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👯‍♀️Hip & Knee Replacement #3 👯‍♀️

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FannyCornforth Mon 05-Dec-22 12:03:11

Hello 👋

Here is the new thread!
Thank you to regular and irregular posters all.

Especially those such as Silverling and Charleygirl who have provided so much advise and support. (There are lots of other lovely posters, but too many to list).

As well as advice, there is also much wisdom and kindness.

I will link to the first and second threads below.

Wherever you are on your replacement journey, you are most welcome to join us here smile

FannyCornforth Mon 12-Dec-22 07:21:13

Thank you Linda
If I remember correctly, you are supposed to lie on the operated side if you can.
If you lie on the ‘good’ side you risk your operated hip slipping forwards I was told.
I didn’t follow this advice though!
I still don’t feel comfortable lying in the operated side and always lie on my good side.
I used to put a pillow in between my knees to stabilise things.
I’m sure someone will have some better advice as to when you are safe to do it.
I hope that your back feels better soon.

Hello to Silverlining and all smile

Charleygirl5 Mon 12-Dec-22 07:30:31

It is not a case of your new hip slipping forward, it could dislocate and take it from me that is agony. I appreciate you are having mega problems sleeping but try being propped up a bit more, it is only for one more week and then you will not be back to normal. You must follow the advice you have been given re lying on your side but it is easier with a pillow between your legs and one behind your back to stop you rolling.

FannyCarnworth I am sorry to hear of your agony and hopefully you will be helped today.

Please everybody, stay indoors even if your joint was replaced a year ago. This weather is not for the faint hearted.

FannyCornforth Mon 12-Dec-22 07:40:48

Thank you Charley
And that’s such good advice.

On most days now I just go out to the bins armed with ice melter.
Dog is off to the groomer’s this morning, so we’ll have to wrap up.

I have to be extra specially carefully with DH too.

It was worrying and so sad that Ruth Madoc died following a fall related op.

silverlining48 Mon 12-Dec-22 08:40:23

Morning all. My goodness it’s all white here so won’t be venturing out though need to phone dentist as on top of my cold and Olympic sessions of sneezing have also had a really bad tooth since Friday. It’s under my one crown and have plenty of time to worry about abscesses and need for anti biotics. Will phone dentist again shortly,
In the meantime for Fanny I send good wishes and much sympathy. Plantar fasciitis is
Most painful 😣 and hope the injection helps.
Linda take care sleeping. I still use a pillow between knees and am 8 months post op.

susytish Mon 12-Dec-22 12:50:47

Hello everyone. Good to hear you are all battling away.
I am waiting for my knee surgery appointment, hope won’t be long. I would rather have the pain post-op knowing I will slowly improve, rather than this pain now, if that makes sense.
I have been prescribed a knee brace by the local orthotics department. It looks like a medieval torture instrument!
Not sure about it, although they said it would help with the pain. Can’t wear it all the time. Has anyone else been given one of these?
I hope you all continue to make progress and I look forward to these cold days going!

silverlining48 Mon 12-Dec-22 13:43:50

Hope you get a date soon susytish, might be worth ringing consultants Secretary to see if there is a cancellation list. You will be so pleased with the result.
Am off out in th3 snow to the dentist shortly. Might take my sticks just in case. Am in a lot of pain so can’t put it off.
Wish me luck.

silverlining48 Mon 12-Dec-22 13:44:55

Ps wasn’t offered a brace so cant advise.

SusieB50 Mon 12-Dec-22 13:45:03

Hello all , I’m staying put , we have had heavy snow and I’m not risking it ! Unfortunately I have had to cancel my eyelash tint. before my cataract op due next week , as apparently I can’t wear eye make up for 4 weeks and I have very sparse eyelashes. Oh well I will have to put up with comments - “you do look tired “!!
I slept on my operation side after 6 weeks with a pillow between my knees and a pillow at my back .Still do after 8 months .I was so relieved when I was able to . Hated sleeping on my back.

labradorlinda33 Mon 12-Dec-22 13:51:43

Thank you for your advice re sleeping. Overall I am now used to sleeping on my back. I use 6 pillows strategically placed and I am comfortable but it's the backache that is the issue. At least it doesn't kick in until early morning.
Anyway, It will be 5 weeks tomorrow since I had my op and I'm doing well.
Silverlining, I'm sorry you're having dental problems. I hope they can be resolved soon.
Susytish, I had to wear a full leg brace in August, but only for a week. I had a nasty fall and they thought I had fractured my knee cap. I'll try to download the photo so you can see if it's similar to yours. It was to keep the leg absolutely straight. Good luck with it .

susytish Tue 13-Dec-22 13:03:42

Thanks for that Labradorlinda33. My brace has buckles and still covers below and above knee. Wasn’t told to keep it on all the time.
Well I have today a date for my robotic knee surgery. 9th February. Wish it was sooner (I think) but at least I have something to work towards

silverlining48 Tue 13-Dec-22 15:39:26

That’s no time at all Susytish, it will fly by. Great to have a date.

