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How long can you stand on one leg?

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Glorianny Mon 27-Jun-22 19:07:31

There's some research out now that says the ability to stand on one leg can predict how long you live.
Researchers examined 1,702 people aged 51 to 75 years old between 2008 and 2020 on their ability to perform a 10-second one-legged stance. Participants were asked to stand on one leg with the free leg rested on the back of the standing leg and arms at their sides. They were allowed three chances to complete the balance task.
So can you do it? I can't manage 10, but I'm over 75.

grannylyn65 Mon 27-Jun-22 19:17:25

7 (seventy)

grannylyn65 Mon 27-Jun-22 19:18:17

7 def not 70

fairfraise Mon 27-Jun-22 19:20:38

34 but I do it first thing every morning while kettle boils.

TillyTrotter Mon 27-Jun-22 19:20:54

Can stand on right leg longer than left.
Very unstable on the left foot and quickly wobble; can do 20 + seconds standing on just the right foot.

Georgesgran Mon 27-Jun-22 19:23:20

A bit wobbly but I’ve done 12 on each foot and think I could’ve done a few more if necessary. I’m 71.

Urmstongran Mon 27-Jun-22 19:23:51

I was delighted to be able to do this comfortably. However I dithered whether to attempt it or not in case I didn’t like the result! But, phew.

MrsEggy Mon 27-Jun-22 19:24:08

3 at 1st attempt, 15 at 2nd go. I am 84.

ShazzaKanazza Mon 27-Jun-22 19:25:47

I can stand in a yoga tree pose for about 30 seconds with a lot of concentration though.

Kate1949 Mon 27-Jun-22 19:26:24

I've just done 40 right leg, 20 left! I'm nearly 73.

foxie48 Mon 27-Jun-22 19:28:15

Pretty much as long as I want but I do 2x pilates classes a week and ride a dressage horse so have a pretty strong core. I'm 73.

Shrub Mon 27-Jun-22 19:37:09

One minute plus right and left. Age 71.

Urmstongran Mon 27-Jun-22 19:42:04

Now, riding a dressage horse sounds just wow! foxie48 I read this great book in 2020 and was just amazed by her talent and rise to the top.

(Sorry to derail the thread).

CraftyGranny Mon 27-Jun-22 19:43:33

I just about managed 10 minutes with a few wobbles!

Juliet27 Mon 27-Jun-22 19:45:09

How strange, I’ve done the same as Katie but the other way round. Bit wobbly though.

CraftyGranny Mon 27-Jun-22 19:45:16

I should have added that my 51 year old son did about 30 seconds and could have gone on to do more. Show-off

Juliet27 Mon 27-Jun-22 19:49:27

Reminds me of when my brother, aged 5, at a medical was asked to stand on his toes - he put one foot on top of the other.

Juliet27 Mon 27-Jun-22 19:52:45

I’ve read that book too Urmstongran, foxie. I love watching dressage but it always makes me well up.

Zonne Mon 27-Jun-22 19:53:07

I can do several minutes with my eyes open. It’s seconds with them closed, though.

MawtheMerrier Mon 27-Jun-22 20:27:53

I have tried it on the scales but it doesn’t work.

They’re good at it though.

tanith Mon 27-Jun-22 20:31:54

I can do 30+ but i do do it most days

Ali23 Mon 27-Jun-22 21:34:47

I managed 30 seconds each side but was a bit wobbly by the end. (62 yrs old). We used to do this in yoga. I could manage longer then!

Blossoming Mon 27-Jun-22 21:54:56

Steady on! I have enough trouble standing on 2 legs grin

LizzieDrip Mon 27-Jun-22 22:12:18

30 seconds on left leg and a wobbly 20 on left leg. I’m 68. Isn’t it curious how one leg seems more stable than the otherconfused

LizzieDrip Mon 27-Jun-22 22:14:10

I mean wobbly 20 on right leg