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Carpal tunnel

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ExD Sun 25-Apr-21 15:48:52

I had surgery for release of carpal tunnel syndrome on Wednesday, 5 days ago. Tbe surgeon was annoyed with me for leaving it too long (After 3 postponements during lockdowns) and muttered and grumbled all the way through. I found it very painful.
Afterwards I had bruising all the way up my arm.
I was told to get a woind check appointment at my gp's on Monday but wben I phoned I was told no appointments were acavialabe and if it was an emergency to go to the UTC at the hospital.
Well its not an emergency,, well I'm not sure.
I am still on consixerabls pain.
My hand is still swollen and I can hardly use it, even to use this touch screen, but the wound looks clean and not infected (to me).

If my GP nurses cannot see me next week and the surgery is not taking appointments food the week after - who can I ask to find out if this level of pain is normal? (My discharge said to make a wound appointme t on Momday and a practise nurse appointment for stitches removal in 2 weeks.)
I cannot sleep and paracetamol doesn't touch the pain.

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timetogo2016 Sun 25-Apr-21 15:52:45

I would go back to the hospital tbh.
They can give you painkillers i`m sure.

Charleygirl5 Sun 25-Apr-21 16:04:45

The pain should be subsiding and not increasing. Try and keep it elevated, that will help with pain as well as swelling. Also, exercise the arm by bending and straightening it.

Try not to let the stitches be in longer than 2 weeks- it becomes more painful to remove them. You may have to insist you get an appointment- does the receptionist realise you have had surgery?

ExD Sun 25-Apr-21 17:40:02

Oh yes she knew.
I am more inclined to go back to the nice nurses at the Day Ward than I am to go to the Urgent Treatment Centre, as I'm not urgent. I am just amazed that the GP surgery is so unhelpful.
She did explain they had one nurse off long term sick and another on maternity leave but you'd think they'd have got cover for her. She was adamant there was no way I could be seen.
I have no notion of how painful it usually is, my DH had it some years ago and he says he was pain free in 3/4 days apart from the wound. My wound hardly hurts at all.

B9exchange Sun 25-Apr-21 17:47:18

My suggestion would be to ring the ward where you had it done, and ask for their advice on pain levels etc. If they feel you need to be seen, then can then call you in. Tell them about your GP refusing to give you an appointment.

You can always go over the receptionist's head and ask to speak to the practice manager of course, but if they really are that short staffed and the practice manager has failed to get locum cover, then s/he needs to explain to you how your treatment is to be continued. If you have a named doctor, you could always write to them as well.

threexnanny Sun 25-Apr-21 18:49:59

That does not sound normal at all. Your husband is right the pain should be minimal after a couple of days. Speak to the hospital.