Aveline Tue 13-Dec-22 16:45:44

That's great. Not too long to wait at all.grin

Aveline Tue 13-Dec-22 16:46:17

That was meant to be a smile! Fat finger problem!

Charleygirl5 Tue 13-Dec-22 17:55:21

susytish at least we are heading towards spring, the worst of the weather will be almost over so less likelihood of slipping and falling.

Are you prepared with your "gadgets?" such as a long handled shoe horn and my favourite, the picker upper which will stay with me forever. Are you equipped to elevate your leg to reduce swelling?

Time will fly. We are here if you need us for any advice. I hope my bilateral knee replacements will "see me out!"

labradorlinda33 Tue 13-Dec-22 20:19:36

Great news Susytish!!.. You have a date now so you can get yourself prepared....

susytish Tue 13-Dec-22 21:03:47

Thank you everyone. I have the long handled shoe horn, have had it for a while. Love it. Don’t have a grabber yet. Have taken note of previous suggestions, eg shower wipes, dry shampoo. Have bought a nice shortish nightie from M&S. Usually wear pjs but took note that nightie would be easier..
I am now being asked why knee is being done first, before hip.
All I know is the knee hurts constantly. Hip not much, but this cold weather doesn’t help.

Aveline Wed 14-Dec-22 09:21:43

Top tip- get two grabbers for when you drop one! It happens.

Charleygirl5 Wed 14-Dec-22 10:18:24

It is a slight pain not knowing what the hospital will give you for free because one item you will need is a raised seat and not one to place on the loo and it wobbles as you get off the seat.

Have you anybody to help you? I managed x2 on my own but it was not easy. Could you borrow a small trolley to maybe transport items from the kitchen to the living room? My kitchen after the first surgery was minute.

Operating on your knee first means that you will have a joint less likely to collapse and you need a strong knee joint before your hip is operated on.

Even changing bed linen is a major event and I could not do it for around 2 months. Do not forget you will have had major surgery and that takes 3 months to recover from, add on the hip and it is a year before you are back to normal with good flexion and extension.

Fishwife Wed 14-Dec-22 10:35:30

Today booked in for knee replacement. Yesterday phone call that cancelled. Trauma surgeries because of the bad weather. There should be another date for surgery in next few days. Could be six weeks - or more. As you can see I’m trying hard to move forward!!

Aveline Wed 14-Dec-22 10:48:53

How frustrating for you Fishwife. I bet there will be a lot of work for orthopadic surgeons at this time of year and with this weather. I hope you hear very soon though.

Fishwife Wed 14-Dec-22 11:05:34

Thank you Aveline. I’ve spent the last week on all the contacts with the hospital and preparations at home. It had become an end point in itself especially as I’d been reassured that the strike on the 15th wouldn’t affect. As I live on my own I’d become very anxious - which didn’t happen in the past with operations on hip and upper arm. Now trying to wind down. I have been on Gransnet since lockdown and have greatly appreciated the “company”. On the whole, whenever I’ve thought I could contribute, someone else has tended to say it first and I’ve been happy to “lurk” but feel part of the family.

Aveline Wed 14-Dec-22 11:08:37

Of course. You must have been up to high doh with the stress of it all and nerving yourself for the op psychologically. What a shame. Just think though, this time next Christmas you'll look back on this time and be grateful the op is long over and all well.

Fishwife Wed 14-Dec-22 11:19:37

You are a goodun Aveline. I’ll copy your last line on to a large card. Thanks.

Charleygirl5 Wed 14-Dec-22 12:39:33

Fishwife I do not know how long you have been following this thread but there are 2 we were involved with before and you will pick up some practical advice there.

It may be worth your while to ring the consultant's secretary to say you will accept a cancellation or whatever.

If you want to know anything, no matter how insignificant, please ask, and we will try to help you.

Fishwife Wed 14-Dec-22 13:08:50

Thank you Charleygirl. I was told the secretary was on holiday yesterday but would be in touch on return. When I calm down I’ll go back to looking thru all the information. Thanks for offer of help. (I’ve seen all the help and good feeling on various threads.)