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How long can you stand on one leg?

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Glorianny Mon 27-Jun-22 19:07:31

There's some research out now that says the ability to stand on one leg can predict how long you live.
Researchers examined 1,702 people aged 51 to 75 years old between 2008 and 2020 on their ability to perform a 10-second one-legged stance. Participants were asked to stand on one leg with the free leg rested on the back of the standing leg and arms at their sides. They were allowed three chances to complete the balance task.
So can you do it? I can't manage 10, but I'm over 75.

Diggingdoris Sun 03-Jul-22 21:38:40

I managed 30+ seconds on both . Surprisingly my left with the knee replacement was much more stable.

Mollygo Sun 03-Jul-22 21:51:23

I did better today. This thread has been a real impetus to try and improve.