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Travel insurance for undiagnosed condition

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Grannyjacq1 Thu 05-May-22 16:01:45

Has anyone tried to get travel insurance for an as-yet -undiagnosed-but-highly-likely-to-be a basal cell carcinoma? I had the lump removed 2 weeks ago, but unlikely to get results of biopsy for another 2 or so weeks because of path lab backlog. Holiday not til August, but have just paid balance, so would like to insure. But 'undiagnosed condition' would bump up quotation . I can't tell them it is a BCC, as this might not be true. Anyone had any experience of this?

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 05-May-22 16:07:02

They always ask you if you are waiting for a diagnosis from hospital tests. They probably will ask you if you have had any procedures done in the last 2 years.

They will probably insure you but you won’t be covered for whatever you might have had the biopsy for. So the quote might not be higher but it won’t cover you for that particular problem.

Give them a call, we are with Saga and I spoke to them this week to arrange Travel Insurance, they are very helpful, but there are an awful lot of medical questions to be answered before they will give you a quote.

Floradora9 Thu 05-May-22 16:23:49

Why did you not get insurance when you booked in the first place ? Friends did not bother putting it off until later and the husband got cancer and they lost the lot . It was a holiday to Australia . Whatever you do be honest with the insurers .

rosie1959 Thu 05-May-22 16:46:23

It wouldn’t have mattered if you had insurance when you first booked (This is actually the correct way to do it ) because you would have had to advise them of any medical changes or your policy would be invalid
We had this problem we have had an AA yearly policy but my husband has undiagnosed AF. He was poorly last November with a chest infection they picked up an AF rhythm in his heart which may or not be related to the infection. He has been waiting for a cardiac investigation since then which has been cancelled a few times. When I advised AA they wouldn’t cover him. No fault of ours just the slowness of the NHS
I contacted Staysure Travel Insurance they were happy to cover us and I found them very helpful. Our is a little different as I only had to have UK cover as they classed the Channel Isles as the UK many don’t. It was cancellation cover I needed and they will not cover medical expenses
But give them a call they are very obliging

Jaxjacky Thu 05-May-22 16:58:18

This group came top in a Times customer survey for medical cover and swift response, may be worth a call.

Grannyjacq1 Thu 05-May-22 19:33:40

Yes - I know - should have taken out insurance when I booked, but somehow forgot to do it - and, as Rosie1959 said, it wouldn't have made any difference as you then have to declare the new condition/treatment anyway, which will make insurance premium increase. The balance was paid today, so will just have to wait 2 weeks until I get confirmation of diagnosis before booking insurance. Will certainly look at some of your recommendations. Thanks.