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Stopping Tramadol

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Pamrc1 Fri 29-Apr-22 13:38:12

I have been taking 50mg x3 a day of tramadol for over 10 years, I had spinal surgery and nerve damage hence the prescription. For the past few years I realised they weren't really helping with the pain but reducing causes awfull withdrawal symptoms. I have reduce to 2 a day,am and pm, and can manage with this however I would like to stop altogether. The lowest dose is 50 mg and If I muss one dose I start awful twitching and can't sit still.
So has anyone stopped this drug and could you share your experience

Sago Fri 29-Apr-22 13:42:24

I have a friend who was addicted after lots of orthopaedic surgery.
He reduced down with the GP’s help but eventually went “cold turkey” he had 5 days of hell.
He is only early 40’s.
I would look for specific forums to help you.
What ever you do get medical advice..

Charleygirl5 Fri 29-Apr-22 13:54:24

I was on Tramadol for a short period. I had to come off it because it caused a nasty rash but even so, I did it gradually. My GP told me to go "cold turkey" but I knew that was the wrong advice.

You should go to your pharmacy- they will have better knowledge and hopefully be able to help you.

Pamrc1 Fri 29-Apr-22 15:45:41

Thanks, I've made a pharmacy appointment to have a chat 😀

silverlining48 Fri 29-Apr-22 15:52:31

Good luck Pamrcl. Slowly slowly does it.

silverlining48 Fri 29-Apr-22 15:54:23

If the lowest dose is 50 mg can you get a tablet splitter and cut one in half, when the time comes.

ElaineI Fri 29-Apr-22 21:00:51

Most pharmacies sell tablet splitters. I would suggest splitting one of them for one of the doses for a week then the other and go like that. Well done .

Floradora9 Sat 30-Apr-22 14:55:29

How could you function on three day ? I found Tramadol and other strong painkillers awake at night . I could never get a good night's sleep after taking only two . One of our GPs calls Tramadol the devil's pill .

Pamrc1 Tue 03-May-22 13:12:02

It's a capsule with powder inside hmm

Pamrc1 Tue 03-May-22 13:12:35

Thanks 😊

FannyCornforth Tue 03-May-22 13:16:46

I’ve been on Tramadol (and Pregabalin) for two years.
I’ll be having a hip replacement next month.
I’m pretty certain that I am addicted to them.
I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder; so they are pretty much the perfect drug for me, as the are also prescribed as anti anxiety medication.

Yes, mine are capsules too.

FannyCornforth Tue 03-May-22 13:17:43

Hello Pam, by the way 👋
Forgot my manners there!