent gynae referral.

My gynaecologist explained to me the hysteroscopy was photography, not a scan, and more accurate for spotting changes inside the uterus!

JaneJudge Sat 20-Mar-21 13:26:17

I was awake for a hysteroscopy and it's a camera

JaneJudge Sat 20-Mar-21 13:26:44

like a video camera!

Katek Sat 20-Mar-21 13:43:05

Transvaginal scan is an ultrasound procedure
Hysteroscopy is a visual procedure using small camera.
Both methods are used to diagnose polyps, fibroids etc.