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Flu and covid

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Whitewavemark2 Tue 05-Oct-21 12:59:35

Anyone had either of these yet?

Just like petrol these are in short supply in the South.

Not had either yet.

Janetashbolt Wed 06-Oct-21 10:56:50

both, flu 3 weeks ago at chemist, no reactions as usual, booster last wednesday, had same bad reaction as with my 2nd covid (headache and body pains for 3 days) but beats dying so put up with it

grandmaz Wed 06-Oct-21 11:05:57

My original flu jab date was deferred due to the supply issues…was due to have it yesterday but in the meantime a nasty cold/virus/asthma flare has necessitated a course of antibiotics and oral steroid tablets. Was told by the doctor on the 111 line on Friday that both my flu and Covid booster would have to be deferred now for up to 3 months ? as the steroid tablets mess up ones immune response to vaccines. I’m gutted as was due my Covid booster in two weeks following the flu jab. If this doctor is correct, I’ll be having to do what many did last year and stay at home except for anything urgent, as my lungs are my nemesis. Feeling very fed up and wonder whether anyone else has been told that they have to wait for their vaccines if they have had to take a ‘steroid burst’. I’ve asked my own surgery to ask my GP to call me to discuss as I simply don’t know whether the information I was given on the phone, is totally wrong or whether in fact I shall have to stay safe at home till January 08th which will be 3 months after my steroid burst finishes …assuming that I don’t need another one in the meantime. Anyone have any knowledge of this please?

esgt1967 Wed 06-Oct-21 11:11:33

I had the flu jab last year as it was offered to all over 50's (I'm 54 now) but I'm not sure about this year - I am double Covid jabbed and, to be honest, I'm feeling rather overwhelmed with the incessant talk of vaccinations, be it Covid, Covid boosters or flu.

Theoddbird Wed 06-Oct-21 11:12:43

My surgery is doing the flu jab this month I have been asked if I am happy to have covid booster at same time.

greenlady102 Wed 06-Oct-21 11:19:29

my flu vac is booked for the week after next, I could have had it earlier but have other things going on. my covid booster isn't due until at least mid november

Grandmabeach Wed 06-Oct-21 11:21:52

I had an email from the NHS last Wednesday advising that I could now book for a Covid boost exactly 6 months after my 2nd jab. Went online and got an appointment for the next morning. I have never had the 'flu jab before as I have always had a good immunity and don't seem to catch it even when the family do but I decided I would this winter as my immunity is probably lower. Our local surgery still does not have the 'flu' jabs. We are moving to a different area next week so will try to have it done there.

Petalpop Wed 06-Oct-21 11:26:44

I am in the south east and had no problems. I am booked for my flu jab next week at Sainsburys as every time the surgery said we should book it I was already committed to something else. That said because I had not got back to them to make an appointment they contacted me to remind me I need to get booked in. I told them why and that I was booked in at Sainsburys so they were happy with that. I don't know when I will get my Covid booster as my six months is not up until November.

win Wed 06-Oct-21 11:30:35

Had my flu jab this week, booster booked for 24th of this month. No problems here, straight forward and done at our local surgery.

Shirls52000 Wed 06-Oct-21 11:31:53

Getting my flu vacc on Saturday and we re starting to do local Covid boosters at the end of October

GrauntyHelen Wed 06-Oct-21 11:32:18

As I type DH is away to have both one in each arm

Noname Wed 06-Oct-21 11:33:59

I’m having my Covid booster on Saturday. I had my vaccines fairly early in the programme as I work in a care setting. Not heard about my flu jab yet.

kentmaid Wed 06-Oct-21 11:35:14

Was at my surgery last week for blood pressure and blood tests. Took the opportunity to ask the Receptionist whether I had to phone to book a flu vaccination. They will not take any regular bookings at Reception. She told me the same is true for the flu vaccination. But they don’t have any vaccine for the over 65s - might be available sometime in November.

I phoned the pharmacy next door (they share the same car park) and was told “You can come in this afternoon if you like.” Felt too tired but they gave me an appointment for the following day.

