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Natural anti-depression remedies

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Yoginimeisje Mon 22-Mar-21 07:37:17

I've been taking St. John's Wort for years, it really does take the edge off depression. I stopped 2 days ago as I think it's these tablets that are giving me terrible indigestion, where I'm taking loads of Rennies every day.

Got up at 5.30am as having depressing thoughts. I'm going through a nightmare house sale/purchase. My purchase was going sooo slow that my buyers pulled out 2 weeks before our moving date of 25 March, I did say I would move out. So back on the market again.

Not happy with my agent as they have me on at a sliding scale, all my viewers are offering at the lower end, so wonder if agent is telling them I need to move quick to keep my purchase that is near completion now. I also need to sell quick as my mortgage term ends on the 1st of May!!

Lost my beloved DD&GC 8yrs ago , due to estrangement. It is a living bereavement. I've managed to push the thoughts away, but without help from St. John's Wort, they are flooding back, also how my beloved doggie died in terrible pain sad.

So question is; does anyone know of a natural anti-depressant please?

Yoginimeisje Mon 22-Mar-21 07:40:14

Also I am suffering from very painful Shingles, due to all this worry.

Anniebach Mon 22-Mar-21 08:01:12

St.John’Wort can cause stomach upsets and if anyone considers taking it, please not with other anti depressants

nanna8 Mon 22-Mar-21 08:10:24

Chocolate for me.

BlueBelle Mon 22-Mar-21 08:33:05

Oh my dear Yogin what a worrying time you are going through I can see how terrible down you must be
St John’s wort is useful for short term not, very severe depression I have used it for very short periods to get me over a hump but I think you need more help than over the counter herbs
Have you had any help like counselling because of your estrangement with your daughter I think this is a long term thing that maybe hasn’t been dealt with and then more just pile in on top Please consider this kind of help and as well please go to your GP things can only be sorted away for so long before it explodes
The move going a bit pear shaped and losing your little dog will just push you further under
Can you take your house off the market and get a different agent if they are not proving helpful... is it imperative you move in these difficult times
If you weren’t moving I would suggest a new little dog to help and to love might be good therapy

Please get professional help

Yoginimeisje Tue 23-Mar-21 06:57:17

Thank you Anniebach I've been taking St.John's Wort for 8yrs, think it's built up in my body. You think it being natural it will be OK. My stomach feels a lot easier today, 2 days without taking it.

BlueBelle Yes I am going through a bad time, on top of all that's happened in the past. Don't want to go to the doctors. I do have another really lovely little dog, but still think of my first one. I have contacted another estate agent but have to give 14 days notice to the first one. I wouldn't move now but for my mortgage term being at an end. As for therapy, I prefer coming on GN for that, with all the advise & similar stories shared.

nanna8 grin

nadateturbe Tue 23-Mar-21 07:20:11

I think you need to speak to a counsellor to talk about your depression and maybe possibly find a way back to your daughter.

Yoginimeisje Tue 23-Mar-21 07:35:21

nadateturbe Don't think I'll every see her again. Hope my GC seek me out when their old enough. She married a gypsy, he cut her off from all her family, was jealous of my close bond with my D&GD that lived with me before he came along. I made the mistake of going to court to see my GC, which of course made it all worse.

MerylStreep Tue 23-Mar-21 07:47:02

I don’t know how much exercise you are able to do, but look up the effects of endorphins and dopamine on the brain gained by exercising.

wildswan16 Tue 23-Mar-21 07:56:18

You've been taking St John's for a long time - so stopping it suddenly will certainly have an effect on your emotions. I do think you should speak to your GP and ask for their advice.

It sounds like you have enough on your hands to make life rather difficult and stressful at the moment. As others have said, getting outside into natural sunshine, enjoying the world around you, will help - but do reach out to a professional as well.

Do you have to sell right now? Could you maybe put it off for a few months then try again. In the meantime just relax and try to find some peace in your life.

Anniebach Tue 23-Mar-21 08:04:40

Yogin your are under too much stress and you do need help.
Please speak to your GP, you do need counselling, think of
counselling as sharing all you are struggling with.

Natural anti depressants can cause upsets, same as the food we eat, some can’t eat wheat etc, the same with natural remedies.

