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Flu and covid

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Whitewavemark2 Tue 05-Oct-21 12:59:35

Anyone had either of these yet?

Just like petrol these are in short supply in the South.

Not had either yet.

Grannybags Tue 05-Oct-21 16:48:04

We've had flu jabs here (Bristol area)

Have been told we will be called for booster when the 6 months is up. We both had AZ but booster will be Pfizer

grannyrebel7 Tue 05-Oct-21 16:49:41

I had my last Covid jab 7 months ago, but not heard anything about the booster yet. Got flu jab booked for 13th Nov at the drive through centre.

MayBee70 Tue 05-Oct-21 18:33:40

Didn’t get our usual email from Boots about our flu jab and the surgery had had one clinic that we’d missed. There doesn’t seem to be another one planned. I did go online and get us an appointment at Boots though so we had a flu jab last week.

MayBee70 Tue 05-Oct-21 18:37:31

The surgery website gives no details about how and when people will be offered their covid booster. Surprising given that some people will be due for their booster now. Their website is rubbish.

Allsorts Tue 05-Oct-21 18:47:09

I and everyone I know has had both together.

Iam64 Tue 05-Oct-21 18:51:12

Flu jab Saturday. Ive felt tired and bit of a sore throat, which I’m treating as Positive ?
My surgery has Covid boosters tomorrow. I’m one day too soon to have mine. The next clinic is a week tomorrow but I’ll be away. I’m impressed by the way our practice has managed this awful period in our lives

Georgesgran Tue 05-Oct-21 18:59:48

I had ‘flu and Covid jabs together but one in each arm. No real after effects at all.

Forsythia Tue 05-Oct-21 18:59:57

No mention of either at our GP centre, South London, vague promises of in a few weeks so we had our flu jabs two weeks ago at our local chemist. Boots and Lloyds are also offering them. No sign of COVID booster jab yet.

Kalu Tue 05-Oct-21 19:40:41

Received a text today to tell me a letter will be sent to inform me of an appointment for my flu vaccination. Too soon for a booster. NHS Scotland

Dustyhen2010 Tue 05-Oct-21 22:14:51


Received a text today to tell me a letter will be sent to inform me of an appointment for my flu vaccination. Too soon for a booster. NHS Scotland

This is interesting as I am also in Scotland and have heard zero about flu jags from GP/NHS. I usually get one but as the surgery have no idea what is to happen I have paid to get a private one with Boots (they are not able to give any free even if you are entitled at the moment). The only info from the GP is that only over 80's and housebound will get their covid booster from them but no mention of any other groups or flu vaccine. The organisation is hopeless and I am not blaming the GP here but further up the chain. I am not due my booster until late November so am not too concerned about that at present but it would be nice to know what the plans are.

Ashcombe Tue 05-Oct-21 22:23:38

Here in Torbay they've used the Conference Centre for flu vaccinations where the Covid ones were administered earlier in the year. I had mine last Saturday and, as before, it was well organised with individual appointments and no queuing.

Our Covid boosters will be offered six months after second vaccinations so I expect to have mine in late October.

25Avalon Tue 05-Oct-21 22:27:29

Our surgery has a message on its website that all the local GP’s have got together and decided not to do Covid booster vaccinations. You can go to a mass centre or pharmacy. Nothing about being notified just not to ring the surgery. Our booster jab isn’t due until November so will have to keep an eye. They are doing flu jabs but seems to be special Saturday morning clinics.

Grammaretto Tue 05-Oct-21 22:37:11

I got a letter last week inviting me for both the flu and the covid booster this Saturday.
I did think it a waste of paper and postage and wish we were a bit more streamlined here in Scotland but I am grateful. I don't have to go far either just a walk to the GP's surgery.
My appointment is for 15.32 hrs precisely.

Aldom Tue 05-Oct-21 22:55:39

My Covid Booster is booked for this coming Friday. Being done at a local pharmacy.

sazz1 Wed 06-Oct-21 10:42:18

Had flu jab last month. No reaction at all.
Had both covid jabs. Bad reaction both times so will refuse the booster

Helen657 Wed 06-Oct-21 10:42:59

I had my 3rd primary covid jab on Friday last week (i’m immunosuppressed) and was told I should go for my booster around 1st April next year. Not heard about my flu jab yet, so debating whether to book with a pharmacy? I’m not sure I’d have wanted both jabs at once - it’s bad enough having one arm too sore to sleep on!

chrissie13 Wed 06-Oct-21 10:46:16

My husband and I both had our flu jabs on Saturday, he also had his covid booster in the other arm, but I have an appointment for the the end of the month for my booster as it is too early for it yet. Neither of us had any side effects.

Ampersand Wed 06-Oct-21 10:47:12

I made my own appointment directly with Boots for the flu jab and had this on 16 Sep -no issues
Then I received a text from surgery that on 02 Oct it would be 180 days from my second vaccination so I was eligible to book - did straightaway and booked for 02 Oct and once again no issues. Today I received a text from Guys & St Thomas' NHS Trust confirming I can now book the booster as it's been 180 days. Not really surprised to receive both as was advised by the Dr who administered the booster that there is a delay/lag with information being downloaded. She had received her booster 3 weeks earlier and yet her vaccine status had not been updated in her app -my booster does not appear in my app yet -however they added added a sticker to the back of my original vaccine card with booster details. I feel very lucky as 71 and friends in other London boroughs/trusts who are 80 & 89 have not been invited for flu or booster vaccines

sandwichgeneration Wed 06-Oct-21 10:48:59

Not in my part of South London. Just like petrol - in short supply.

NotANana Wed 06-Oct-21 10:49:06

Booked flu jab at branch of Boots…free parking right outside the door and booked to suit me.
I’m not due the COVID booster fro a few more weeks yet.

Greciangirl Wed 06-Oct-21 10:51:42

I’m wondering, do you automatically get called up for the covid vaccination booster jab or do you have to book it.

I am six months now since last one and waiting for a call or text.

Ailidh Wed 06-Oct-21 10:52:02

Had my flu jab at the chemist yesterday. Feeling moderately crp today, a good excuse to stay at home and eat biscuits.

Not heard about Covid 3 yet but 29th of the month would be 6 months, so not expecting it quite yet.

nipsmum Wed 06-Oct-21 10:55:04

As an 80 year old in Scotland I've had both Covid Vaccines but as yet no flu vac and no Covid booster. My 50 year old daughter has had both Covid and Flu vaccines.

GrammarGrandma Wed 06-Oct-21 10:56:15

We're both having both on Saturday.

libra10 Wed 06-Oct-21 10:56:28

We have had the first two Covid jabs, a flu jab, and booked in for our third Covid jab this Sunday.

Regarding the third jab, we had a text from NHS app, but decided to have it done at the local health centre. We phoned and the appointments were made.