This is the pharmacy which the GPs’ patients attend to obtain their prescribed medicines. I mentioned to the lady administering the vaccine that the surgery doesn’t know when they will have the vaccine. “I know, it’s crazy.”

The paranoid me wonders if it’s all part of the plot to move us away from the local NHS services by making them difficult to access.

OK - I did say “paranoid.”

Jane43 Wed 06-Oct-21 11:37:34

We had our flu jabs last week at Boots, I booked them online. I understand we won’t be called for our Covid booster until 6 months after our second vaccination which is the end of this month.

MaggsMcG Wed 06-Oct-21 11:44:36

I've had both my 1st and 2nd Covid-19 jabs and this years Flu jab. Still managed to catch Covid-19 but really only very mild. I wonder if the flu jab helped. If and when I'm offered the booster I'll be there ASAP. I'm in the south. We'll actually the East of England but only just north of London.

Lizzie44 Wed 06-Oct-21 11:58:36

I had an email two weeks ago from NHS offering me the booster and was able to make an appointment for the next day at a local NHS vaccination centre. It was exactly 26 weeks to the day from my second Covid jab. Less easy to get a flu jab - my GP practice has had supply problems. I have now got a flu jab booked for a fortnight's time after a lengthy and at times fraught telephone conversation with GP receptionist. During the course of the conversation a booster jab was also promised "soon". My GP surgery was unaware that I had already had the booster - it does not appear on my GP record. This alarms me somewhat. Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing?

Candelle Wed 06-Oct-21 12:02:39

My husband and I were called for 'flu jabs a fortnight ago and had them at our excellent surgery.

We were both invited (by text) to book anti-Covid boosters at a local leisure centre. My husband booked his for the same day as his 'flu jab (but had it in his other arm).

I have had problems with 'flu inoculations in the past (a topical reaction - I grow a bump the size of an egg!), so was advised to wait eight days from flu to booster. I am therefore having my anti-Covid booster on Friday.

As I did not immediately book my anti-Covid booster (following a text from NHS England), it was assumed that I was dilly-dallying and they texted me twice further. Only when I booked a slot did the texts stop. I thought this was actually great and that their system was on the ball.

Incidentally, GP surgeries do not know when they will receive an allocation of 'flu jabs. They are sometimes only given a couple of days' notice of their arrival and have no control as to what /when jabs will arrive, be they 'flu or anti-Covid vaccines, so please do not blame your GP!

henetha Wed 06-Oct-21 12:03:07

Had my flu jab in mid September. Having my Covid booster
next week.

TillyWhiz Wed 06-Oct-21 12:06:07

I'm in the south and had flu jab 3 weeks ago. Was called by my GP surgery.

HannahLoisLuke Wed 06-Oct-21 12:35:53

Had my flu jab last Saturday at a local hotel which is the vaccine hub for four local GP practices. Just received a text inviting me to book Covid booster at the same place.

Alioop Wed 06-Oct-21 12:37:05

My Covid booster isn't due until start of Dec if it's 6 months in between jabs and I didn't get offered flu jab last year until March because I'm 55 and they waited until all the older patients got theirs first before the 50-60 yr olds were asked if they wanted it, so I may have a long wait.

Marg75 Wed 06-Oct-21 12:41:51

I've been offered the flu & booster jabs together next week, but have decided to just have the flu one first and then book my booster a little later, its due after the 20th October, so will let the flu jab 'settle'first!! I just don't like the idea of one in one arm and one in the other.

Scottiebear Wed 06-Oct-21 12:52:00

Flu jab on Sat. Covid booster 20 Oct. In South Wales.

Fronkydonky Wed 06-Oct-21 12:52:30

My covid booster was cancelled last week by text just before I was about to set off and I’ve had my flu jab today at my local pharmacy.

Callistemon Wed 06-Oct-21 12:54:37


Flu jab on Sat. Covid booster 20 Oct. In South Wales.

It's obviously varying from area to area in Wales then, Scottiebear

bear1 Wed 06-Oct-21 12:55:10

i am also having both mine on friday not really to have both a same time as i have copd but they says its fine to do both together