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One drug needs another to counteract.....

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Luckygirl3 Sat 07-May-22 10:26:18

Gosh - I am so fed up with all this. I am in eye-watering pain and on crutches awaiting disc surgery on my back and struggling with additional pain in my hip replacement on the same side. I can hardly function.

Problem with pain relief for lots of boring reasons, so on an opiod patch .....which does not seem to help at all and causes Rock of Gibralter style constipation which has resisted all attempts to relieve ..... so GP has prescribed Movicol, which works, but has triggered atrial fibrillation ... I have been awake half the night with it and it is still going. Looked it up on the net this morning and it is known to trigger AF.

It is all so darned tedious, and very hard to cope with on my own here.

I miss my live-in doctor - my OH was a GP!

I am also exasperated by my GP who I waited 3 weeks to speak to on the phone (not her fault) but, when I said there were more than one problem going on (AF, new tremor, balance problems, acute pain hip/leg/foot, constipation) said "Well let's just deal with one thing at a time shall we?" What I should have said is that it is all very well for her to say that but I simply do not have the option to deal with one thing at a time - I am living with all the problems day in, day out.

I would just like to get on with my life. I have had to cancel my holiday.

I have had a good grumble now - let us hope it will cure all the problems!

GrannySomerset Sat 07-May-22 10:32:10

My sympathy, Luckygirl though it doesn’t really help. Pain relief is so personal - I can’t cope with anything morphine based which limits the options, but could you ask for referral to a pain relief specialist? Given that your pain is not going anywhere and you don’t have a date for surgery you need support now, and even wonderful GPs are not all up to date on pain management. Definitely worth making a fuss about.

FannyCornforth Sat 07-May-22 10:32:39

I (almost literally) feel your pain Lucky thanksbrew
I’m so sorry about your holiday. That must have been upsetting

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 07-May-22 10:33:41

I sympathise, I know about side effects, have experienced them as did my Dad. I hope you get some sensible action from your GP soon. In the meantime, rant away here. I have always found a good rant to have great therapeutic value!
Hope you feel better soon.💐

Whitewavemark2 Sat 07-May-22 10:34:06

Oh lucky that all sounds awful.

Could you not pay to see a consultant privately?

silverlining48 Sat 07-May-22 11:09:05

That all sounds awful lucky. So many different things to manage and especially feel for you with the rock of Gibraltar scenario. This time earlier this week was in the same horrible situation which will be repeated any day now if I dont do something, laxido is mr medicine which is supposed to soften things,
So sorry about the holiday.

Luckygirl3 Sat 07-May-22 11:11:32

I have seen one privately and am having surgery on 24th - on NHS it would have been next year, which is just unthinkable. I cannot begin to imagine what it is like for those with no savings. NHS date was early next year - I have already had 6 months of this and I am totally ground down by it - cannot sit, lie, walk, stand without pain. I just have to grit my teeth and hope that the surgery later this month will at least relieve some of the pain.

Bugger this getting older lark. So frustrating as there are so many things I want to do and lots of my friends are really enjoying their retirements with cruises, walking holidays etc. All I want is to do my garden.

Jealous, moi!?

Smileless2012 Sat 07-May-22 11:13:36

Good luck with the surgery Luckygirl flowers.

Sparklefizz Sat 07-May-22 11:34:05

Sorry to read about your problems Luckygirl. Sadly the NHS is falling apart.... or at least it is in my area.

I have been referred to a dermatologist and received a letter last week asking me to log onto the NHS website where I was given 5 options of hospital clinics with the waiting lists given below each. Most of them had a wait of nearly a year, but when I clicked on them, none could offer an appointment at all, even a year ahead, so that was a complete waste of time. Thankfully I'm not in pain, and my heart goes out to those (like you) who are.

Wishing you all the very best. flowers

Aveline Sat 07-May-22 11:45:42

Oh dear. Sounds awful. I do hope your operation gives you some relief.
Re rock of Gibraltar: when I was on those strong painkillers I was given Laxido but supplemented that with oranges and strong coffee. I doubt the coffee would do your atrial fibrillation much good though.
Sending positive vibes.

Auntieflo Sat 07-May-22 11:58:55

Oh Lucky, I do so sympathise with the Rock of Gibraltar. Any more than one codeine, does that to me, but sometimes needs must.
I have had Movicol, CosmoCol, and Lactulose, which is quite good. Chewing a couple of (Tesco) liquorice twists at bedtime can also help.
Let's hope the Rock dissolves and that you can get some much needed sleep.
Hoping that the wait until you operation goes swiftly.

Doodle Sat 07-May-22 12:28:36

Luckygirl had I not read your whole post I would instantly have suggested Movicol as DH has been on it for years and it has been our saving grace on more than one occasion. I didn’t know about the AF side effect.
Other suggestions for the Rock of Gibraltar are raisins lots of them (advised by gastro consultant for DH of similar problem) also loads of water (you probably know that already) and All bran. I wish you luck. Been there and it’s not nice.

Luckygirl3 Sat 07-May-22 16:30:48

Thanks for all the ideas and kind thoughts. My breakfast consists of all-bran, flax seed, nuts and either apple or banana. I have roughage coming out of my ears - but unfortunately nowhere else! smile

saltnshake Sat 07-May-22 16:36:06

Dulcosoft and plenty of water. Good luck getting pain sorted.

Hetty58 Sat 07-May-22 16:49:41

Luckygirl3, as you are in such pain - and effectively housebound - you can refer yourself to the district nursing service (or ask the GP to refer).

The nurses can advise, prescribe and, if necessary do 'manual extraction' (sorry to mention it, but a neighbour needed to have that done for 'impaction' after hip replacement and Codeine).

Have you tried a TENS machine? I found it quite helpful after my back injury (still needed tablets, just not so many). The sensation of pain was reduced and changed, at least.

MerylStreep Sat 07-May-22 16:51:24

My daughter has colon cleansing twice a year. She doesn’t have any problems in that region but feels marvellous afterwards
It’s perfectly safe for severe constipation.

Notagranny44 Sat 07-May-22 17:05:41

Try dried apricots, about 7 works for me, for the Rock of Gibraltar, especially once you have got it moving. They work very reliably for me!

BlueSky Sat 07-May-22 17:45:33

Sorry to hear Lucky you must miss your doctor DH for so many reasons. Unfortunately that’s exactly what happens when you need to take medication. My MiL used to take various pills which had to be counteracted by many others. Sorry no practical solution, hoping the surgery will sort it. All the best x