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6 day heart monitor

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VioletSky Sat 09-Oct-21 14:03:37

Does anyone have any experience with this? I wasn't given any instructions for it and can't seem to find the right information online.

It has 2 stickers, one on my chest with the device itself and one on my lower ribs. I was told to change these every 2 days and I was told I could move them a bit.

I was having quite an allergic reaction to the one on my chest so I moved that over 1 inch to (my) left. Now when I press the button to flag up when I feel dizzy, heart palapatations or heart racing it is doing a different beep.

Have I done something wrong or is that normal? I can't call the hospital until Monday and worried about missing 2 days readings

Stillwaters Wed 13-Oct-21 11:22:53

I've just seen this post - i don't log into Gransnet every day - I hope that you managed to get the information that you needed VioletSky

VioletSky Wed 13-Oct-21 11:40:05

Stillwaters I handed it in today, I tried putting it back in the original position and my skin flared up so badly it was bleeding so I had to take it off. Tried contacting outpatients several times with no luck so just going to have to hope 2 days was enough to show any issues

Sparklefizz Wed 13-Oct-21 11:55:44

VioletSky Sorry, I have only just seen your post. I had one of those heart monitors stuck to my chest and had a tremendous reaction to the plasters like you. I didn't move them, just gritted my teeth and counted the days till I could take them off. My skin was left raw like a piece of steak.

I do hope that yours was on long enough to get some proper results.

VioletSky Wed 13-Oct-21 13:21:49

Sparklefizz I think it would have been OK if I hadn't been told to replace the plasters, moving it for a bit then putting it back madr it so much worse. Hopefully find out soon as they will take less time looking at it I suppose

Sparklefizz Wed 13-Oct-21 16:50:56

Good luck with your results VioletSky

VioletSky Wed 13-Oct-21 17:17:05

Thank you, will update soon hopefully