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Has anyone come off or cut down Omaprazole, what’s your experiences.

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Itsnell Tue 30-Nov-21 19:59:24

Hello. Has anyone cut out or reduced omeprazole? Why did you come off or reduce them? How did you feel and how long did it take you? What do you take now for acid reflux.

I’ve been on 20 mg daily omaprazole for acid reflux and a hiatus hernia since mid 2019. The pandemic has meant I’ve continued to get repeat prescriptions and haven’t had a medication review with my GP during this time, however,
I’m thinking I should try to cut them down or cut out altogether as I’m getting all sorts of symptoms which could be side effects of long term use of omeprazole (PPI) use eg nausea and stomach cramps, my IBS is worse, leg cramps and restless legs twitches. I’ve read reports of the long term effects of PPIs and it’s concerning. Ok I know you need to weigh up the benefits of taking ppis against the non benefits.
Look forward to hearing your stories

Itsnell Wed 01-Dec-21 12:52:46

Gajahgran I have restless legs and muscle aches, it drives me mad. I’ve always guessed I’ve got a problem with a lack of magnesium - even before the menopause I was being prescribed extra magnesium to help with PMS

Lucca Wed 01-Dec-21 12:56:09

On the strength of this thread I’m off to the surgery later to try and sort something out as it’s all getting to me. Stomach pain is constant and now nausea and headache added in….

Pammie1 Wed 01-Dec-21 13:02:02

I take Omeprazole to protect from the effects of Naproxen - anti inflammatory for arthritis. The Naproxen can only be taken in short bursts of a couple of weeks and so there’s a gap of about a month in between, when I don’t take either. I haven’t noticed any side effects - either of taking the drug or after pausing it.

midgey Wed 01-Dec-21 13:06:43

I have now been prescribed Lansoprazole(sp?) due to new medication being added. So far no ill effects.

Jane43 Wed 01-Dec-21 13:11:41

My DH was on it for years but when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes he went on a low carb diet and didn’t need to take it any more. The foods that caused him the most problems were fried food and pastry based foods.

Barmeyoldbat Wed 01-Dec-21 13:19:21

I have a leaking bile duct and need to take them. I know within two hours if I forget and the pain has often been mistaken for a heart attack. I have been on them about 25 years and don’t think I get any bad side effects, you just have to weigh it all up.

GagaJo Wed 01-Dec-21 14:31:23

I have cut back. I tried to cut them out but started getting GERD symptoms plus constipation. But I probably only take 1 or 2 a week now.

lemongrove Wed 01-Dec-21 14:34:21

Same as you barmey although I have only been taking Omazaprole for about five years.
Really thought it was a heart attack happening before I started taking them.
No ill effects at all so far.

AGAA4 Wed 01-Dec-21 14:42:45

I have been taking Lansoprozole for about 2 months. My doctor wants me to cut down on them and hopefully only need the occasionally.
I would take advice from your doctor.

twinnytwin Wed 01-Dec-21 14:56:13

I took Omeprazole for years to protect my stomach from another medicine. Last summer I decided to cut down on my tablets so just stopped taking it. After a few weeks, I was diagnosed with silent reflux (long story - they fast tracked me as they thought it could be throat cancer) and put on Lansoprazole. I wish I'd never come off Omeprozole as I reckon I caused the silent reflux myself. I'm still suffering from side effects of reflux daily but it could be worse. Take advice from your gp.

Bridgeit Wed 01-Dec-21 20:27:59

Dr took me off Omeprazole , he said that a link had been found with long term use of this drug & developing early dementia.
More or less left me to my own devices, sadly nothing comes close to Omeprazole.

Lucca Thu 02-Dec-21 06:20:58

Dies anyone know if you can take anything else with omeprazole to help with acid reflux and or indigestion ?

MerylStreep Thu 02-Dec-21 08:00:37

My go to with any of the problems mentioned is Ginger. Works every time.

Lucca Thu 02-Dec-21 08:39:41

Thanks meryl

MerylStreep Thu 02-Dec-21 08:51:42

If you decide to try it, buy a jar of ginger paste ( no need to refrigerate) use about a level tea spoon. Sip it as hot as you can.
I often think it’s the heat dissipating the trapped wind which is causing most of this pain as much as the ginger.
Obviously big pharma don’t want people to know about these remedies 😉

Lucca Thu 02-Dec-21 08:58:47

Like this ?

Jaxjacky Thu 02-Dec-21 09:14:49

annodomini I take Famotidine since Ranitadine was withdrawn.

Caleo Thu 02-Dec-21 09:47:48

I experienced no side effects from Omeprazole but I have tried not to take a capsule every evening. I think I can miss one evening's dose especially if I don't eat after 7pm. If I eat late , or if I miss two consecutive evening's Omeprazole the acid is bad.

