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Voltarol or tiger balm for joint pain relief?

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Shinamae Thu 22-Apr-21 17:47:44

Have been suffering from pain in my knees and hips for quite a long time so thought I would try a pain relief gel and I have just bought the Voltarol 2.32% gel but have just read that tiger balm is very good. Any opinions gratefully received

Doodledog Thu 22-Apr-21 17:55:10

I use an ointment called 911 Bee Venom Gel from Amazon. It doesn't contain ibuprofen, so won't contraindicate other medication, has no impact on the liver, and it works.

It smells a bit, and makes me knees glow red when I use it, but it gives more or less instant relief. I use it when I get out of the bath (which is how I can see my red knees), and keep a tube by the bed in case I roll over in the night and it jars my knees.

I think that 911 have other products in the range, so if you decide to get some, make sure that it is the bee venom one.

Baggs Thu 22-Apr-21 17:55:50

I have never heard of Tiger Balm being used for pain before. I use it to stop the itch of tick and midge bites (I get loads of both every year).

annodomini Thu 22-Apr-21 20:04:45

I think you'd find temporary relief from Tiger Balm, but products like Voltarol and Ibuprofen Gel give longer-lasting relief.

JaneJudge Thu 22-Apr-21 20:09:06

I find tiger balm really good for pulls and things

Aveline Thu 22-Apr-21 20:18:10

I've never had a good result from Voltarol. It's disappointing. Tiger Balm is such a wonderful name but I've never thought of using it on joints. The Bee venom stuff sounds scary but great! Will check out both.

LauraNorder Thu 22-Apr-21 20:33:24

I’ve tried all the various gels on my back and hip pain, nothing helps like tiger balm.
I don’t use it every day only when I can’t handle the pain. I don’t take any internal pain relief.

Redhead56 Thu 22-Apr-21 20:49:41

My mum had hip replacement as I did and continual osteoarthritis elsewhere. She was on Voltarol it caused stomach problems I was on highest dose of Ibuprofen tablets and I now have kidney problems because of that medication. I personally try the less invasive Tiger Balm.

MayBee70 Thu 22-Apr-21 20:56:42

I swear by Voltarol gel. But have to be careful where I put it as it’s poisonous to dogs and I don’t want her licking my hand etc. Not that I let her lick me but she curls up on my lap and I fall asleep sometimes. Also if you expose skin to sunlight with it on the skin can burn. Tiger balm only comes in small pots so wouldn’t go very far. Good to know it works on insect bites, though. I’ll try that.

MayBee70 Thu 22-Apr-21 20:58:42

I don’t think topical creams cause the problems that tablets do.

Nanof3 Thu 22-Apr-21 21:12:16

I swear by Polar Frost with very good results. It was given some by a friend about 3 years ago, have used it ever since.
I have since told so many others about it that I ought to be on commission.
It costs around £7 a tube on Amazon and a bit more at Holland and Barratt but they don't always stock it in my local shop.

Shinamae Thu 22-Apr-21 22:01:04

Thank you all for your responses. I will try the Voltarol tonight and let you know how I get on with it then after that I am inclined to try the Polar frost....🥶🥶

dragonfly46 Thu 22-Apr-21 22:09:12

Dermatologist is very good as well.

dragonfly46 Thu 22-Apr-21 22:09:38


Welshwife Thu 22-Apr-21 22:14:20

The doctor warned me not to use Volterol often as it does affect medication even though topical. I asked the pharmacist if he had anything and he suggested Tiger Balm - I find it equally good as Volterol if not better and the smell is so much nicer. It is in a small pot but it lasts me ages despite using it frequently - it is a totally different product and spreads well. I would not revert to the Volterol again. I only use it if I am woken by pain in my hip or knee and being in a small pot I can hold it easily in one hand while applying it with the other.

MayBee70 Thu 22-Apr-21 22:59:43

I will try Tiger balm on my arthritic thumb.

timetogo2016 Fri 23-Apr-21 10:29:23

Red tiger balm is brilliant as is Sainsburys equivalent to Voltoral and the % is higher i think it`s 6%.

muse Fri 23-Apr-21 10:48:21

I have used both. I used to use Voltarol (12 hr one) on my hip before the replacement but changed to Tiger Balm and found it just as effective. I use Tiger Balm every night for the arthritis in my thumbs and MrM uses it for his lower back pain and shoulder. Yes it is a little pot but it lasts far longer than the Voltarol and I've found it more effective, cheaper and safer.

There are lots of occasions when Voltarol orIbuprofen shouldn't be used. Certainly neither of them for more than 14 days unless a doctor says it's OK.

nanna8 Fri 23-Apr-21 10:48:58

I love tiger balm and buy up big when we go to Singapore because it is cheaper there . I guess now the trips will be off the agenda with COvid so I will have to eke out what I have left. Damn virus, affects eveything.

Shinamae Fri 23-Apr-21 11:39:23


Thank you all for your responses. I will try the Voltarol tonight and let you know how I get on with it then after that I am inclined to try the Polar frost....🥶🥶

And definitely tiger balm now as well....🤓

minxie Sun 25-Apr-21 10:35:32

Muscle flex which is just a miracle in a tube

Missingmoominmama Sun 25-Apr-21 10:44:35

My Dr prescribed Naproxen, with Omeprazole to protect my stomach. I’ve put on over a stone and have sores around my mouth. The extra weight puts pressure on my arthritic joints confused.

I’ll be trying the Tiger Balm!

Smg1950 Sun 25-Apr-21 10:46:28

We use Olbas Oil really helps rubbed well in

aquafish Sun 25-Apr-21 10:48:36

I’m another hip sufferer who resorted to the higher strength Voltarol gel recently out of sheer desperation & the desire to get active. I have to admit it seems a lot more comfortable now and Im impressed, though it does say not to use for more than 7 days. Time to switch to Tiger Balm I think! Thanks for the advice folks!

Scullion52 Sun 25-Apr-21 10:48:55

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