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Couch to 5K I need encouragement!

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Bluefox Mon 26-Jul-21 19:21:10

I’m 58, 4 stone at least overweight ? and I haven’t done any exercise in yonks. Really I’m in pretty poor shape. I know I have to take myself in hand and I started this today but I found it so difficult and had to fast walk quite a lot of it.
Have any of you been where I am today and gone on to be able to run 5K in 30 minutes?
Please give me some hope I can do this.

DerDer Mon 26-Jul-21 19:27:44

Walking slowly is a brilliant start, Bluefox. Be kind to yourself and take it very slowly. You've made the decision to do something positive so that's the first hurdle over with, well done x

Jaxjacky Mon 26-Jul-21 20:07:02

Take it slowly, if you need to, do each day in two parts to start off, best of luck ??

Kandinsky Mon 26-Jul-21 20:15:33

I’m pretty fit and do a 5k run in around 36 minutes.
30 minutes is extremely ambitious.

Bluefox Tue 27-Jul-21 10:04:11

Thanks all,
I didn’t know that 5K in 30 minutes was potentially rather a stretch Kandinsky. I’ve changed my goal to being able to ‘run’ for 30 minutes. ☺️

nanna8 Tue 27-Jul-21 10:05:57

5k in 30 minutes? You’ve been watching the Olympics,haven’t you ?

Chardy Tue 27-Jul-21 10:21:58

Hi BlueFox. When I retired a couple if years ago in a similar state of disrepair, I got a dog and a Fitbit. Good luck x

Kate54 Tue 27-Jul-21 10:23:57

No, but if it’s still available in your area, a GP referral to a local gym is a great way to proceed, I did it a few years ago and lost a bit of weight but mainly it was about regaining tone and fitness. The membership is free for the duration of the course and you get a personalised service from one of the trainers plus access to classes (including a weekly diet and exercise one at our sports centre) . Membership thereafter is at a reduced rate. I’ve let things slip since (of course!) and I’m not sure the scheme still runs here but it was very good while it lasted.

V3ra Tue 27-Jul-21 10:32:07

Bluefox our GP will refer overweight people for a free twelve weeks membership at Slimming World.
My husband has his first meeting this evening!

Galaxy Tue 27-Jul-21 11:53:59

I did couch to 5k at age 49. The 30 mins isnt really saying you will do 5k, its saying if you can run for 30 mins you can do 5k. My 5k takes about 40 mins. It's an excellent programme and I loved it, I have put on weight lately and still run but running is harder and slower when you are heavier. I would have a chat with your GP and then do it. I was the least likely runner and now I love it.

Galaxy Tue 27-Jul-21 11:55:54

Oh and dont compare your speeds to others speeds. She says trying not to be envious of kandinsky's timings.

Forestflame Wed 11-Aug-21 13:29:47

Im with Galaxy here. I am an older runner (56 when I started). I joined our local couch to 5k support group which was a big help. Did Parkrun every week until COVID (just started back now). All I would say is, get some good running shoes to give you support, and remember that the finish line not the finish time that is important ( takes me about 41 mins to run 5k). Parkrun is also great. It's for all levels of runner/jogger/walker.

Enid101 Mon 04-Oct-21 10:13:15

Bluefox did you go ahead with the running? I’ve just signed up for My local couch to 5k programme and need some encouragement!

jeanie99 Tue 05-Oct-21 04:10:02

Bluefox, I'm supporting you totally on loosing the weight but don't try and live your life to other peoples standards. And I would say that running plays havoc with joints, the last thing you want is problems in that area.
I personally if I were you would stick with the walking until your weight is down.
I've been active all my life but 4 years ago when I realised my balance wasn't too good I started a couple of classes at our sports centre Yoga and Pilates, I already did weights in the gym. Because the instructors didn't come round checking you were doing the movements correctly I actually damaged my neck. What the GP said was a classic neck injury.
I have still today damaged nerves in my neck, so I am just saying because you are not used to exercising be very careful and take it slowly.
The best of luck though and try and keep motivated.