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Flu and covid

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Whitewavemark2 Tue 05-Oct-21 12:59:35

Anyone had either of these yet?

Just like petrol these are in short supply in the South.

Not had either yet.

Happysexagenarian Wed 06-Oct-21 21:45:14

I'm having my Flu jab tomorrow, but not eligible for Covid booster for another 3 weeks.

Kryptonite Wed 06-Oct-21 22:08:39

Both had our flu jab at Boots. ? I probably won't be allowed booster as am only single jabbed.

grandma60 Wed 06-Oct-21 22:25:23

My daughter who is ECV had both jabs together, one in each arm 2 weeks ago. No side effects.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 07-Oct-21 09:16:09

Received email this morning asking me to book Covid booster online, all done easypeasy for 10 days time.

luluaugust Thu 07-Oct-21 09:20:17

I have had my Covid booster but no sign of flu jabs yet

Alegrias1 Thu 07-Oct-21 09:27:34

DPs invited for their Covid boosters and flu jabs at the same time next week, 10 minutes walk from their house in a medium sized town

This is in shambolic Scotland, which as everyone knows is run by an idiot. hmm

Alegrias1 Thu 07-Oct-21 09:40:44


Both had our flu jab at Boots. ? I probably won't be allowed booster as am only single jabbed.

I would imagine that if you wanted, and were medically suitable for a second dose, they would welcome you with open arms.

maddyone Thu 07-Oct-21 09:43:13

I’m in the south and I’ve got an appointment at my GP Practice for my flu vaccine. I’m not eligible for the booster yet but have had a text from the GP saying it will be delivered, when applicable, at the vaccination center where I had my first two Covid vaccines. That’s about a ten minute walk from our house.

Kryptonite Thu 07-Oct-21 12:47:01

Allegrias1 I'm the one who wants a second jab but not the AZ. Want my second jab to be Pfizer but not allowed. If I'd had no jabs, I could today go to a walk in centre and choose my jab! Over 6 months since jab 1 so I don't see why I can't have Pfizer at this late stage. Or start all over again. British rules differ from other countries.

Cabbie21 Fri 08-Oct-21 13:13:29

We have heard nothing about either flu jab or booster.
Too soon for booster but I expect to hear in a day or two and will definitely have it.
Not sure about flu jab. I have never had it. DH had it once and had a bad reaction and was advised by his then GP not to have any more. He is scarcely mixing with others so is not expecting to be at risk.
I am undecided whether to accept or not. I dont want both together.

Shinamae Fri 08-Oct-21 13:19:08

Just about to go for my double jab which should be flu and the Covid booster and I am still unsure whether to get them both, I am erring on the side of just having a booster and leaving iflu one for a bit later on

SueDonim Fri 08-Oct-21 14:34:54

Our area will issue a phone number in November which you can ring to book an appointment. They’re hopelessly disorganised. Other areas are well into their regime.

Alegrias1 Fri 08-Oct-21 14:43:59

Funny how different people in the same area can think diametrically opposite things about the organisation of the program. Hey ho.

Elegran Fri 08-Oct-21 14:51:48

Kryptonite I had Astra Zeneca for first and second jabs, but Pfizer for the booster.

SueDonim Fri 08-Oct-21 15:06:26

Strange indeed. hmm

Alegrias1 Fri 08-Oct-21 15:21:18

I guess some appreciate that they are getting what they need and some are never happy... wink

SueDonim Fri 08-Oct-21 15:35:13

Clearly, some of us are not getting what we need if you can’t even phone to make an appointment until November. When are the jags going to be given? December? January? February?

The appalling state of the hospital where my dd gave birth on Wednesday has made me very angry indeed with the way the NHS is being run. Broken monitoring equipment, broken lighting so that my son-in-law had to hold a torch so the midwife could see what she was doing, broken bathroom equipment. There was no one available to make up an essential injection my dd needed, which could have had fatal consequences.

I used to think when people spoke of British hospitals as being like third world hospitals that they’d obviously never been to a third world hospital. The unit my dd was in now sounds remarkably like third world hospitals I’ve been to. It wasn’t like that four years ago, so what on earth is going on? Will it take a baby or mother dying to make a difference?

Alegrias1 Fri 08-Oct-21 15:51:13

I'm not commenting on your DD's experience of the maternity services, they were clearly unacceptable and its not for me to say otherwise.

However, I will defend the Covid and Flu jag rollout in what I think is the area you share with my DPs. The service has been exemplary, they are top of the list for getting it because of their age and they are getting both Covid and flu together almost exactly six months after their second dose. In addition, DM had a problem with her leg this week, got an appointment within 48 hours and called me to say how pleased she was with the attentiveness and thoroughness of the medical professional she saw. Prescription ready an hour after her appointment.

So no, not hopelessly disorganised.

Shinamae Fri 08-Oct-21 20:51:55


Kryptonite I had Astra Zeneca for first and second jabs, but Pfizer for the booster.

So did I, today. But I declined the flu jab will have that a bit later on

nanna8 Sat 09-Oct-21 09:02:36

Not much improvement in some of the British hospitals by the sound of it. Many years ago I had my first 2 babies in a British hospital and it was a truly disgusting filthy place. I had 2 more children in an Australian public hospital and there couldn’t have been a greater contrast. Clean, bright and efficient. No cockroaches, no excrement up the walls. That was in the 1970s and I would have thought things would have improved. Perhaps not.

Marydoll Sat 09-Oct-21 09:11:26

Here in Glasgow, as far as I am aware, flu jags are not been done in GP surgeries. Despite having my vaccinations at the surgery, instead of the hub, as I was sheilding, I have been informed I will receive my booster and flu vaccinations at the hub.

Covid has actually had a positive impact on phlebotomy clinics. I used to have to travel to various hospitals in Glasgow for blood tests. Now I can have them all done at the hub in my local hospital and my consultants can pick up the results. Common sense at last and no stressful journey either!