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Dental tourism for economy and urgency?

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GeorgieH Thu 28-Apr-22 15:36:17

I am wondering if anyone has gone abroad for dental work. My teeth have nearly all worn away (sweeties at bedtime in childhood from Granda) and I will need implants if I am to be able to eat solids.
Turkey, Thailand and Czech Republic spring to mind, I'm sure there are others.

Barmeyoldbat Fri 29-Apr-22 20:52:34

I have had root canal treatment with a dentist used by ex pats. Never again and I had to have it removed when I got home. As for implants, well I have replace my top teeth with implants done in this country. I can’t see how they can be done in one or two visits. You have the first part done and then you have to wait 3 to 6 months to make sure the implant has taken. Only then do you have the last bit done. It took me 18 months as I needed teeth removing and my bone built up. It cost a great deal but I feel safe in the knowledge that every care was taken and it wasn’t rushed. Never had a problems.

SueDonim Fri 29-Apr-22 21:23:19

The modern method of implants is to do them in one day. I had one like that just before the first lockdown.

I had mine done in the UK, though. I don’t think I’d feel happy to get them done abroad, in case of complications and you’d then need to find a orthodontic surgeon willing to take you on.

Grammaretto Fri 29-Apr-22 21:29:56

I was very tempted, before Lockdown and Brexit to go to Hungary for the Dentist.
My Hungarian friend was encouraging me to but I chickened out and now have an Iraqi dentist who trained in Sweden who is appalled by the way mercury is still used in British fillings.
He is NHS but I pay extra for anything non-essential like white fillings and if I was to have implants they are several £k each. I don't have that kind of money.

MerylStreep Fri 29-Apr-22 21:51:28

I lived in Bulgaria for 5 years and had dental work done there. Very very professional and of course a fraction of the cost.
If you were interested in that country you could combine it with a Holiday.

Barmeyoldbat Fri 29-Apr-22 22:13:38

Yes I can see that you can take the chance and have one implant done in a day, you are only taking a risk on one tooth but if like me you were to have four placed in the top and have teeth removed then I wouldn’t be happy as there is every possibility that it might not take and you need to have it done again, as happened to someone I know.

Whiff Sat 30-Apr-22 07:01:49

Must admit I don't go to the dentist unless I have a problem. I resent the cost. Don't mind what I spend on my glasses. But with teeth if I end up with them in a glass it doesn't bother me. I would never bother with implants I don't see the point of the pain or cost. Have better things I can spend my limited resources on . Never understood this crazy of having white teeth. Teeth like the rest of us age . To me seeing a 80 plus year old with white teeth just seems wrong. I know a lot wouldn't agree. Why don't people embrace aging it's not a disease but a fact of life. I wear my grey hair and wrinkles with pride over my life time I have earned everyone of them. It's my 64th birthday today. I feel luckily to still be alive as my darling husband only lived until he was 47. Plus I wouldn't trust having any medical treatment in any country but this one.

But we have different views and different wants and needs that's what makes people so interesting.

Esspee Sat 30-Apr-22 07:12:52

I recently met an elderly distant relative discovered through Ancestry DNA. (I matched with her grandson)
She is still alert and I love asking her questions about her experiences.
She told me that it was common to be given a 21st birthday present of dental treatment to have all your teeth removed and replaced by dentures.

Calendargirl Sat 30-Apr-22 07:37:13

Fine if treatment abroad goes well, but too many expect the NHS to sort it out if it goes wrong, be it teeth, breast implants, whatever.

spottybook Sat 30-Apr-22 08:11:42

Grammaretto I think we might share the same lovely dentist! Mine is Iraqi and trained in Sweden. I have sent you a PM.

Charleygirl5 Sat 30-Apr-22 08:14:20

I agree 100% with Calendargirl and the NHS cannot cope with everyday problems never mind work done on the cheap abroad to save money.

CountessFosco Tue 03-May-22 16:39:29

Whilst we lived in France and naturally had all our dental treatment carried out there, our dentist was adamant that he would never treat anyone who had gone to Eastern European countries to have their implants carried out there. He said they should go back if anything went wrong - and sometimes it did.