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Have you had Covid? How did you cope?

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Brunette10 Sat 09-Oct-21 14:09:34

Hi to all, I’ve not posted for some while but I just wondered if any of you have had Coronavirus and how you coped with it. My DH and I along with our DSIL and DGS2 have the virus. It’s been a hard struggle and I’m finding it difficult to cope with. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Blossoming Sat 09-Oct-21 18:58:56

Sorry, I can’t help but didn’t want to ignore your post. I hope you are all on the mend now, I think the best advice is to get plenty of rest and make sure your eating and drinking enough.

JaneJudge Sat 09-Oct-21 19:03:12

my son found anti histamines helped
I hope you feel better soon too x

MayBee70 Sat 09-Oct-21 19:06:54

My grandson has it at the moment. He’s staying in his own room and is using a separate bathroom. DD has increased his VitD, has lots of windows open and has encouraged him to sleep as much as possible. How long have you had it for?I assume you’re still feeling poorly. Dr Chris Steel advised people to take CoEnzyme Q10 and VitB if they felt they were suffering from long covid, and probably a good idea even if you’re not.

BlueSky Sat 09-Oct-21 19:22:32

Both myself and DH had Covid back in August, despite the double jabs and being careful. It was just like flu, dry cough luckily just for the first week, then feeling unwell, no energy, poor appetite. Just took it easy, took paracetamol, ate soups, mash and ice cream, plenty of hot drinks. It was about a month before we were back to normal.

Brunette10 Sat 09-Oct-21 19:32:25

Thanks for all responses. Despite having had our double jabs and maintaining high level of hygiene, rules etc we unfortunately have it. It takes the feet from you and it’s now a week since diagnosed. It is like very bad flu and just feel so lethargic, tired, sore head/throat, feeling sick, not eating, taste buds disappeared. Need I go on. Being tested positive came tbh as a shock. I know it is mild symptoms compared to those who have been hospitalised and indeed lost their lives. Just didn’t expect to catch the virus. Sorry to moan. Thanks again for your comments. Will pull my socks up.

Marydoll Sat 09-Oct-21 19:36:44

Brunette, it's good to see you posting, but sorry to read the reason and hear you and your family are unwell. I hope things improve for you soon.

BlueSky Sat 09-Oct-21 19:44:08

I know what you mean Brunette we were shocked too to catch it so soon after the jabs and still following all the stricter rules.

MayBee70 Sat 09-Oct-21 19:50:12

I think the second week is the worst so hopefully you’ll start to feel better in a weeks time. Do you have an oximeter to check your oxygen levels?

Hetty58 Sat 09-Oct-21 20:04:11

My neighbour has had it twice, despite being 'double jabbed' so I feel lucky to have avoided it - so far. Perhaps most of us will catch it at some stage?

Callistemon Sat 09-Oct-21 20:43:12

Rest and more rest, as well as the vitamins mentioned,
Vit D, C + zinc, magnesium.

A GP advised DH many years ago to rest because DH was 'trying to work off' a very nasty virus. The GP said it up just goes round and round in your body if you try to do that.

I hope you feel better soon but don't rush things.

Callistemon Sat 09-Oct-21 20:43:55

Superfluous up there, sorry

Brunette10 Sat 09-Oct-21 21:06:01

maybee70 I don’t actually, thanks, worth thinking about. I know it will all take time as any virus does. It’s quite scary to think it can return I certainly hope not. Maybe a bit naive on our part thinking because we’re doubled jab and still maintain precautions we wouldn’t get it and here we are. I will certainly try your suggestions. Fortunately our family do not have any symptoms which is a blessing. Your responses are very welcomed. Thank you Marydoll.

Marydoll Sat 09-Oct-21 21:27:37

I bought my oximeter from Amazon, because I need to monitor my oxygen levels and heart rate. It has been invaluable. Normal oxygen levels are about 96% or higher. An oximeter can indicate decreasing levels. That's an indication to seek medical help.
Mine never gets above 93% and can be even lower. When I had my second heart attack this year, I was able to give the readings, which meant an ambulance was dispatched immediately. Its really worth thinking about buying one.

Grannmarie Sat 09-Oct-21 21:49:47

Hi, Brunette10 so sorry to hear that you and yours are suffering from Covid.

Do you have someone who can drop off essentials to you? When my sister's family, all double jagged, had Covid in August, I was able to drop off whatever they needed/ wanted to their doorstep - newspapers, medicine, thermometer, oximeter, chicken and rice soup...

They all had different symptoms, but are on the mend now. They did find that they had various after effects, mainly fatigue and lack of sense of taste/smell. No one was well enough to return to work immediately after the 10 days isolation.