I swallow a lot of Gaviscon liquid, but it doesn't work as well as Omeprazole when the acid is bad at night and I want to get to sleep.

Bridgeit Thu 02-Dec-21 13:43:33

Thanks Lucca , I will try it.

kissngate Thu 02-Dec-21 14:53:43

I've mentioned my remedy previously in other posts on the same subject. I take a Peppermint oil capsule, an Acidophilus capsule and a small Aloe Vera tablet daily to ward off acid reflux due to GORD and a hernia. I was put on a high dose of Lanzaprazole after an endoscopy quite a few years ago. After six months developed Vertigo and hair loss, Doctor changed to Omnaprazole but had severe headaches within a week so switched back to Lp and did some research. Someone recommended the above on a different forum so started taking them the same time as Lp then slowly stopped taking Lp. Worked perfectly told my GP who was all for it said he'd heard good reports about Peppermint oil capsules before in relation to IBS. Never taken a NSAID since. However I still have to be careful as pastry, onions or leeks can cause issues. Unfortunately can't take ginger as it irritates my gallbladder, (I was diagnosed with small stones at the same time). Hope this helps.

EkwaNimitee Thu 02-Dec-21 15:29:12

I was prescribed Omeprazole years ago, probably when it first became available. I'd suffered badly from acid reflux and heartburn for a long time and had been on ranitidine which was becoming less effective. It was a godsend, it's a brilliant drug. However, I was eventually reduced to the maintenance dose of 20mg and told I would be on it for life. Therefore, when it came up for review every year, my GP merely okayed it without ever seeing me.
Last year, I began to have different digestive problems and losing a lot of weight without trying. When I eventually saw the GP at my new practice, I was fast-tracked through various procedures to rule out cancer. One of these was an upper endoscopy which meant I had to stop the Omeprazole a fortnight beforehand. I was prescribed Gaviscon Advance to take 4 times daily instead. This caused me no problems at all, no symptoms of heartburn or reflux. I discussed not resuming the Omeprazole with the endoscopist and he was amenable to my not doing so and to continue with the Gaviscon. If symptoms reappeared I could possibly be prescribed a different -azole.
I'm still not taking Omeprazole a year on and gradually tapered off the Gaviscon. No acid reflux! My appetite and enjoyment of food has returned though I do have to watch what I eat, nothing fatty or acidic. Omeprazole suppresses acid production in the stomach but as you get older, your stomach often naturally produces less acid. My theory is that the two things together were producing my digestive symptoms...full after a few mouthfuls, bloating, meat meals sitting around in the stomach for ages, presumably because the necessary acid wasn't there to digest it. I also think the weight loss was helpful, no longer the big belly pressing on the valve at the top of the stomach and causing the food to reflux back up.
Incidentally, the weight loss was purely due to the stress of buying and selling a house and my interior seems to be in good working order.

However, we are all different. Definitely do not come off by yourself but only after discussing it with your GP.

Mattsmum2 Thu 02-Dec-21 15:42:20

I had a heart bypass in 2018 and prescribed aspirin and omeprozole. Recently I’ve been having indigestion type symptoms and my GP upped the dose to 40mg. It’s helped but I’m wondering now if I should speak to them to change or try something else?

MissAdventure Thu 02-Dec-21 16:16:19

I've yet to see any reason why omeprazole is getting such a bad press from people.
Gps should be doing medicine reviews regularly, or, even better, your pharmacist can do one for you.

Itsnell Thu 02-Dec-21 17:44:21

It really interesting to read your replies. Thank you.
Kissngate I’ve heard about the use of peppermint and aloe Vera - where do you buy your from?
Ekwaniimtee that’s an inspiring story
I have acid reflux and a h hernia and although the omaprazole seems to work for me, I get flare ups where the omaprazole doesn’t seem to help. The longer I’m on it the more aware I am of ailments and aches and pains, I’ve been having an attack of what I think is gastritis for over a week and I’ve several similar bouts in the time I’ve been on omaprazole. I started searching the web and a lot of it can be attributed to long term ppi use. There was me thinking it was old age!!
Im cutting out any of my triggers and carbs and I’m going to take heed of some of your advice for alternative remedies, then start tapering off the omaprazole.

Whiff Thu 02-Dec-21 21:17:39

AGAA4 I was taking Lansoprazole but had to.come off it as my sodium and folic acid levels went to low. Had to have folic acid tablets for 3 months.

Have you had a blood test to see what your levels are ?

I used double action Gaviscon and luckily that works on my acid reflux.