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It is what it is....My new mantra!

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merlotgran Sat 29-May-21 12:14:59

Taken over from, 'This too shall pass.' I do love a good mantra grin

As some of you may already know (from the Sunday, Bloody Sunday thread,) I have recently been admitted to hospital with what I thought was a chest infection but turned out to be heart failure caused by a moderate/severe leaky valve. Not having needed the services of a GP for ten years it came as a bit of a surprise!!

With a heart rate of 136 bpm for over a week which refused to respond to medication I was told I needed a cardioversion procedure to get it back to normal.

Anyone hearing their heart treatment containing the words electric and shock can be forgiven a few tears but mine were caused by my phone pinging at that moment telling me my house sale had just fallen through!!

However.....I had nothing to fear, my heart rate is back to normal, I'm now back home with DD spoiling me rotten and there's another viewing booked for next Tuesday.

Ho Hum!

Thanks to those who posted kind messages of support and pms. They were very much appreciated.

Lucca Sat 29-May-21 12:17:23

So far so good. All the best Merlot!

B9exchange Sat 29-May-21 12:18:18

I am so glad you have recovered. House sales seem to be going crazy at the moment, I am sute yiu will sell yours very quickly.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 29-May-21 12:24:21

merlotgran it never rains it just pours I hope your recovery continues and that you find a buyer for your house soon.

(Houses here in the S E are selling PDQ)

EllanVannin Sat 29-May-21 12:31:13

For whatever reason, my last cardioversion was via a canula rather than the " shock " treatment, to get the heartbeat back into sync.
Heart failure isn't the death sentence that it used to be as so much can be done to contain and prolong the condition. Mine was diagnosed in 2006 and I'm turned 80----just one or two blips in between but I'm still here grin

Any kind of an emotional trauma can increase the condition but with the right treatment it is usually only temporary. Anxiety plays a large part in creating an "episode" though to those who are unaccustomed it can be scary.

Glad that you are now home and " sitting back " so it sounds.

Aveline Sat 29-May-21 12:36:15

Oh Merlotgran what an onslaught! Enjoy some R&R and let your family spoil you.

adaunas Sat 29-May-21 13:07:26

Merlotgran, what a time you have had. Glad you seem to have recovered and I hope your house sale gets sorted soon.

adaunas Sat 29-May-21 13:09:01

I forgot to say, I like your new mantra. It would ease stress if I can remember to say it.

SueDonim Sat 29-May-21 13:19:12

Oh my! I’d missed all this, Merlot. I am sorry you’ve been unwell but v glad they’ve sorted you out. A friend had similar about five years ago - bizarrely came on while she was on a short bus trip - but she’s not had a reoccurrence since then. 🤞 It’s the same for you.

3dognight Sat 29-May-21 13:19:40

Glad things are settling down for you, sorry about the house sale falling through, however I’m sure someone will snap it up in a flash- houses are going like hot cakes here.

grannyqueenie Sat 29-May-21 14:39:44

merlot so glad to see you’ve come through this episode, still with your customary pragmatism and sense of humour. Good
luck with the house sale malarkey, that would induce an increased heart rate for the best of us! x

cornergran Sat 29-May-21 14:49:12

Good news merlot. Here’s hoping for a positive house sale. .

Baggs Sat 29-May-21 14:50:29


Callistemon Sat 29-May-21 15:03:32

merlotgran I missed this and am sorry to hear you have been unwell. BIL had a similar procedure recently and says he feels better than he's felt for ages.
Take care and hope the house viewing goes well.

Jane43 Sat 29-May-21 15:06:44

That sounds very scary. My DH has had a few episodes of a heart rate approaching 200 over the past couple of years. We were both very scared at the time. We went to A and E and they brought the rate down by giving him a Beta Blocker which he is on permanently now as the episodes got more frequent. What a shame your house sale has fallen through but the market is very good at the moment, DiL has worked for various Estate Agents for over 30 years and has never known anything like it

Redhead56 Sat 29-May-21 15:08:49

Hope you are feeling much better 💐

kittylester Sat 29-May-21 17:17:14

Flipping heck Merlot. Love your Mantra!!

MerylStreep Sat 29-May-21 17:22:48

That’s been my mantra for years 😄 I say it so often that the family often say it is what it is as mum would say

Greeneyedgirl Sat 29-May-21 17:35:58

Missed that you had been ill but glad procedure went well and that you are now home and being spoilt by DD. Hope house soon sells and all goes well from now on. Great mantra btw and so true 😄.

sodapop Sat 29-May-21 17:39:20

Glad to hear you are home and well Merlotgran good luck with the house sale.

hulahoop Sat 29-May-21 17:42:58

Sorry to hear you have been unwell ,I hope your house sells soon.

Grandmafrench Sat 29-May-21 17:48:35

"It is what it is.....'til it ain't, anymore"
(Kacey Musgraves' pretty song.)
So pleased you're on the mend, merlot 🥂🙋‍♀️
Never let a house sale wind you up - just go with the flow and remember your mantra - because next time will probably be very soon and better!

Nannagarra Sat 29-May-21 18:48:33

I clearly hadn’t read the whole thread so I didn’t know you were unwell and admitted to hospital merlotgran. So pleased you’re okay now. 👏 your mantra and🤞for your house sale.

Harris27 Sat 29-May-21 18:53:57

Hope your feeling better and getting thouroughly spoilt!

BlueSky Sat 29-May-21 18:58:50

Missed you have been in hospital Merlot glad you are on the mend. “It is what it is” is my mantra too. All the best x flowers