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Continuing Health Care funding

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Granniesunite Tue 03-Aug-21 11:33:57

I too remember your difficult days nursing your very ill husband. It was a battle and I’m so pleased that now you are being recompensed and in a sense vindicated.

It’s heinous though that you has to go through such awful times to get help for a very ill man who was not going to get any better.

My husband has Alzheimer’s and I know that I have the same battle ahead of me. As his illness is never going to improve I ask myself Why does this need to happen. The days and nights are bad enough looking after our ill spouses without all the added and unnecessary worry of their future.

SusieB50 Tue 03-Aug-21 11:18:18

So glad that you were successful Luckygirl ,my dear friend is going through this at the moment . Her mother has had severe dementia for over 20 years . but also at 97 other health conditions have been identified . She was moved from hospital to a nursing home this week and has been funded for 3 months as an “end of life care package” If she survives longer then she has to apply for continuing care from the CCG. She managed to keep her at home with carers and her going in daily and now has awful guilt that her mother is not ending her days at home , I just hope she slips away peacefully before the 3 months comes to an end .

Siropgudd Tue 03-Aug-21 10:57:04

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silverlining48 Wed 02-Jun-21 12:04:13

Kitty I know how hard it is to get continuing care and wasn’t expecting my mum would get it. Mum was was sectioned once and moved to a closed psychiatric unit fir 3 months before transferring to nursing care in a home.
She was always fully funded and it was my understanding that those who came under the mental health act (sec 117, 1983?) have care costs covered. She was reviewed every now and again and had continuing care until she died.
It all seems so hit and miss, and I know how lucky she was. Is it worth appealing I wonder.
Lucky well done, am so pleased for you that you were successful.

Auntieflo Wed 02-Jun-21 11:41:46

Oh Luckygirl, what an outcome for you. Very late I know, but to know you were right all along is maybe a tiny salve.

I am another who remembers your struggle and could not be more pleased for you, by the outcome.

Be happy in your new home. Best wishes to you.

kittylester Wed 02-Jun-21 11:35:45

Well done lucky, I too remember your distress at the time. And, to give it to your daughters is a brilliant thing to do. Feel proud!

Hope you are ok too?

We fought for mum to be fully funded but got nowhere as dementia doesn't count -:as we all know! Except, our next door neighbour's mum has dementia and is fully funded. The difference - her mum was sectioned twice - our mum only the once!

It is an appalling way to carry on.

JaneJudge Wed 02-Jun-21 11:35:18

Thanks Luckygirl, that is very kind of you flowers

Luckygirl Wed 02-Jun-21 11:29:52

Incidentally if anyone thinks of appealing, the panel were all independent of the local CCG and they did not grill me at all; they simply asked for clarification of some points.

Luckygirl Wed 02-Jun-21 11:27:34

Thank you all.

Jane - if there is any advice I can give following my experiences I am happy for you to pm me.

Worth ringing Beacon as they give free legal advice on this - I had 3 calls with them and it was very helpful.

Aveline Wed 02-Jun-21 10:48:23

I'm so glad you fought and won Luckygirl. I well remember the trials and tribulations you went through during your DH's last sad months. You deserve this refund. I only wish that JaneJudge could be in the same position as you now. (Note I'm not saying 'as lucky' as you as I didn't want to imply that luck had any part in it. It was your right.)

Jaxjacky Wed 02-Jun-21 10:47:08

Luckygirl you’re perseverance is admirable and the right, but very late, decision made. Don’t feel even a vague pang of guilt, indulge your DD’s, the money is available for a reason, they just make it tortuous to obtain, I’ve been through it.
JaneJudge it wrings you out applying, interviews and accusations, the people administering it have no empathy or feeling.
You both and anyone in a similar situation deserve medals, 💐will have to do. J x

JaneJudge Wed 02-Jun-21 09:58:50

Take the money and give it to your daughters. We have also been through the process for our daughter, we were told she qualified, hours and hours of meetings. Then they decided health and social care would split the cost and then it was withdrawn altogether, not a single penny spent. The whole process was awful and my dd was not dying, which would have made it whole lot worse. So I can only imagine how you feel flowers

I don't know why it exists if it's never given. My husband has just been through the process again with his Mother and again, it is quite clear she qualifies for health funding but they have again said no after hours and hours of meetings.

Luckygirl Wed 02-Jun-21 09:53:10

As some of you will know, my OH was very ill during the year before he died in February last year. And I posted about applying for Continuing Health Care funding for his care, which was complex and very difficult. CHC funding means that the Health Authority take responsibility for paying for his care.

He underwent 2 assessments, both of which were very traumatic to me, as the assessors were not pleasant, and, I could see, determined that he did not qualify.

I launched an appeal, as my past professional history meant that I knew for sure the decisions were wrong. Yesterday the appeal was heard via Teams and they have agreed that he did qualify and will be refunding me the money that I had to spend on his care. It was the whole of his savings.

As I had not budgeted for this money, I plan to share it between our DDs - I know this is what he would have wanted.
A part of me feels that I do not need it and it should be spent on treatment for other patients, but I also feel that I was put through months of misery and anxiety - looking after a very sick man and fighting for the proper help; not knowing how I was going to pay for it and having to look at remortgaging etc. etc. It was a truly dreadful time and need not have been. If the right decision had been made to start with I could have concentrated on caring for him rather than being beset by huge financial worries and concern that I might not be able to finance his care.

It is an iniquitous system - the majority of people in nursing homes qualify for it but do not get it. This is partly through ignorance of the system (or even awareness that this funding exists) and partly because it is improperly administered.

I had an assessor virtually tell me I was lying during this process.....I really did not need that!

Hopefully I can put the whole miserable process to bed now.