Take good care of yourselves, eat well, sleep lots, be kind to yourselves.

I wish you all a speedy and complete recovery.

MayBee70 Sat 09-Oct-21 22:12:12

I think DrJohn did a blog the other week about taking zinc when you have covid. Which was interesting as he’d dismissed it as a preventative last year. I continued to take it though and have just restocked. DD has been sitting her boy in the garden all wrapped up. It was so reminiscent of the old convalescence homes.

Callistemon Sat 09-Oct-21 22:32:09

Do you have someone who can drop off essentials to you?
Some areas have set up Covid Community groups who will fetch essentials for you if you have no family nearby who could do that for you.
They may be on FB or tour local Council may have contact numbers.

Brunette10 Sun 10-Oct-21 09:44:39

So sorry for delay. Today my head feels as if it belongs to my body again. Hoping this continues. Had a long sleep so I know that'l help. Fortunately my DD can deliver essentials as she was tested negative and is able to get out for shopping even though DSIL and DS2 both tested positive. Milk and bread is the only thing needed though, it's been a week since we had a meal.It's not been easy keeping her wee ones indoors. DH is feeling better today so that has lifted my spirits up a bit. I can't remember anytime I have felt like this. I've had the flu in my lifetime but this seems so much worse. However the fact that I can sit here and write is a step forward. Just hope this is the start of better things to come. Thank you all for your kind and positive words.

MayBee70 Sun 10-Oct-21 19:36:22

Thanks for the update. Pleased to hear you’re feeling a bit better x

PinkCakes Sun 10-Oct-21 19:56:27

As a family, none of us had the vaccine (husband, 2 adult sons and I). In July, husband, eldest son (40) and I got Covid. Husband wasn't too bad, just like having the 'flu. Son was in the hospital for 2 nights. I was on a ventilator for 2 weeks, then had a bilateral stroke (not connected with Covid) and spent a total of 6 weeks in hospital.

Son no. 2 (37) was unaffected, is still in very good health.

maddyone Sun 10-Oct-21 23:25:15

Hi Brunette10, lots of good advice and tips on here for you, especially about the oximeter as recommended by Marydoll. The oximeter is so easy to use, and easily available from Amazon if you’re not going out yet. As Marydoll says, your oxygen readings should be above 96 normally, but my consultant told me 92 is okay for a Covid patient. I was discharged with a reading of 92 as I was hospitalised for twelve days with Covid last January. When I got home, complete with a hospital acquired infection which then required further antibiotic treatment, I would say it took me about three months to recover fully. During the first six weeks after discharge I made the biggest recovery, and afterwards I recovered slowly, with little improvements week by week. Walking was difficult, walking upstairs was even more difficult, I continued to be quite breathless, especially when speaking, and I had a lot of chest pain, especially in the region where the pneumonia was situated. I still have some chest pain now from time to time. So that gives you an idea of time to recovery and what to expect as time goes on. I hope it’s helpful.
Get well soon. Don’t push yourself, just let your recovery take however long it takes. flowers

Whiff Mon 11-Oct-21 06:30:24

Brunette10 sorry to hear you caught Covid. I am double jabbed like you and still take all the precautions. Unfortunately especially on the bus noticed a lot of people who wore masks aren't doing so now. People forget Covid is airborne we never know what we breathe in with each breath.

I am having my flu jab today and as soon as they call me for my Covid booster I will be having that as well.

Covid like flu mutants and unfortunately the Covid jabs we had doesn't protect us from those. But people forget it was decades before we got a flu vaccine that worked. Even though some people can still get flu even after having the jab.

I know this is little comfort to you as you are so poorly. Hopefully you will feel a bit better soon.

My brother and sister in law had Covid before they where able to have the vaccine. They where both seriously ill. Luckily they where able to stay at home. But it took 6 weeks before they began to feel better. My brother was so ill one night he dictated his will on his phone as he didn't think he would wake.

They both lost their sense of taste and smell. Had to catch every breathe and felt like they where bruised all over but hadn't a mark on their bodies. Both aren't in the best of health to start with.

Once they began to recover it took them months to get well. Unfortunately my sister in law has MS and will never be fully back to how she was as the Covid did something to the MS.

But they both are happy to be alive and living their lives .

My daughter and family got Covid in February I don't understand why I didn't catch it. My daughter said with my health problems I was a prime candidate for it.

I have had 4 PCR tests since it started and do my lateral flow test every Saturday.

Don't to frightened to have the booster when you can have it. Can't wait to have mine.

I hope you and all your family make a full recovery. But it will take time. Again sorry you are so poorly. ?