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Bowel Screening been suspended?

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BridgetPark Wed 22-Sep-21 17:01:55

I am curious as to why I haven't received a test for the bowel screening that was introduced a few years ago. I have read somewhere that it is being quietly dropped, does anyone know if this is correct? If so, how disappointing of the government to halt this screening, when it was originally heralded as a ground breaking approach to catch early cases of bowel cancer. There is bowel cancer in my family, so I was pleased that the screening gave me some assurances. If anyone has any information on this i would appreciate it.

Shinamae Wed 22-Sep-21 22:16:38


I had one a few weeks ago, so I don’t think it has been suspended.

Me too

jeanie99 Tue 05-Oct-21 03:45:59

There is an upper age limit, thought it was 70 or 75. I am older than this but because there is bowel cancer in my family I have a test every two years. I've also been part of a trial.
Had to have colonoscopies a couple of times also which showed polyps. So am very happy to still be supported, thank goodness for the NHS,

BlueBelle Tue 05-Oct-21 04:01:06

I think it finishes at 74 I haven’t had one sent for a few years the there is definitely an upper age limit as there is for breast screening and cervical cancer screening

highlanddreams Tue 05-Oct-21 08:35:27

still getting mine in Scotland, but not had the breast screen appointment that I was due again this year though, it's normally in June for me

love0c Tue 05-Oct-21 08:37:38

I received one some months ago. I sincerely hope it is not being dropped. I think we need more screening. A simple blood test can show up cancers years before they take hold.

honeyrose Tue 05-Oct-21 08:55:24

I received my test kit about a month ago - later than expected probably delayed by the pandemic. One sample needed instead of three samples now, so easier to do. There is an upper age limit, so do check this.

nannyof4 Wed 06-Oct-21 21:58:56

I am 74 and just had mine and results were good.

Greyduster Wed 06-Oct-21 22:02:43

I just had a letter advising me that a kit is on its way (oh joy!). At a smidgeon off 75 I expect this is the last one I shall get.

EkwaNimitee Wed 06-Oct-21 22:06:38

You can still ask for one even if over 75. I did at 77 last year as my Dad had bowel cancer (successfully treated).

Lins1066 Wed 06-Oct-21 22:16:50

I had my my kit last week, sent it back the following day, received a letter yesterday to say that all was good. DH's kit arrived today. Excellent service from the Welsh NHS. As others have said, the new test kit is much easier to do.

Jane43 Thu 07-Oct-21 11:57:23

I don’t know your age but it does stop when you are 75. You can request screening though if you wish.

Jane43 Thu 07-Oct-21 11:58:52

Sorry to the OP who gave the information I gave in the post above, I didn’t read Page 2.