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Bruises that leave a small area of discolouration

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MaggieTulliver Fri 01-Oct-21 18:27:07

I’ve found I bruise much more easily as I’m getting older - all it takes is for a fly to land on me! I’ve had several blood tests and nothing seems to be wrong. I’m finding now too that sometimes I’m left with a small area of light discolouration from a bruise (much smaller than the original bruise) that doesn’t go away completely and am wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I’m sure it’s just down to ageing skin unfortunately....

crazyH Fri 01-Oct-21 18:40:50

Yes, I too bruise easily and very often, cannot recall when or where I bumped myself. You’re not alone ?

MaggieTulliver Fri 01-Oct-21 19:16:28

Thanks crazyH! Do your bruises take a long time to heal and are you left with slight discolouration sometime?

foxie48 Fri 01-Oct-21 19:27:06

I think it can be hard coming to terms with ageing. I used to have lovely skin, thick hair and I was STRONG. Now in my 70's, I look at my skin and it's wrinkled and marked, my hair has thinned and I am no longer STRONG. But, I am still here whereas so many of my friends are not. As we age our skin gets thinner, we bruise easily and we mark, honestly it's nothing to worry about unless you are much younger and have other symptoms. I find a good concealer works wonders, it even covers some of my varicose veins!

MaggieTulliver Fri 01-Oct-21 19:33:09

smile foxie48

BlueBelle Fri 01-Oct-21 20:23:11

I m the exact opposite I can bash myself so hard but never get a mark I ve always been like this (perhaps I m just thick skinned) Funny how different we all are isn’t it

NotTooOld Fri 01-Oct-21 22:30:22

My bruises hardly ever completely disappear now. I'm sure it's down to age.

Sarnia Sat 02-Oct-21 10:15:29

If you are on blood thinners an unexplained bruise needs looking at.