You need help , please ask for it x

Luckygirl Tue 23-Mar-21 08:43:50

I agree that seeking help is the best way to go - you do not have to shoulder all this on your own with depression thrown in. I hoe you get the help you need.

nadateturbe Tue 23-Mar-21 22:05:59

Never is a long time Yogin. Don't give up. But you do need to talk to someone about all you are coping with.

welbeck Wed 24-Mar-21 01:24:00

it is a mistake to think that because something is natural, it cannot be harmful.
hemlock is quite natural, as are many traditional remedies.
they have a potency, otherwise they wouldn't be used.
but it is not recommended to take st johns wort long term.
and it can interact adversely with prescribed medication.
always best to seek your doctor' advice before starting any course of treatment, even the natural ones.

welbeck Wed 24-Mar-21 01:24:55

why don't you give your doctor a ring.
isn't it worth a try.
what have you got to lose.
good luck.

Baggs Wed 24-Mar-21 06:43:36

Natural does not always mean good. Actually it's a misnomer. It may be herbal as in made form a plant but then so is aspirin (active ingredient is salisylic acid from willow bark) and nobody calls that natural.

Please go see your GP and get professional advice.

Esspee Wed 24-Mar-21 07:10:31

The best natural remedy for depression is getting out in the countryside/park/garden preferably on a sunny day and making sure you allow maximum light in when you are at home.
Regular exercise also helps.

Luckygirl Wed 24-Mar-21 07:58:04

The problem is Esspee that people suffering from clinical depression, as opposed to feeling sad, simply cannot do what you are suggesting - they struggle with the effort of doing anything because their body has slowed down in every way. Just getting out of a chair and making a cup of t3ea is like climbing Everest.

I feel that your post smacks of "pull yourself together" - there is no doubt that getting out in the sunshine (if you can find any!) is good for us, but it is very hard to achieve for those who are suffering from depression - which is a killer.

PamelaJ1 Wed 24-Mar-21 09:04:54

I agree with Esspee and add in chatting to people. Difficult at the moment I know.
Are you depressed or ‘just’ unhappy and worried? You seem to have quite a bit to be unhappy and worried about at the moment.

Yoginimeisje Thu 25-Mar-21 07:50:26

MerylStreep I do yoga every day and walk my dog about a mile or more every day. Yes I feel tons better afterwards. Do light weights, hula hoop and skipping too. When I move I'll be nearer to the sea, walking distance, so I'll be there every day for our walkies.

Anniebach After stopping St. John's the last 5 days or so, my stomach problems seem to have almost gone. Just do not want to visit doctors.

Thanks all for your advise & kind words. I suppose I did know I shouldn't keep long term on these natural remedies, but chose to ignore. I was taking 'Kalms night' for 8yrs too. Once I'd got a buyer for my house, I forgot on 2 nights to take them and slept ok, so decided to stop them. When my buyer pulled out I went back on, but have stopped now.

I think with my Daughter doing what she did, I have a heart broken into a thousand pieces and I will never recovery from it. So a doctor couldn't fix it & unless a councillor fully understood estrangement, they couldn't help either.

I've always been very fit & healthy, but when my daughter estranged, without our even having an argument or even a cross word, it floored me. I thought I had a brain tumour, or heart probs. as I was always feeling like I was going to pass out, I lost a lot of weight. But nothing physically wrong with me.

BlueBelle Thu 25-Mar-21 08:10:27

I m glad some of your problems seem to be easing but please don’t judge counselling in a negative manner
You don’t have to be beaten up or suffered a close bereavement or an estrangement to understand all the complex feelings these happenings bring up and sometimes someone outside the problem can be more helpful than you believe Dont discount it

Anniebach Thu 25-Mar-21 08:12:23

Yogin what do you mean by ‘a living bereavement’ ?

You need help and need to speak to a GP , ask for counselling,
you are grieving and need support, to talk through all that led
to the estrangement and how to live with it.

Yoginimeisje Thu 25-Mar-21 08:24:02

QuoteAnniebach Thu 25-Mar-21 08:12:23
Yogin what do you mean by ‘a living bereavement’ ?

Means you are grieving for a loved one that is still alive, crying tears for your child that has died in your life but is still on earth.

Anniebach Thu 25-Mar-21 08:39:27

Yogin yes, I can understand, your child is still alive, living her life. Please accept you need counselling to go forward because you have to go forward.

nadateturbe Fri 26-Mar-21 18:06:16

Yogin please seek counselling. It is very helpful. I speak from personal experience.