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FarawayGran Tue 10-Aug-21 22:42:07

Has anyone known someone who has used Dignitas? Or who is considering using them?
I have a terminal illness, I don't know how long I have left and I am terrified of being alive, in pain for any length of time.
I am seriously considering Dignitas.
Your views will be appreciated

crazyH Tue 10-Aug-21 22:52:34

So sorry Farawaygran. You don’t really have to be in pain. I believe, end of life care has improved a great deal. I can’t help or advise you, but am sending you 💐 for your bravery,

Esspee Tue 10-Aug-21 22:53:49

I have huge respect for anybody who decides to take control of the end of their life so they can die with dignity.
I hope you get the support of your family FarawayGran and that it will be a very long time before you get to the stage where you feel you have had enough. 💐

DillytheGardener Tue 10-Aug-21 23:00:14

I don’t have any advice to give, but didn’t want to scroll past without saying anything. I’m sorry that this is happening to you and I will be keeping you in my thoughts. I hope that you will have plenty more time on this Earth to spend with your friends and family flowers

Lisagran Tue 10-Aug-21 23:06:15

That’s sad, FarawayGran. Can you talk with your doctor / consultant / Hospice nurse? I’m sure they would reassure you that you would not be in pain. Do you live alone or do you have family?

B9exchange Tue 10-Aug-21 23:09:14

No, I only heard of one person using it locally. It should be an utterly last resort, please make contact with your local hospice who will be brilliant at talking you through all options, and can provide free counselling for you and for your family. You are not alone.

Nancy0 Tue 10-Aug-21 23:09:28

My thoughts are with you Farawaygran.... I can only hope that you have lots of time with those close to you.

sharon103 Tue 10-Aug-21 23:26:18

I'm so sorry Farawaygran.
I too have great respect for you.
I agree with the above advice to have a talk with medical professionals.
Have you spoken to your family about this?
Sending a hug and flowers

CafeAuLait Tue 10-Aug-21 23:26:22

I'm sorry you are in this position. I hope you have a lot more time left. I wonder if there is a hospice doctor or someone you can talk to to find out what they can do for you later on? Knowing what to expect and what your options are might help you feel less fearful of the future.

maddyone Tue 10-Aug-21 23:34:49

I can’t help as I don’t know anyone who has used Dignitas, but I’m so sorry to hear about your illness. Others have given good advice about talking to your medical professionals and your local hospice.
Sending loving thoughts to you flowers

FarNorth Tue 10-Aug-21 23:54:21

I think you are being realistic, farawaygran, that palliative care might not keep you pain free.
Have you contacted Dignitas for information?

silverlining48 Wed 11-Aug-21 07:39:05

It’s my understanding that Dignitas does not have its own premises but uses empty flats and have to move frequently due to complaints from Neighbours,
There doesn’t seem to be much dignity in that.
However I do support the right to choose for ourselves. Just wish we didn’t have to travel abroad to do it,
My best wishes and please talk to someone involved in your treatment as well as family and friends and try not to worry,

Polarbear2 Wed 11-Aug-21 07:42:06

Good luck. I hope you get what you need to help you through. It’s certainly something I’d consider in some circumstances. We should be able to choose how we leave this life.

Eviebeanz Wed 11-Aug-21 07:53:37

I am sorry to hear of your illness.
I have thought that it is something I would consider. A close relative of mine is unwell and it occurred to me that dignitas would be my preferred option. It is not something that is openly discussed for obvious reasons but I do fear the idea of being in pain and being unable to do anything about it.

silverlining48 Wed 11-Aug-21 07:59:52

The trouble with dignitas is you have to decide earlier than necessary because you have to be well enough to make the journey and that often means while you are still physically able,

sodapop Wed 11-Aug-21 08:24:52


The trouble with dignitas is you have to decide earlier than necessary because you have to be well enough to make the journey and that often means while you are still physically able,

I'm sorry you are in this situation FarawayGran I think Silvetlining is right so I agree with other posters you should look at your options before taking this drastic step. I can understand you feeling scared but I'm sure hospice staff would be able to allay those fears. Have you talked to your family about all this.

MawBe Wed 11-Aug-21 09:43:37

My sincere sympathies too Faraway Gran. I wish I could offer help or useful advice, but you have clearly given this much thought.
It doesn’t have to be an “either/or” though does it? (Extended pain/Dignitas) Macmillan Nurses or other Cancer nurses, Palliative Care nurses or consultants too should be able to perhaps allay your fears and reassure you.
Our local hospice offers counselling, “outpatients” appointments, pain management and support for families amongst other things - or at least they did before Covid.
I wonder if a conversation with someone from a hospice would give you reassurance and down to earth guidance.
Dignitas are expensive as I understand and I also believe you would need someone to accompany you.
It is a brave decision for those who take it, but whether nor not it is the right decision is down to each individual.
Do please try to talk this over dispassionately with someone who knows what they are talking about and whom you trust.

BlueSky Wed 11-Aug-21 09:55:52

FarawayGran MawBe said it all, nothing I can add, just thinking of you x flowers

tippytipsy Wed 11-Aug-21 09:56:31

It is good for everyone to consider how to achieve a good death when the time approaches if that makes sense. I'm afraid I don't know anyone who has gone to Dignitas either.

If pain is your worst fear then a conversation with the hospice is probably your first step.

timetogo2016 Wed 11-Aug-21 10:03:46

I can`t add anthing that hasn`t already been written.
I can though send my love and respect to you FarawayGran.

henetha Wed 11-Aug-21 10:08:19

So sorry, FarawayGran, for your sad dilemma. I believe we have the right to choose how and when we die. Nevertheless, I hope you can be reassured by your doctors or the local hospice that you will not die alone and in pain.
I don't know anyone who has chosen Dignitas so I can't help you further except to send my heartfelt good wishes.

Sparklefizz Wed 11-Aug-21 10:16:50

So sorry FarawayGran to read your post. I can't offer anything more than has been written, but didn't want to scroll past without sending my love and honouring your bravery. My heart goes out to you. flowers

Redhead56 Wed 11-Aug-21 10:52:20

Our Auntie was terminally ill and was seriously considering Dignitas but changed her mind. She made it very clear in the nursing home she wanted as much medical intervention as possible. She was not afraid and accepted the help and went very peacefully as did my MIL her sister when she was terminally ill.
My heart goes out to you with great respect FarawayGran 💐

Zoejory Wed 11-Aug-21 10:59:50

In a few states in USA, assisted dying is legal. The Louis Theroux documentary , Altered States, showed us Gus Thomasson who had chosen to end his life, peacefully at home, surrounded by loving family.

The episode, Choosing Death, saw Theroux visit California, one of the seven states in which it’s legal for doctors to prescribe life-ending medication to terminally ill patients. There he met people like Gus Thomasson, a retired respiratory therapist with stage four pancreatic cancer.

Good luck, FarawayGran. We really need to be more empathetic and allow people the right to die the way they choose.

Caleo Wed 11-Aug-21 11:06:27

The last time I checked Dignitas costs £9,000. It is a scandal that poorer people are denied this end of life facility, in the UK!''

I wish you all the best for your end of life. If and when you go to Switzerland, even if you make the short journey alone, you can be sure there are many many people with you in spirit, and when you arrive you will be taken care of by people who are accustomed to taking care.