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Light incontinence at night

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Pollaidh Wed 11-May-22 12:38:04

I have just started to notice small urine stains on my sheets - I am obviously leaking a tiny bit of urine at night. I've increased the pelvic floor exercises, still seems pretty good. I am 71. Any advice would be welcome, especially from anyone who's had the same problem. Do I accept this as inevitable and get some pads? See the doctor? Work harder on my pelvic floor?

Baggs Wed 11-May-22 12:40:45

Sending some sympathy, pollaidh. Maybe do all three of your own suggestions. Good luck and I hope the problem can be overcome.

Cabbie21 Wed 11-May-22 12:43:30

All the above, plus when you go to the loo last thing before bed, go twice! Once before you clean your teeth, once after.

Esspee Wed 11-May-22 12:47:22

I suggest a bit of all three Pollaidh. Why not try a comfy pair of knickers with a panty liner to see if that’s enough to cope with the issue and seeing your doctor to find a solution. Everybody needs to work on their pelvic floor and YouTube has lots of videos. It is caused by lack of oestrogen.

Once you reverse the problem it would be lovely if you could come back and tell us how you did it as it is an extremely common problem in the over 60s.

MayBee70 Wed 11-May-22 12:56:09

Do you drink decaf tea and coffee? I find that if I drink normal tea and coffee I sometimes struggle to get to the loo fast enough. I must go to the loo several times during the night and find it exhausting. Might you have atrophy? I found that I was having to nip behind a bush on walks quite often and car journeys became a nightmare but using replens solved that. And also taking d Mannose powder. Failing that it sounds as though a consultation with your doctor is needed because there is medication you can take. Or you might have a uti perhaps?

Pammie1 Wed 11-May-22 13:03:01

Our GP made a referral to NHS continence services for my mum who has dementia, and has started similar small ‘leaks’ at night, although she remains in full control during the day. I recently had a phone consultation with them as a result and was surprised at some of the things that could be responsible.

They suggested that she reduce or stop alcohol intake as it can irritate the bladder, causing leakage when it relaxes during sleep. The caffeine in tea and coffee has a similar effect, and they suggested switching to caffeine free brands and avoiding soft drinks like Coke, which contain caffeine. They also suggested that she restrict liquid intake to about 1.5 litres per day and to stop liquids 1-2 hours before going to bed. They suggested that she be encouraged to go to the loo to empty her bladder about an hour before bed, and then again just before going to bed. Mum likes a small glass of wine with her evening meal. It’s only one glass and it’s the only alcohol she has, but I’ve reduced to to every other night and along with putting the other things into practice, so far it seems to be working. The leaks reduced in frequency and have virtually stopped.

You might find some of the suggestions useful, but I would also say check with your GP to make sure nothing else is amiss - mum’s GP did tests to make sure there was no urinary infection before referring on.

Charleygirl5 Wed 11-May-22 13:30:38

It is also known as an overactive bladder and there are drugs which can be taken but they also have side effects. One, in particular, leaves a very dry mouth which is not pleasant.

mumofmadboys Wed 11-May-22 13:39:47

Modibodi or Giggle knickers have an inbuilt pad. Absorbent and no waste created. Modibodi are really for periods and they have different absorbencies.

GagaJo Wed 11-May-22 13:47:58

Absolutely caffeine. I love my tea (and coffee, although less so because it keeps me awake) but every now and then, have to cut it out totally, because it irritates my bladder and I get the feeling I need to pee all of the time. And at times it gives me a bit of urgency incontinence.

If I cut tea and coffee out, all of the symptoms disappear totally. A shame. I love my cup of tea in the morning.

InnocentBystander Wed 11-May-22 14:46:33

Triple voiding is a technique wherein you urinate on entering your sleeping area, wait a moment or three, urinate again, then wait a further short period and urinate a third time.
When I (male) started getting up at night too often, a doctor in my family suggested triple voiding which reduces the residual quantity of uring in the bladder, ureters, and even the kidneys. This option, plus all or some of the other suggestions, should fix your problem. This URL may give further advice,en_US,pg.html

Redhead56 Wed 11-May-22 16:47:12

I had quite a few ops in that department and told leaks were inevitable. You can buy disposable mattress protector and wear pads just in case it happens more frequently.

Visgir1 Wed 11-May-22 16:49:26

Also if you are Beta Blockers, that can cause it too.

multicolourswapshop Wed 11-May-22 16:54:41

Hi after my stroke trying to control the bladder is part and parcel of recovery I’ve just found period knickers eh not had a period for a long long time
look on M&S site they’ve got a special gusset for catching dribbles and so comfortable to wear night and day try Googling they’re very much worth the £12. They’ll last for yrs.

MissAdventure Wed 11-May-22 17:08:53

These are excellent value, hold a couple of pints, if necessary, and are machine washable.

It means you can just wear normal night wear, and prevents chafing and sore "bits".

The brand name is kylie, but I think the more generic ones would be fine, too.

Pollaidh Wed 11-May-22 17:56:15

Thank you all very much. I have no urgency and the leakage is "silent". Having read the responses, I think in my case it's the result of lower estrogen catching up with me (having stopped HRT 3 years ago). So, from all the advice, I shall certainly step up the pelvic floor exercises, cut out my evening cup of tea and try triple voiding (I already do double voiding). Fingers (and legs) crossed!

Pollaidh Wed 11-May-22 17:58:46

The period knickers also look interesting!

LadyStardust Wed 11-May-22 18:23:15 These are cheap enough if you just want to try some.

Pittcity Wed 11-May-22 18:23:16

I love my Modibodi knickers. They are worth every penny no leaks or smells and they last for ages.

Pollaidh Wed 11-May-22 19:36:49

Bought some M and S period knickers - offer 4 pairs for price of 3.

MissAdventure Wed 11-May-22 19:47:39

Hope they work well for you. smile

crazyH Wed 11-May-22 19:58:24

The joys of getting older 🤣🤣🤣 I wear double pantiliners all the time and sometimes double panties as well 😂

MissAdventure Wed 11-May-22 20:43:47

Have you thought of becoming a sumo wrestler? grin

Shinamae Thu 12-May-22 09:17:01


All the above, plus when you go to the loo last thing before bed, go twice! Once before you clean your teeth, once after.

I always do that as for some reason it does seem that the first time does not fully empty the bladder…🤓

Sparklefizz Thu 12-May-22 09:57:25

Someone on GN a while ago suggested going to the loo and when you think you have finished, to lean forward, and sure enough you go a bit more. This might help.

Pollaidh Thu 12-May-22 11:05:17

Yes - what does happen to your bladder as you get older??? I often have a second go during the day as well as at night - and waiting patiently, leaning forward (whilst down a Twitter tunnel, obviously) always releases another spoonful or so. After a bit of searching, i found this: file:///C:/Users/John/Downloads/Bladder-8-4-081.pdf
It is really informative on the aging bladder.
And this site is brilliant as well: