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Migraine misery

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Grandyma Sat 18-Jun-22 21:25:07

I’ve been suffering from migraine’s for over 50years and get the flashing lights/zig zags, numbness in arms, hands & face, headache, difficulty finding my words. I’ve always had to wait it out and it can last for days. The problem is that over the past year the attacks are not only becoming more frequent but causing the most crippling sickness & diarrhoea. It’s getting so bad that I can’t make plans. Dr. has given me cyclizine for the sickness but it doesn’t help. Does anyone else suffer this awful sickness/nausea and has anything helped? I’m mid attack and feel absolutely awful.

lixy Wed 06-Jul-22 13:45:27

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vskdvbskx Wed 06-Jul-22 13:36:23

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MissAdventure Fri 24-Jun-22 09:42:33

A quarter of a teaspoon, that is.
(I think; I've forgotten already and I just watched it!)

MissAdventure Fri 24-Jun-22 09:39:09

It's just a quarter (or thereabouts) of ginger powder from your stock cupboard in a glass of water, M0nica.
Have to say I have never heard of it as a remedy for headaches or migraine before, but the comments section after the video is packed full of people saying it worked for them!

It would be interesting to test it out - that's all the woman in the vid says; just for people to try it and let her know.

M0nica Fri 24-Jun-22 09:19:52

how do you consume it MissAdventure? powder from a supermarket, pills form a Herbalist?

I am sure it works for some, but I think if it was useful in most cases, it would be more widely known.

I used to eat ginger biscuits on my way to work when I ws pregnant to over come morning sickness, and, yes, it is good for nausea, but migraine?

MissAdventure Thu 23-Jun-22 22:08:44

Apparently the ginger can stop a migraine in its tracks, though I'm sceptical about that.
Still, easy enough to try.

Suki70 Thu 23-Jun-22 22:02:23

Ginger is known to lessen nausea.
A neurologist who works at an NHS headache centre at a London hospital advised me to take magnesium for migraine.

MissAdventure Thu 23-Jun-22 21:30:12

Hmmm, over 1k comments!

MissAdventure Thu 23-Jun-22 21:29:11

MissAdventure Thu 23-Jun-22 21:28:43

I just had this recommended by YouTube.
The video has 7.1k thumbs up, so may be worth a try. smile
Lots of positive comments about it, too. smile

Grandyma Thu 23-Jun-22 17:13:53

GagaJo I am going to try that 👍

Grandyma Thu 23-Jun-22 17:12:39

MissAdventure that’s brilliant thank you so much, I will certainly check these out. I’ve got about 4 weeks to get myself sorted before the holiday. I’m sure the anxiety of that is making things worse. Thanks again 💐

GagaJo Thu 23-Jun-22 14:44:49

The full fat coke/pepsi thing sounds like it's worth a try.

MissAdventure Thu 23-Jun-22 14:27:05

This one is a spoken, self hypnosis and sounds pretty good.

MissAdventure Thu 23-Jun-22 14:23:55

MissAdventure Thu 23-Jun-22 14:23:22

MissAdventure Thu 23-Jun-22 14:21:27

My "go to" is youtube.
I'll have a look.

MissAdventure Thu 23-Jun-22 14:20:16

I think there are phone apps that are supposed to be pretty good.

How long until your holiday?

Perhaps you could find a private therapist to teach you some relaxation techniques?

Hopefully someone will know a bit more about it all, but there is certainly a few apps that teach mindfulness; one in particular, but I can't remember what it's called!

Grandyma Thu 23-Jun-22 13:57:29

MissAdventure I’ve been wondering about that but no idea where to start! A therapist, book, phone App?? 🤷🏻‍♀️

MissAdventure Thu 23-Jun-22 13:18:14

I used to feel like that as a child.
It always seemed to happen if there was something I was looking forward to.

I wonder if some mindfulness would help you?

Grandyma Thu 23-Jun-22 13:12:30


Grandyma Thu 23-Jun-22 13:11:16

Thank you all for your good wishes and shared experiences. Now on day 6 of feeling nauseous and getting so depressed and desperate. I spoke to GO again on Tuesday and he advised to stop the sumatriptan and antibiotics. I’m just taking my regular meds now and paracetamol. The dr said to take cyclizine for the nausea but it’s not helping. Headache not the worst thing is the nausea, vomiting, etc. I’ve got to phone GP again next Tuesday. Panicking about the upcoming “once in a lifetime family holiday” feeling like this I can’t face it 😢

Sunnysideup Wed 22-Jun-22 20:02:05

So very sorry Grandyma, hope things are improving a bit. I’ve suffered with migraine since the age of eight and I’m now 72. They have fluctuated over the years. They started with aura, dreadful sickness and terrible pain in the head when I was a kid. Knew what it was as mum and sisters suffered as well. I also started later in life with three day headaches interspersed with aura type ones. To cut a long story short last Christmas I suffered a seven day long migraine with aura occurring two or three times a day. Ended up in A&E for a head scan which was negative. My regime now is 20mg Amitryptline and a small aspirin, plus 400mg magnesium at night. This has done the trick and although I’ve had a few 3-day heads I haven’t had an aura one for six months now. I can’t tell you how happy I am. Having said that, knowing how unpredictable they can be I’m not counting my chickens! I really hope you find relief.x

MarinaL Wed 22-Jun-22 00:10:01

The strangest thing.........
I haven't had a migraine since I started taking Statins . GP said it can help
some people.

MissAdventure Tue 21-Jun-22 23:50:27

I used to get absolutely terrible migraines as a child.
Paralysis on one side, sickness, that awful aura about half an hour before one started, then the visual disturbances.

I have just started getting the aura and visual problems again in the last few years, but the headaches are thankfully, nowhere near as bad.