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Get a good night’s sleep 😏

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NanKate Sat 07-May-22 16:25:38

It does irritate me when health professionals suggest getting a good night’s sleep. If only.

Like many others I wake up worrying, or needing to go to the loo, or just feeling awake when I have only slept a few hours. It’s been years since I slept through to the morning.

However being the optimist I am I have changed tack about my nighttime routine and there is just a tiny glimmer of improvement.

To explain firstly I recently bought some cbd balm for my arthritic thumb and wrist and surprisingly I have had good results with the pain reducing by about 70%. The company I bought the balm from also sells patches to stick to you skin at night to reduce stress and help the user to improve their sleep. I have only used the patches for 2 nights and the first night I did my usual waking up but then fell asleep again quickly but had a headache in the morning. Last night I woke 2 or 3 times but got back to sleep again (none of this going over family scenarios for hours which I regularly do) but I didn’t get a headache. I’ll try again tonight and see how things go. The patches don’t make you feel hung over in the morning like some herbal remedies do.

I also bought drops from them that you put under your tongue and hold for 90 seconds and it is supposed to seep into your body and get you back to sleep. I’m keeping those for emergencies.

Although all these products are based on cannabis it is perfectly legal and does not get you hooked.

I don’t think I am allowed to give you the name of the company but just to help it starts KL.

Finally the products are not cheap. The small pot of balm cost £30 but it is worth it to reduce the arthritic pain.

Chestnut Sat 07-May-22 16:33:47

Of course you are allowed to give the name of the company. Please do! There have been countless threads where people recommend certain things and even put a link.

Auntieflo Sat 07-May-22 16:37:32

NanKate, like me I expect there are many who would love to try these patches.
Do tell 😚

lemsip Sat 07-May-22 16:45:00

haven't used this myself yet though


Chestnut Sat 07-May-22 16:53:57

lemsip they seem to be American. Hoping NanKate comes back with some details of what she uses.

MerylStreep Sat 07-May-22 17:11:16

This is because the USA is the leader in this field. They are a very reputable company.

NanKate Sat 07-May-22 17:15:46

The name of the company is Kloris. They were recommended in a newspaper recently and it wasn’t an advert. They have just opened a shop in London. You can get discounts. Last Bank hols I got 30% off.

I hope their products work for you too.

Chestnut Sun 08-May-22 09:18:36

Thanks NanKate, we're all off to buy some! 👍

NanKate Sun 08-May-22 11:10:31

Best of luck Chestnut.

I’m still with the patches that definitely get me back to sleep even though I still wake regularly. I may try stopping the patches and just trying the drops when I wake up. I’m so pleased the patches don’t make me groggy.

Sparklefizz Sun 08-May-22 13:37:14

NanKate After reading your post I've just researched Kloris and read the reviews and decided to order the drops, mainly for sleep (I've been awake since 4.30am this morning sad ) but also the reviews mentioned an improvement in brain fog, and I could certainly do with that !

NanKate Sun 08-May-22 13:52:44

Sparklefizz this seems like a reputable firm and I have certainly had success with the balm and am still experimenting with the patches. Best of luck. 👍