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Side effects from medication

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PinkCosmos Tue 14-Feb-23 12:43:50

I was wondering if there is a time scale on how long it would be before you would know you were suffering from side effects from medication.

If you had been taking the medication for, say, a month or so, with no side effects, would it be safe to say that you are unlikely to have any side effects?

Or can side effects appear months or years later.

I am asking as I want to start using a hormone based cream (Estoril - I have posted about this before). It would be beneficial for me to use this but it is not something that is vital for my health.

I do not take any other medication and (as far as I know) my health is good.

I wouldn't say I am a hypochondriac but I admit I would be worrying and looking for signs of side effects to a ridiculous extent.

Marydoll Tue 14-Feb-23 12:56:08

Sometimes we have to put up with the side effects, if the alternative is worse. I'm in that situation at the moment, with heart medication.
I am sensitive to many medications, some side effects appear in days, some months for me.

I ended up in coronary care after taking only two tablets of an RA medication, but it took a year of biologics, before they had to be stopped, due to side effects.
Because of past experiences, I'm delighted if I don't have any.

It's a matter of balance for me.

M0nica Tue 14-Feb-23 14:39:47

Try it and see. I tend to overreact to some medications. It is not clear why some affect me, or over affect me and some do not.

But, as I said, my reaction is take them and see. I was medication free until a few weeks ago. I was hoping to make it to my 80th birthday medication free, but a health episode last month means I am now on the usual statins and blood pressure medication that most are on. So far so good.

LRavenscroft Tue 14-Feb-23 16:30:36

From what I understand there is a time limit on this type of cream. A two week everyday period and twice a week thereafter. Perhaps try it out and see how you get on. There is a list of all the side effects on the leaflet.

Sago Tue 14-Feb-23 16:36:06

I tend to be sensitive when it come to new medicines but Estoril didn’t upset me at all.
Why not rub a little cream onto your wrists for a few days and see if it has any adverse effects?

PinkCosmos Tue 14-Feb-23 16:46:23

Thanks everyone.

I have read the leaflet which is why I am worrying about side effects like blood clots rather than rashes. I appreciate that they have to list every possible side effect which is a bit anxiety inducing for me!

I looked up an old thread about Estoril and one poster said there is about the same amount of oestrogen in a years worth of Estoril as there is in one HRT tablet. It is 0.01% of oestrogen in Estoril.

I am sure I will be fine. I just need to stop stressing about it.

Beautful Tue 14-Feb-23 17:32:10

I had side effects with one medication I was taking (statins) ... after taking them for about 3 months ... ankles started to swell up after using a new box for 16 days or so ... I phoned up doctors, spoke to a receptionist told her what was on the actual box ... not statins at all was blood pressure tablets, so always check label with name & medication to name on the box ... must admit tablets were slightly different & disolved in the mouth , but I just thought a different make ... I did say when I went back to the chemist , it shouldn't have happened but glad it was me & not s child who was given wrong medication ALWAYS check name & medication on label to what's on the box

timetogo2016 Mon 27-Feb-23 18:27:51

I am allergic to ALL medication and coffee
Within an hour of taking medication i would start to itch and come out in blisters on my legs and arms.
I only found out i was allergic to coffee last Christmas,the pain i was in was unbearable,i couldn`t swallow and my lips and tongue were swollen.
So no meds or coffee at all.

Marrion Sat 11-Mar-23 13:11:58

Interested to know if anyone has had reaction to "Tiopex" preservative free eye drops, or to Dorzolamide 2% preservative free eye drops. Both prescribed by a Consultant Ophthamologist for increased IOP, but had to be discontinued because of severe reaction, could cause heart failure!

ExDancer Sat 11-Mar-23 13:17:27

It took a good 9 months for me to realise the persistent dry cough I couldn't shift was a side effect of the blood pressure medication I was taking. My doc said it can take a year or more for some people to react to side effects that are serious.
If something's bothering you ring the surgery and ask for a phone consultation, usually a change of manufacturer will fix it.

Theexwife Sat 11-Mar-23 13:28:57

When taking a new medication I do not read the side effect part of the leaflet in case I convince myself that I have them.

If I have any new symptoms then I will read the leaflet to see if it is a side effect.

micmc47 Sat 11-Mar-23 13:43:05

Ask someone who is medically qualified rather than resorting to social media. I'm sure that some Medics do read these threads, but how would you know who they are? Also, as individual reactions/side effects to specific medications are so varied, all you are likely to get is general guidance, as per the leaflet/user guide which comes with your medication, with side effects grouped into allergic reactions/common/uncommon/rare. However, no-one can forecast which, if any, of these may apply to you individually.

Blondiescot Sat 11-Mar-23 14:03:29


I am allergic to ALL medication and coffee
Within an hour of taking medication i would start to itch and come out in blisters on my legs and arms.
I only found out i was allergic to coffee last Christmas,the pain i was in was unbearable,i couldn`t swallow and my lips and tongue were swollen.
So no meds or coffee at all.

So what happens if you need medical treatment or an operation?

Dustyhen2010 Sun 12-Mar-23 11:20:36

It is a bit hard to make a general statement as it depends on the medication for instance some bp meds can cause blood imbalance and those patients should have blood tests at intervals to check, which is a long term side effect.
However I feel that with most meds you would see some side effects quite quickly if they were to occur. In some cases you need to give a bit of time for these to settle. I started on beta blockers and it took about a fortnight for me to feel 'normal' again. I know the meds you talk about and I think you will find the benefits to your life more than you can imagine just now. The leaflet is a bit scary but I read that it is the one for HRT and not to be so concerned as as you say you would be taking a teeny dose. My GP says you can be on it for ever so it's not in the same league as full HRT. Try to put your concerns aside and give it a go. Many thousands of women are on this and it gives them such a great quality of life. If you do have mild side effects for a few days keep going as they are likely to settle down.

swampy1961 Sun 12-Mar-23 12:20:51

I'm going through this with the clinical pharmacist at my GPs as I'm on long term medication. But I don't go looking for side effects until something crops up. One of my medications was changed because after two years I had cumulative issues - new medication and the issues went away. But others have now manifested - I'm on 3 medications which all have the possible side effects of memory issues so have temporarily stopped one to see if that is the rogue medication. If it's not then we'll stop one of the others and so it goes on. In an ideal world I wouldn't take any of the buggers because the memory fog is so annoying.
My husband after a few years of taking heart medications is finding that they are beginning to give him other problems, such as statins have now triggered diabetes issues. A few years ago he had inflammation of the heart muscle as a result of a viral infection which hospitalised him and the hospital consultant put him on a whole lot of medications as an insurance for the hospital. The consultant flip flops over whether he actually needs the medication becuase he's not had any issues before or since but was just unlucky.
It does make you wonder how many people are on medications just in case!! Or have had other issues as a result of taking the medications that are meant to help!!

Kate54 Sun 12-Mar-23 12:23:25

Estoril works like magic! Wouldn’t hesitate