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NanaPlenty Sun 07-Nov-21 10:58:56

My hubby is in a dark place, the go has prescribed Prozac and he is having counselling. Does anyone have any experience of taking this (fluoxetine). He is suffering from what he describes as a really foggy head……I know it’s not uncommon and it will probably get better in a couple of weeks (we will of course speak to the gp about this). I just wondered if anyone had first hand experience and if anything helped? Also how do others cope when living with someone with depression- I’m doing my best to suppport but it’s not easy. Thanks lovely people.

aquagran Sun 07-Nov-21 12:29:51

He will feel very ‘foggy headed’ for a couple of weeks, almost incapacitated. This will clear, and the edge will be taken off worries. Hope this works for you both, it did for me!

MerylStreep Sun 07-Nov-21 12:38:41

I took Prozac many years ago when it first came on the market.
No problems.
As to how to live with someone with depression, I would advise take a deep breath and think about what your going to say.
Everything can be misconstrued with a depressive.

Bluefox Sun 07-Nov-21 13:01:45

Taking Fluoxetine now, I have tried to come off it but my mood just fell like a stone.
Living with someone suffering from depression can be very wearing so don’t overlook taking care of yourself. Getting outside and just walking would be great for both of you, I think vitamin D is very helpful too.
Ask your husband how he is feeling and listen, don’t feel you must come up with solutions and especially be careful not to appear to belittle those feelings in any way. You can ask what you can do to help. While I continue to take the medication my mood is really controlled now so hopefully you and your husband will find a happier place soon.

yggdrasil Sun 07-Nov-21 16:38:39

Fluoxetine is specifically to treat a lack of serotonin in the brain. I was given all sorts of anti depressants till eventually that was prescribed, it took a while to bed in but I have been using it since. I did have a break about 5 years ago but it the depression came back.
I also have vit D tablets and a SAD lamp, which has just been set up again now the days are short.
I never had counselling, that is a New Thing

Esspee Sun 07-Nov-21 17:11:02

I was prescribed Prozac after nursing my husband through cancer. It took almost six weeks before I felt any benefit then it was wonderful. I don’t remember any adverse effects but I was told to take it in the evening to avoid something or other so that might be worth a try.

When the pharmacist substituted generic fluoxetine for Prozac after a couple of weeks I deteriorated sharply. It took about 3 weeks back on Prozac to feel well again. When I finally stopped taking it I did it very gradually stopping after half a pill every three days. If I felt I needed it again I would be happy to take it.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 07-Nov-21 17:22:43

Well done for him to take the first steps to get well again.

Hopefully he will soon be feeling better and you won’t have to tip toe around him, be careful though, too often sufferers think that they are so well that they stop taking the pills.
It might be a long time before he is better, just keep an eye on him and note any mood swings, the dosage he is on might need adjusting.
Good luck to you both💐

ayse Sun 07-Nov-21 19:36:24

I took fluoxetine for a number of years for anxiety and depression. I found it so helpful in lifting my mood to feeling ‘normal’. It was such a relief for me.

I’ve never had a fuzzy head or side effects at all. If it doesn’t clear do have another word with the GP. They may be able to prescribe a lighter dose. If it works for your DH life will improve for both of you.

As I was on it for a while I ceased to worry about taking it. Over time I gradually forgot to take it on the odd day. This progressed until I no longer needed it.

I didn’t think of it as a prop but more as something to feel more normal. It’s made so much difference to my life and I’ve managed to shift my perception of life. I spent time in reinforcing positive rather than negative thoughts. It’s a real opportunity to think differently.

ayse Sun 07-Nov-21 19:46:43

You also asked about living with someone with depression. It’s very difficult but it’s not down to you, it comes from inside the individual.

The biggest thing is getting them to the GP and getting some help, which has happened for you. Unless you have been depressed it’s very difficult to understand all the feelings involved. Remember that 25% of the population is known to have episodes of some mental difficulty. Try not to worry as this won’t help either of you. Just be there to give cuddles and hugs (depending on their need) and being a good listener helps a lot.

I wish you both all the best. Well done for living through this difficult time 💐